CoinAlgorithm; Proof typeTotal supply
Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin (BTC) SHA256; PoW 21000000
Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum (ETH) Ethash; PoW -
Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin (LTC) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
DigitalCash (DASH) DigitalCash (DASH) X11; PoW/PoS 22000000
Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) CryptoNight; PoW -
Nxt (NXT) Nxt (NXT) PoS; PoS/LPoS 1000000000
Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ethash; PoW -
Dogecoin (DOGE) Dogecoin (DOGE) Scrypt; PoW -
ZCash (ZEC) ZCash (ZEC) Equihash; PoW 21000000
Bitshares (BTS) Bitshares (BTS) SHA-512; PoS 2511953117
DigiByte (DGB) DigiByte (DGB) Multiple; PoW 21000000000
Ripple (XRP) Ripple (XRP) N/A; N/A 38305873865
BitcoinDark (BTCD) BitcoinDark (BTCD) SHA256; PoW/PoS 22000000
PeerCoin (PPC) PeerCoin (PPC) N/A; N/A -
CraigsCoin (CRAIG) CraigsCoin (CRAIG) X11; PoS 30000000
Bitstake (XBS) Bitstake (XBS) X11; PoW/PoS 1300000
PayCoin (XPY) PayCoin (XPY) SHA256; PoS 12500000
ProsperCoin (PRC) ProsperCoin (PRC) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
YbCoin (YBC) YbCoin (YBC) Multiple; N/A 200000000
DarkKush (DANK) DarkKush (DANK) X13; PoW/PoS 3000000
GiveCoin (GIVE) GiveCoin (GIVE) X11; PoW 500000000
KoboCoin (KOBO) KoboCoin (KOBO) X15; PoW/PoS 350000000
DarkToken (DT) DarkToken (DT) NIST5; PoW/PoS -
CETUS Coin (CETI) CETUS Coin (CETI) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Supcoin (SUP) Supcoin (SUP) N/A; PoW -
PetroDollar (XPD) PetroDollar (XPD) SHA256D; N/A 122107462
GeoCoin (GEO) GeoCoin (GEO) Scrypt; N/A 1000000000
CleverHash (CHASH) CleverHash (CHASH) N/A; N/A -
Spreadcoin (SPR) Spreadcoin (SPR) X11; PoW 20000000
Insanity Coin (WOLF) Insanity Coin (WOLF) X11; PoW 50000000
DogeParty (XDP) DogeParty (XDP) N/A; N/A -
2015 coin (2015) 2015 coin (2015) X11; PoW/PoS -
42 Coin (42) 42 Coin (42) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 42
Asia Coin (AC) Asia Coin (AC) Scrypt; PoS -
ACoin (ACOIN) ACoin (ACOIN) SHA256; PoW 1600000
Aero Coin (AERO) Aero Coin (AERO) X13; PoS 7000000
AlphaCoin (ALF) AlphaCoin (ALF) Scrypt; PoW 210182000
Aegis (AGS) Aegis (AGS) X13; PoS -
AmericanCoin (AMC) AmericanCoin (AMC) Scrypt; PoW 168000000
AlienCoin (ALN) AlienCoin (ALN) Scrypt; PoW 200000000
ApexCoin (APEX) ApexCoin (APEX) X13; PoW/PoS 6000000
ArchCoin (ARCH) ArchCoin (ARCH) Scrypt; PoS 16403135
Argentum (ARG) Argentum (ARG) Scrypt; PoW 64000000
AriCoin (ARI) AriCoin (ARI) Scrypt; PoW 322649400
Aurora Coin (AUR) Aurora Coin (AUR) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21000000
BattleCoin (BCX) BattleCoin (BCX) SHA256; PoS 100000000
Benjamins (BEN) Benjamins (BEN) SHA256; PoW 12800000
BetaCoin (BET) BetaCoin (BET) SHA256; PoW 32000000
BitBean (BITB) BitBean (BITB) SHA256; PoW/PoS 50000000000
BlueCoin (BLU) BlueCoin (BLU) X11; PoW/PoS 500000000
BlackCoin (BLK) BlackCoin (BLK) Scrypt; PoS -
BoostCoin (BOST) BoostCoin (BOST) X13; PoW/PoS -
BQCoin (BQC) BQCoin (BQC) Scrypt; PoW 88000000
MyriadCoin (XMY) MyriadCoin (XMY) Multiple; PoW 2000000000
MoonCoin (MOON) MoonCoin (MOON) Scrypt; PoW 384000000000
ZetaCoin (ZET) ZetaCoin (ZET) SHA256; PoW -
SexCoin (SXC) SexCoin (SXC) Scrypt; PoW 250000000
Quatloo (QTL) Quatloo (QTL) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
EnergyCoin (ENRG) EnergyCoin (ENRG) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
QuarkCoin (QRK) QuarkCoin (QRK) Multiple; PoW 247000000
Riecoin (RIC) Riecoin (RIC) Groestl; PoW 84000000
DigiCoin (DGC) DigiCoin (DGC) Scrypt; PoW 48166000
LimeCoinX (LIMX) LimeCoinX (LIMX) X11; PoW 21000000
BitBar (BTB) BitBar (BTB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 500000
CAIx (CAIx) CAIx (CAIx) Scrypt; PoS -
ByteCoin (BTE) ByteCoin (BTE) SHA256; PoW 21000000
BitGem (BTG*) BitGem (BTG*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1500000
BitMark (BTM) BitMark (BTM) Scrypt; PoW 27580000
CryptoBuk (BUK) CryptoBuk (BUK) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 100000000
Cachecoin (CACH) Cachecoin (CACH) Scrypt; PoW 2000000000
CannabisCoin (CANN) CannabisCoin (CANN) X11; PoW -
BottleCaps (CAP) BottleCaps (CAP) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 47433600
CashCoin (CASH) CashCoin (CASH) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 47433600
Catcoin (CAT1) Catcoin (CAT1) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
CryptoBullion (CBX) CryptoBullion (CBX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000
CannaCoin (CCN) CannaCoin (CCN) Scrypt; PoW 13140000
CinderCoin (CIN) CinderCoin (CIN) Multiple; PoW/PoS 114000000
CheckCoin (CXC) CheckCoin (CXC) N/A; PoS 100000000
CloakCoin (CLOAK) CloakCoin (CLOAK) X13; PoW/PoS -
CopperLark (CLR) CopperLark (CLR) SHA256; PoW 27200000
CosmosCoin (CMC) CosmosCoin (CMC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 100000000
ChinaCoin (CNC) ChinaCoin (CNC) Scrypt; PoW 462500000
ConcealCoin (CNL) ConcealCoin (CNL) X11; PoW 8500000
Community Coin (COMM) Community Coin (COMM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000000
CoolCoin (COOL) CoolCoin (COOL) Scrypt; PoS 100000000
CrackCoin (CRACK) CrackCoin (CRACK) X11; PoW 6000000
CraftCoin (CRC*) CraftCoin (CRC*) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
CryptCoin (CRYPT) CryptCoin (CRYPT) X11; PoW 18000000
CasinoCoin (CSC) CasinoCoin (CSC) Scrypt; PoW 336000000
eMark (DEM) eMark (DEM) SHA256; PoW/PoS 210000000
Diamond (DMD) Diamond (DMD) Groestl; PoW/PoS 4380000
Verge (XVG) Verge (XVG) Multiple; PoW 16555000000
DarkCash (DRKC) DarkCash (DRKC) X11; PoW/PoS 3720000
DarkShibe (DSB) DarkShibe (DSB) Scrypt; PoW 2043962
DevCoin (DVC) DevCoin (DVC) SHA256; PoW 21000000000
EarthCoin (EAC) EarthCoin (EAC) Scrypt; PoW 13500000000
E-Gulden (EFL) E-Gulden (EFL) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
Elacoin (ELC) Elacoin (ELC) Scrypt; PoW 75000000
Einsteinium (EMC2) Einsteinium (EMC2) Scrypt; PoW 299792458
Emerald (EMD) Emerald (EMD) Scrypt; PoW 31499000
Exclusive Coin (EXCL) Exclusive Coin (EXCL) PoS; PoS 4000000
ExeCoin (EXE) ExeCoin (EXE) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
EZCoin (EZC) EZCoin (EZC) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
Flappy Coin (FLAP) Flappy Coin (FLAP) Scrypt; PoW 100000000000
Fuel2Coin (FC2) Fuel2Coin (FC2) X11; PoS 100000000
FireflyCoin (FFC) FireflyCoin (FFC) SHA256; PoW 700000000000
FireRoosterCoin (FRC) FireRoosterCoin (FRC) SHA256; PoW 2602410
FlutterCoin (FLT) FlutterCoin (FLT) Scrypt; PoS/PoW/PoT -
Franko (FRK) Franko (FRK) Scrypt; PoW 11235813
FractalCoin (FRAC) FractalCoin (FRAC) X11; PoW 1000000
FastCoin (FST) FastCoin (FST) Scrypt; PoW 165888000
FeatherCoin (FTC) FeatherCoin (FTC) Scrypt; PoW 336000000
GrandCoin (GDC) GrandCoin (GDC) Scrypt; PoW 1420609614
GlobalCoin (GLC) GlobalCoin (GLC) Scrypt; PoW 70000000
GoldCoin (GLD) GoldCoin (GLD) Scrypt; PoW 72245700
GalaxyCoin (GLX) GalaxyCoin (GLX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 538214400
GlyphCoin (GLYPH) GlyphCoin (GLYPH) X11; PoW/PoS 7000000
GameLeagueCoin (GML) GameLeagueCoin (GML) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 500000000
GuerillaCoin (GUE) GuerillaCoin (GUE) X11; PoW/PoS 19500000
Halcyon (HAL) Halcyon (HAL) X15; PoW/PoS -
HoboNickels (HBN) HoboNickels (HBN) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 120000000
HunterCoin (HUC) HunterCoin (HUC) Multiple; PoW 42000000
HeavyCoin (HVC) HeavyCoin (HVC) Multiple; PoW 128000000
Hyperstake (HYP) Hyperstake (HYP) X11; PoW/PoS -
IceBergCoin (ICB) IceBergCoin (ICB) NIST5; PoW/PoS 8750000
Infinite Coin (IFC) Infinite Coin (IFC) Scrypt; PoW 9060000000000000000
IOCoin (IOC) IOCoin (IOC) X11; PoW/PoS -
IXcoin (IXC) IXcoin (IXC) SHA256; PoW 21000000
JumBucks Coin (JBS) JumBucks Coin (JBS) X11; PoW/PoS 3293010
JunkCoin (JKC) JunkCoin (JKC) Scrypt; PoW 107000000
JudgeCoin (JUDGE) JudgeCoin (JUDGE) X13; PoW/PoS 21600000
Klondike Coin (KDC) Klondike Coin (KDC) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
KeyCoin (KEY*) KeyCoin (KEY*) X13; PoW/PoS 1000000
KrugerCoin (KGC) KrugerCoin (KGC) Scrypt; PoW 265420800
CoinWorksCoin (LAB*) CoinWorksCoin (LAB*) Multiple; PoW 1000000
Legendary Coin (LGD*) Legendary Coin (LGD*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 10000000
Lucky7Coin (LK7) Lucky7Coin (LK7) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 99792000
LuckyCoin (LKY) LuckyCoin (LKY) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
LightSpeedCoin (LSD) LightSpeedCoin (LSD) NIST5; PoW/PoS 900000
Litebar  (LTB) Litebar (LTB) Scrypt; PoW 1350000
LitecoinDark (LTCD) LitecoinDark (LTCD) Scrypt; PoW 82003200
LitecoinX (LTCX) LitecoinX (LTCX) X11; PoW 84000000
LibrexCoin (LXC) LibrexCoin (LXC) X11; PoW/PoS 1000000
LycanCoin (LYC) LycanCoin (LYC) Scrypt; PoW 4950000000
MaxCoin (MAX) MaxCoin (MAX) SHA3; PoW/PoS 100000000
MegaCoin (MEC) MegaCoin (MEC) Scrypt; PoW 42000000
MediterraneanCoin (MED) MediterraneanCoin (MED) HybridScryptHash256; PoW 200000000
Minerals Coin (MIN) Minerals Coin (MIN) X11; PoW/PoS 1000000
MintCoin (MINT) MintCoin (MINT) Scrypt; PoS -
Cryptsy Mining Contract (MN) Cryptsy Mining Contract (MN) SHA256; PoW -
MinCoin (MNC) MinCoin (MNC) Scrypt; PoW 10000000
MurrayCoin (MRY) MurrayCoin (MRY) Scrypt; PoW 58000000
MysteryCoin (MYST*) MysteryCoin (MYST*) X11; PoW 32433366
MazaCoin (MZC) MazaCoin (MZC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 2419200000
NanoToken (NAN) NanoToken (NAN) Scrypt; PoW 80000000
Nautilus Coin (NAUT) Nautilus Coin (NAUT) Scrypt; PoS 16180000
NavCoin (NAV) NavCoin (NAV) X13; PoW/PoS -
Nybble (NBL) Nybble (NBL) Scrypt; PoW 210000000
NeoCoin (NEC) NeoCoin (NEC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 80000000
NetCoin (NET) NetCoin (NET) Scrypt; PoW -
Nimbus Coin (NMB) Nimbus Coin (NMB) X15; PoW/PoS 25000000
NoirBits (NRB) NoirBits (NRB) SHA256; PoW 50000000
NobleCoin (NOBL) NobleCoin (NOBL) Scrypt; PoW 15000000000
NoirShares (NRS) NoirShares (NRS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 5000000
NovaCoin (NVC) NovaCoin (NVC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
NameCoin (NMC) NameCoin (NMC) SHA256; PoW 21000000
NyanCoin (NYAN) NyanCoin (NYAN) Scrypt; PoW 337000
OpalCoin (OPAL) OpalCoin (OPAL) X13; PoW/PoS 15000000
Orbitcoin (ORB) Orbitcoin (ORB) NeoScrypt; PoW/PoS 3770000
OpenSourceCoin (OSC) OpenSourceCoin (OSC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 21000000
PhilosophersStone (PHS) PhilosophersStone (PHS) Scrypt; PoW 8891840
Cryptsy Points (POINTS) Cryptsy Points (POINTS) N/A; N/A -
PotCoin (POT) PotCoin (POT) Scrypt; PoW 420000000
PseudoCash (PSEUD) PseudoCash (PSEUD) X13; PoW/PoS 2200000
Protoshares (PTS*) Protoshares (PTS*) SHA256; PoW 2000000
PhoenixCoin (PXC) PhoenixCoin (PXC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 98000000
PayCoin (PYC) PayCoin (PYC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 30000000
ReddCoin (RDD) ReddCoin (RDD) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 27500000000
RipOffCoin (RIPO) RipOffCoin (RIPO) Scrypt; PoW 12000000
RonPaulCoin (RPC) RonPaulCoin (RPC) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
RotoCoin (RT2) RotoCoin (RT2) Scrypt-n; PoW/PoS 288000
RoyalCoin (RYC) RoyalCoin (RYC) Scrypt; PoW 140000000
RazorCoin (RZR) RazorCoin (RZR) Scrypt; PoW 4000000
Saturn2Coin (SAT2) Saturn2Coin (SAT2) Scrypt; PoW 15000000000
StableCoin (SBC) StableCoin (SBC) Scrypt; PoW 250000000
ShadowCash (SDC) ShadowCash (SDC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
SaffronCoin (SFR) SaffronCoin (SFR) Multiple; PoW 111000000
ShadeCoin (SHADE) ShadeCoin (SHADE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2000000
ShieldCoin (SHLD) ShieldCoin (SHLD) X15; PoW/PoS 1000000
SilkCoin (SILK) SilkCoin (SILK) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000
SterlingCoin (SLG) SterlingCoin (SLG) X13; PoS -
SmartCoin (SMC) SmartCoin (SMC) Scrypt; PoW 51200000
SoleCoin (SOLE) SoleCoin (SOLE) X15; PoW/PoS 1200000
SpainCoin (SPA) SpainCoin (SPA) Scrypt-n; PoW 50000000
Spots (SPT) Spots (SPT) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
SecureCoin (SRC) SecureCoin (SRC) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
SSVCoin (SSV) SSVCoin (SSV) X13; PoW 21000000
Stellar (XLM) Stellar (XLM) N/A; N/A 100804167793
SuperCoin (SUPER) SuperCoin (SUPER) X11; PoW/PoS 150000000
BitSwift (SWIFT) BitSwift (SWIFT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
SyncCoin (SYNC) SyncCoin (SYNC) X11; PoW/PoS 1000
SysCoin (SYS) SysCoin (SYS) Scrypt; PoW 2000000000
TagCoin (TAG) TagCoin (TAG) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000
TakCoin (TAK) TakCoin (TAK) SHA256; PoW/PoS 7515187520
TeslaCoin (TES) TeslaCoin (TES) Multiple; PoW/PoS 60800000
TigerCoin (TGC) TigerCoin (TGC) SHA256; PoW 47011968
TitCoin (TIT) TitCoin (TIT) SHA256; PoW 69000000
TorCoin (TOR) TorCoin (TOR) X11; PoW/PoS 10000000
TerraCoin (TRC) TerraCoin (TRC) SHA256; PoW 42000000
TittieCoin (TTC) TittieCoin (TTC) Scrypt; PoW 1000000
Umbrella (ULTC) Umbrella (ULTC) SHA256; PoW 2625000
UnbreakableCoin (UNB) UnbreakableCoin (UNB) SHA256; PoW 80000000
Unobtanium (UNO) Unobtanium (UNO) SHA256; PoW 250000
UroCoin (URO) UroCoin (URO) X11; PoW -
UnitaryStatus Dollar (USDE) UnitaryStatus Dollar (USDE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1600000000
UltraCoin (UTC) UltraCoin (UTC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 100000000
Utility Coin (UTIL) Utility Coin (UTIL) X13; PoW/PoS -
VidioCoin (VDO) VidioCoin (VDO) X11; PoW/PoS -
ViaCoin (VIA) ViaCoin (VIA) Scrypt; PoW 23000000
VootCoin (VOOT) VootCoin (VOOT) X11; PoW -
VeriCoin (VRC) VeriCoin (VRC) Scrypt; PoST -
VertCoin (VTC) VertCoin (VTC) Lyra2RE; PoW 84000000
WhiteCoin (WC) WhiteCoin (WC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 300000000
WorldCoin (WDC) WorldCoin (WDC) Scrypt; PoW 265420800
SapienceCoin (XAI) SapienceCoin (XAI) X11; PoB/PoS -
SocialXbotCoin (XBOT) SocialXbotCoin (XBOT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2000000
X11 Coin (XC) X11 Coin (XC) X11; PoW/PoS 5500000
Xcash (XCASH) Xcash (XCASH) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2400000
Crypti (XCR) Crypti (XCR) Multiple; PoS -
JouleCoin (XJO) JouleCoin (XJO) SHA256; PoW 45000000
LibertyCoin (XLB) LibertyCoin (XLB) X11; PoW/PoS 16500000
PrimeCoin (XPM) PrimeCoin (XPM) Multiple; PoW -
StealthCoin (XST) StealthCoin (XST) X13; PoW/PoS -
XXXCoin (XXX) XXXCoin (XXX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 50000000
YAcCoin (YAC) YAcCoin (YAC) Scrypt; PoW 2000000000
ZCC Coin (ZCC) ZCC Coin (ZCC) Scrypt; PoW 1000000000
ZedCoins (ZED) ZedCoins (ZED) Scrypt; PoW 120000000
ZiftrCoin (ZRC*) ZiftrCoin (ZRC*) X11; PoW 450000000
ByteCoin (BCN) ByteCoin (BCN) CryptoNight; PoW 184467440735
Elektron (EKN) Elektron (EKN) X13; PoW/PoS 3000000
DigitalNote  (XDN) DigitalNote (XDN) CryptoNight; PoW 8589869056
XauCoin (XAU) XauCoin (XAU) SHA256; PoW 2100000
TimesCoin (TMC) TimesCoin (TMC) N/A; N/A 16000000
NEM (XEM) NEM (XEM) N/A; PoI 8999999999
BurstCoin (BURST) BurstCoin (BURST) Shabal256; PoC 2158812800
NuBits (NBT) NuBits (NBT) SHA256; PoS -
StorjCoin (SJCX) StorjCoin (SJCX) Counterparty; PoS 500000000
StartCoin (START) StartCoin (START) X11; PoW -
BigCoin (HUGE) BigCoin (HUGE) Blake; PoW 164429865
CounterParty (XCP) CounterParty (XCP) N/A; PoW 2600000
MaidSafe Coin (MAID) MaidSafe Coin (MAID) N/A; N/A 452552412
007 coin (007) 007 coin (007) Scrypt; PoW 989800
NuShares (NSR) NuShares (NSR) N/A; PoS 1000000000
MonaCoin (MONA) MonaCoin (MONA) Scrypt; PoW 105120000
SolarFarm (CELL) SolarFarm (CELL) N/A; PoW 1000000000
TekCoin (TEK) TekCoin (TEK) SHA256; PoW/PoS 100000000
Positron (TRON) Positron (TRON) SHA256; PoW/PoS 1000000
BitBay (BAY) BitBay (BAY) N/A; PoS -
Neutron (NTRN) Neutron (NTRN) SHA256; PoW/PoS 68000000
Sling Coin (SLING) Sling Coin (SLING) SHA256; PoW 1000000
Vcash (XVC) Vcash (XVC) Whirlpool; PoS -
CraveCoin (CRAVE) CraveCoin (CRAVE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
BlockNet (BLOCK) BlockNet (BLOCK) N/A; PoW/PoS -
Stability Shares (XSI) Stability Shares (XSI) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 15000000
Giga Hash (GHS) Giga Hash (GHS) N/A; N/A -
ByteCent (BYC) ByteCent (BYC) N/A; PoW 33000000
GridCoin (GRC) GridCoin (GRC) Scrypt; DPoR -
Gemz Social (GEMZ) Gemz Social (GEMZ) N/A; PoW 90000000
KryptCoin (KTK) KryptCoin (KTK) Scrypt; PoS 17000000
Horizon (HZ) Horizon (HZ) N/A; PoS 1000000000
FairCoin (FAIR) FairCoin (FAIR) Groestl; PoW/PoS -
QoraCoin (QORA) QoraCoin (QORA) N/A; PoS 10000000000
Gulden (NLG) Gulden (NLG) Scrypt; PoW 1680000000
RubyCoin (RBY) RubyCoin (RBY) Scrypt; PoS -
PesetaCoin (PTC) PesetaCoin (PTC) Scrypt; PoW 166386000
Kore (KORE) Kore (KORE) X13; PoW/PoS 13200000
Wild Beast Coin (WBB) Wild Beast Coin (WBB) Scrypt; PoW 2628000
Sonic Screw Driver Coin (SSD) Sonic Screw Driver Coin (SSD) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
TileCoin (XTC) TileCoin (XTC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Dnotes (NOTE) Dnotes (NOTE) Scrypt; PoW 500000000
GridPay (GRID*) GridPay (GRID*) N/A; N/A -
FlorinCoin (FLO) FlorinCoin (FLO) Scrypt; PoW 160000000
MaieutiCoin (MMXIV) MaieutiCoin (MMXIV) SHA256; PoS 2014
8BIT Coin (8BIT) 8BIT Coin (8BIT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Sativa Coin (STV) Sativa Coin (STV) X13; PoW/PoS 10000000
EbolaShare (EBS) EbolaShare (EBS) N/A; PoS 2100000
AeroMe (AM) AeroMe (AM) X13; PoW/PoS 12000000
Coin Magi (XMG) Coin Magi (XMG) M7M; PoW/PoM/PoSII -
AmberCoin (AMBER) AmberCoin (AMBER) X11; PoW/PoS 1000000000
JackPotCoin (JPC) JackPotCoin (JPC) SHA3; PoW/PoS -
NakomotoDark (NKT) NakomotoDark (NKT) X11; PoW/PoS -
JoinCoin (J) JoinCoin (J) Multiple; PoW 2800000
GhostCoin (GHC) GhostCoin (GHC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 750000000
DayTrader Coin (DTC) DayTrader Coin (DTC) X13; PoW/PoS 1000000
ArtByte (ABY) ArtByte (ABY) Scrypt; PoW 1000000000
LiteDoge (LDOGE) LiteDoge (LDOGE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 35000000000
MasterTraderCoin (MTR) MasterTraderCoin (MTR) X11; PoW/PoS 10110000
Triangles Coin (TRI) Triangles Coin (TRI) X13; PoW/PoS 120000
SwarmCoin (SWARM) SwarmCoin (SWARM) N/A; N/A 100000000
Boolberry (BBR) Boolberry (BBR) X11; PoW 18450000
BitCrystal (BTCRY) BitCrystal (BTCRY) N/A; N/A -
BitCredit (BCR) BitCredit (BCR) Momentum; PoW 210000000
Pebble Coin (XPB) Pebble Coin (XPB) CryptoNight; PoW -
Dirac Coin (XDQ) Dirac Coin (XDQ) Blake; PoW 2272800
Folding Coin (FLDC) Folding Coin (FLDC) Stanford Folding; PoW 1000000000
SolarCoin (SLR) SolarCoin (SLR) Scrypt; PoW 98100000000
Social Media Coin (SMAC) Social Media Coin (SMAC) X11; PoW/PoS -
TruckCoin (TRK) TruckCoin (TRK) X11; PoW/PoS 1000000
Ucoin (U) Ucoin (U) X11; PoS 20000000
Unitus (UIS) Unitus (UIS) Multiple; PoW -
CypherPunkCoin (CYP) CypherPunkCoin (CYP) QuBit; PoW -
UFO Coin (UFO) UFO Coin (UFO) NeoScrypt; PoW 4000000000
Ascension Coin (ASN) Ascension Coin (ASN) QuBit; PoW/PoS -
OrangeCoin (OC) OrangeCoin (OC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 200000000
GSM Coin (GSM) GSM Coin (GSM) X11; PoW/PoS 1800000
FriendshipCoin (FSC2) FriendshipCoin (FSC2) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
QuBuck Coin (QBK) QuBuck Coin (QBK) X13; PoS/PoB -
BlakeCoin (BLC) BlakeCoin (BLC) Blake; PoW 7000000000
MaryJane Coin (MARYJ) MaryJane Coin (MARYJ) X15; PoW/PoS -
OmniCron (OMC) OmniCron (OMC) Scrypt; PoW 3371337
GigCoin (GIG) GigCoin (GIG) X11; PoW -
CyberCoin (CC) CyberCoin (CC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
BitstarCoin (BITS) BitstarCoin (BITS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 54256119
LTBCoin (LTBC) LTBCoin (LTBC) N/A; PoP/PoV/PoQ -
NeosCoin (NEOS) NeosCoin (NEOS) SHA256; PoS 21000000
HyperCoin (HYPER) HyperCoin (HYPER) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Vtorrent (VTR) Vtorrent (VTR) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 20000000
MetalCoin (METAL) MetalCoin (METAL) Scrypt; PoW -
PinkCoin (PINK) PinkCoin (PINK) X11; PoW/PoS 500000000
GreenCoin (GRE) GreenCoin (GRE) Scrypt; PoW 10000000000
XG Sports (XG) XG Sports (XG) XG Hash; PoW/PoS -
ChildCoin (CHILD) ChildCoin (CHILD) X11; PoW 2000000
BOOM Coin (BOOM) BOOM Coin (BOOM) X13; PoW/PoS -
Instamine Nuggets (MINE) Instamine Nuggets (MINE) Scrypt; PoW 21649485
ROS Coin (ROS) ROS Coin (ROS) X11; PoW/PoS -
Unattanium (UNAT) Unattanium (UNAT) SHA256; PoW -
SlimCoin (SLM) SlimCoin (SLM) N/A; PoB -
GAIA Platform (GAIA) GAIA Platform (GAIA) X11; PoS 24000000
TrustPlus (TRUST) TrustPlus (TRUST) X11; PoW/PoS -
FantomCoin  (FCN) FantomCoin (FCN) CryptoNight; PoW 18400000
Cryptonite (XCN) Cryptonite (XCN) M7 POW; PoW 1840000000
Curecoin (CURE) Curecoin (CURE) Scrypt; PoW -
Gridmaster (GMC) Gridmaster (GMC) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
MemoryCoin (MMC) MemoryCoin (MMC) Multiple; PoW 10000000
BitcoinPlus (XBC) BitcoinPlus (XBC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
ConSpiracy Coin  (CYC) ConSpiracy Coin (CYC) X11; PoW 33000000
OctoCoin (OCTO) OctoCoin (OCTO) N/A; N/A 88000000
MasterCoin (MSC) MasterCoin (MSC) Scrypt; PoW 619478
EggCoin (EGG) EggCoin (EGG) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 3891
Coin.2 (C2) Coin.2 (C2) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
GlowShares (GSX) GlowShares (GSX) N/A; PoS -
Camcoin (CAM) Camcoin (CAM) X11; PoW/PoS 10000000
Ribbit Rewards (RBR) Ribbit Rewards (RBR) Multiple; PoW 1000000000
Quotient (XQN) Quotient (XQN) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Node (NODE) Node (NODE) Curve25519; PoA 1000000000
SoonCoin (SOON) SoonCoin (SOON) SHA256; PoW 21000000
BitMiles (BTMI) BitMiles (BTMI) Scrypt; PoW 4832660000
Event Token (EVENT) Event Token (EVENT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
1Credit (1CR) 1Credit (1CR) Scrypt; PoW 92000000000
ViorCoin (VIOR) ViorCoin (VIOR) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
XCoin (XCO) XCoin (XCO) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
VirtualMining Coin (VMC) VirtualMining Coin (VMC) Scrypt-n; PoW 1000000
MarsCoin (MRS) MarsCoin (MRS) X11; PoW 33000000
Viral Coin (VIRAL) Viral Coin (VIRAL) Scrypt; PoS -
Equilibrium Coin (EQM) Equilibrium Coin (EQM) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
IslaCoin (ISL) IslaCoin (ISL) X11; PoW/PoS -
Quicksilver coin (QSLV) Quicksilver coin (QSLV) X11; PoW 33000000
World Trade Funds (XWT) World Trade Funds (XWT) X15; PoW/PoS 1000000
DeOxyRibose (XNA) DeOxyRibose (XNA) X11; PoS -
RadonPay (RDN) RadonPay (RDN) N/A; PoS -
SkullBuzz (SKB) SkullBuzz (SKB) SHA256; PoS -
GlobalBoost (BSTY) GlobalBoost (BSTY) yescript; PoW -
CryptoFocus (FCS) CryptoFocus (FCS) X11; PoW/PoS -
Gambit coin (GAM) Gambit coin (GAM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Nexus (NXS) Nexus (NXS) SHA3; PoW/nPoS 78000000
Crypto Escudo (CESC) Crypto Escudo (CESC) Scrypt; PoW 1000000000
Twelve Coin (TWLV) Twelve Coin (TWLV) T-Inside; PoW/PoS -
EagsCoin (EAGS) EagsCoin (EAGS) X11; PoW/PoS 20445500
MultiWallet Coin (MWC) MultiWallet Coin (MWC) X11; PoW/PoS -
AudioCoin (ADC) AudioCoin (ADC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 10500000000
MarsCoin  (MARS) MarsCoin (MARS) X11; PoW 33000000
Megastake (XMS) Megastake (XMS) X11; PoW/PoS -
Sphere Coin (SPHR) Sphere Coin (SPHR) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Singular (SIGU) Singular (SIGU) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
BitcoinTX (BTX*) BitcoinTX (BTX*) X11; PoS -
DarkCrave (DCC) DarkCrave (DCC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 277500
SupplyShock (M1) SupplyShock (M1) X13; PoW/PoS -
DarkBit (DB) DarkBit (DB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Crypto (CTO) Crypto (CTO) Lyra2RE; PoW 65789100
EdgeCoin (EDGE) EdgeCoin (EDGE) SHA256; PoW/HiPoS -
BitLux (LUX*) BitLux (LUX*) X11; PoW/PoS -
FutCoin (FUTC) FutCoin (FUTC) X13; PoW/PoS -
Global (GLOBE) Global (GLOBE) N/A; PoS 90000000
TamaGucci (TAM) TamaGucci (TAM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS/PoC 5300000
MorpheusCoin (MRP) MorpheusCoin (MRP) X11; PoW 3400000
Creva Coin (CREVA) Creva Coin (CREVA) X11; N/A -
Forever Coin (XFC) Forever Coin (XFC) X11; PoS 210000000
BananaBits (NANAS) BananaBits (NANAS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Wood Coin (LOG) Wood Coin (LOG) N/A; PoW 27625814
Cerium (XCE) Cerium (XCE) SHA256; PoW/PoS 2307925
Anarchists Prime (ACP) Anarchists Prime (ACP) SHA256; PoW 53760000
Droidz (DRZ) Droidz (DRZ) QUAIT; PoW/PoS 5060000
GorillaBucks (BUCKS*) GorillaBucks (BUCKS*) N/A; PoS -
BowsCoin (BSC) BowsCoin (BSC) X11; PoW 21000000
DarkTron (DRKT) DarkTron (DRKT) SHA256; PoW/PoS 1500000
CryptoCircuits (CIRC) CryptoCircuits (CIRC) vDPOS; PoS -
IncaKoin (NKA) IncaKoin (NKA) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Versa Token (VERSA) Versa Token (VERSA) N/A; PoS -
Empyrean (EPY) Empyrean (EPY) Scrypt; PoW 100000
Squall Coin (SQL) Squall Coin (SQL) X11; PoS -
PolyBit (POLY) PolyBit (POLY) Scrypt; PoW 150000000
Piggy Coin (PIGGY) Piggy Coin (PIGGY) X11; PoW/PoS -
Charity Coin (CHA) Charity Coin (CHA) Scrypt; PoW 500000
Milllionaire Coin (MIL) Milllionaire Coin (MIL) X11; PoW/PoS -
Crown Coin (CRW) Crown Coin (CRW) SHA256; PoW 42000000
Genstake (GEN) Genstake (GEN) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
PharmaCoin (XPH) PharmaCoin (XPH) N/A; N/A -
GridMaster (GRM) GridMaster (GRM) N/A; N/A -
Quartz (QTZ) Quartz (QTZ) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Arbit Coin (ARB) Arbit Coin (ARB) N/A; PoW/PoS -
Litestar Coin (LTS) Litestar Coin (LTS) N/A; PoW/PoS 120000000
SpinCoin (SPC) SpinCoin (SPC) NIST5; PoW/PoS -
GoldPieces (GP) GoldPieces (GP) X11; PoW/PoS -
Bitz Coin (BITZ) Bitz Coin (BITZ) N/A; PoS -
DubCoin (DUB) DubCoin (DUB) X15; PoW/PoS -
Graviton (GRAV) Graviton (GRAV) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Bob Coin (BOB) Bob Coin (BOB) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
MonetaVerde (MCN) MonetaVerde (MCN) CryptoNight; PoW -
Quazar Coin (QCN) Quazar Coin (QCN) CryptoNight; PoW -
Hedgecoin (HEDG) Hedgecoin (HEDG) X13; PoW 33000000
Song Coin (SONG) Song Coin (SONG) Scrypt; PoW 210240000
BitSeeds (XSEED) BitSeeds (XSEED) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Credits (CRE) Credits (CRE) SHA256; PoW/PoS 30000000
Axiom Coin (AXIOM) Axiom Coin (AXIOM) N/A; PoW/PoS -
SmileyCoin (SMLY) SmileyCoin (SMLY) Scrypt; PoW 50000000000
Rimbit (RBT) Rimbit (RBT) N/A; N/A -
Chip (CHIP) Chip (CHIP) X11; PoW -
SpecCoin (SPEC) SpecCoin (SPEC) Scrypt; PoW 3000000000
Gram Coin (GRAM) Gram Coin (GRAM) N/A; PoW -
UnCoin (UNC) UnCoin (UNC) X11; N/A 144000000000
Sprouts (SPRTS) Sprouts (SPRTS) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
BitZeny (ZNY) BitZeny (ZNY) Scrypt; PoW 250000000
BitQuark (BTQ) BitQuark (BTQ) Multiple; PoW -
ParkByte (PKB) ParkByte (PKB) SHA256; PoW/PoS 25000000
StarCoin (STR*) StarCoin (STR*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 227334008
Synergy (SNRG) Synergy (SNRG) X11; PoW/PoS -
Ghoul Coin (GHOUL) Ghoul Coin (GHOUL) N/A; PoW/PoS -
Hellenic Coin (HNC) Hellenic Coin (HNC) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
Diggits (DIGS) Diggits (DIGS) Scrypt; PoS 100000000
Expanse (EXP) Expanse (EXP) Ethash; PoW 16906397
Global Currency Reserve (GCR) Global Currency Reserve (GCR) N/A; PoS -
MapCoin (MAPC) MapCoin (MAPC) X11; PoS 2228921.184
XiaoMiCoin (MI) XiaoMiCoin (MI) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 400000000
Paycon (CON_) Paycon (CON_) X13; PoW/PoS 50000000
NeuCoin (NEU*) NeuCoin (NEU*) N/A; PoS 100000000000
Transfer (TX) Transfer (TX) X11; PoW/PoS -
Groestlcoin  (GRS) Groestlcoin (GRS) Groestl; PoW 105000000
Siacoin (SC) Siacoin (SC) Blake2b; PoW -
CleverCoin (CLV) CleverCoin (CLV) N/A; PoS/PoW -
Factoids (FCT) Factoids (FCT) N/A; N/A 8753873
LyraBar (LYB) LyraBar (LYB) Lyra2RE; PoW/PoS -
BitStone (BST) BitStone (BST) X11; PoW/PoS -
Prime-X1 (PXI) Prime-X1 (PXI) X11; PoW -
CapriCoin (CPC) CapriCoin (CPC) X11; PoW/PoS 208000000
Amsterdam Coin (AMS) Amsterdam Coin (AMS) Quark; PoW/PoS -
Obits Coin (OBITS) Obits Coin (OBITS) N/A; N/A 18276898
 ClubCoin (CLUB) ClubCoin (CLUB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Radium (RADS) Radium (RADS) N/A; PoS 9000000
Emercoin (EMC) Emercoin (EMC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 1000000000
BlitzCoin (BLITZ) BlitzCoin (BLITZ) X13; PoS 3852156
BitHIRE (HIRE*) BitHIRE (HIRE*) Scrypt; PoS 42000000
EverGreenCoin (EGC) EverGreenCoin (EGC) X15; PoW/PoS 26298000
MindCoin (MND) MindCoin (MND) X11; PoW 16000000
I0coin (I0C) I0coin (I0C) SHA256; PoW 21000000
Bata (BTA) Bata (BTA) Scrypt; PoW 5000000
Karmacoin (KARMA) Karmacoin (KARMA) Scrypt; PoW 92000000000
Decred (DCR) Decred (DCR) BLAKE256; PoW/PoS 21000000
Nas2Coin (NAS2) Nas2Coin (NAS2) N/A; PoS 200000000
Pakcoin (PAK) Pakcoin (PAK) Scrypt; PoW 182000000
Creditbit  (CRB) Creditbit (CRB) N/A; N/A 16504333
DogeCoinDark (DOGED) DogeCoinDark (DOGED) Scrypt; PoW 16500000000
Augur (REP) Augur (REP) N/A; N/A 11000000
OKCash (OK) OKCash (OK) N/A; PoW/PoS 105000000
Voxels (VOX) Voxels (VOX) Scrypt; PoW 210000000
Synereo (AMP) Synereo (AMP) N/A; Pow/PoSC 927786732.665189
HOdlcoin (HODL) HOdlcoin (HODL) 1GB AES Pattern Search; PoW 81962100
Digix DAO (DGD) Digix DAO (DGD) N/A; N/A 1999421
EDRCoin (EDRC) EDRCoin (EDRC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 22000000
Lisk (LSK) Lisk (LSK) DPoS; DPoS 159918400
Waves (WAVES) Waves (WAVES) Leased POS; LPoS 100000000
Hitcoin (HTC) Hitcoin (HTC) X11; PoW/PoS 26550000000
Gamecredits (GAME) Gamecredits (GAME) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
Dashcoin (DSH) Dashcoin (DSH) CryptoNight; PoW 18446744
DubaiCoin (DBIC) DubaiCoin (DBIC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 10500000
HiCoin (XHI) HiCoin (XHI) Scrypt; PoS 10008835635
Spots (SPOTS) Spots (SPOTS) N/A; PoW/PoS 12730
BiosCrypto (BIOS) BiosCrypto (BIOS) Quark; PoW/PoS 20190463.54969237
Khancoin (KNC*) Khancoin (KNC*) X11; PoW/PoS 7850291561
CabbageUnit (CAB) CabbageUnit (CAB) N/A; PoS 10499999.99999999
CarpeDiemCoin (DIEM) CarpeDiemCoin (DIEM) SHA256; PoW 21626280000
GameBetCoin (GBT) GameBetCoin (GBT) POS 3.0; PoS -
SARCoin (SAR) SARCoin (SAR) SHA256; PoS -
RedCrowCoin (RCX) RedCrowCoin (RCX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 3966666667
PowerCoin (PWR) PowerCoin (PWR) NIST5; PoW/PoS 50021000
TrumpCoin (TRUMP) TrumpCoin (TRUMP) Blake; PoS 12000000
PrismChain (PRM) PrismChain (PRM) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
BitCrystals (BCY) BitCrystals (BCY) Counterparty; N/A 100000000
Rubies (RBIES) Rubies (RBIES) N/A; PoS 10000000
Steem (STEEM) Steem (STEEM) N/A; PoW 99692126
BillaryCoin (BLRY) BillaryCoin (BLRY) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 42000000
WhiteCoin (XWC) WhiteCoin (XWC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 300000000
Dotcoin (DOT) Dotcoin (DOT) Scrypt; PoW 890000000
Scotcoin (SCOT) Scotcoin (SCOT) Counterparty; N/A 1000000000
Darknet (DNET) Darknet (DNET) Quark; Pow/PoS 37175346
BitalphaCoin (BAC) BitalphaCoin (BAC) N/A; PoW 7850161887.50
International Diamond Coin (XID*) International Diamond Coin (XID*) N/A; PoW 67000010
Grantcoin (GRT) Grantcoin (GRT) SHA256; Pow 10031749627.87000084
Thecreed (TCR) Thecreed (TCR) QuBit; PoW/PoS -
PostCoin (POST) PostCoin (POST) N/A; PoS 15081003
Influxcoin (INFX) Influxcoin (INFX) X11; PoW/PoS 12000000
EthereumScrypt (ETHS) EthereumScrypt (ETHS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 4200000
Phalanx (PXL) Phalanx (PXL) SHA256; PoW 15000000
NumbersCoin (NUM) NumbersCoin (NUM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
SoulCoin (SOUL) SoulCoin (SOUL) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1400000000
Ionomy (ION) Ionomy (ION) N/A; PoS 50900000
GrownCoin (GROW) GrownCoin (GROW) N/A; PoW/PoS -
SuperNET (UNITY) SuperNET (UNITY) N/A; N/A 816060.9999
OldSafeCoin (OLDSF) OldSafeCoin (OLDSF) N/A; PoS -
SunShotCoin (SSTC) SunShotCoin (SSTC) X11; PoW 2250000000
NetworkCoin (NETC) NetworkCoin (NETC) X13; PoW/PoS -
GPU Coin (GPU) GPU Coin (GPU) Scrypt; PoS 221052632
Think And Get Rich Coin (TAGR) Think And Get Rich Coin (TAGR) X15; PoW/PoS 30700000
HempCoin (HMP) HempCoin (HMP) Scrypt-n; PoW 5000000000
Adzcoin (ADZ) Adzcoin (ADZ) X11; PoW 84000000
Gapcoin (GAP) Gapcoin (GAP) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 250000000
MayaCoin (MYC) MayaCoin (MYC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 250000000
InvisibleCoin (IVZ) InvisibleCoin (IVZ) N/A; PoS 1000000
VirtaCoin (VTA) VirtaCoin (VTA) Scrypt; PoW 21000000000
SaluS (SLS) SaluS (SLS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
SoilCoin (SOIL) SoilCoin (SOIL) Dagger; PoW 30000000
DigiCube (CUBE) DigiCube (CUBE) N/A; PoS -
YoCoin (YOC) YoCoin (YOC) Scrypt; PoW 168351300
Coin (COIN*) Coin (COIN*) SHA256; PoW -
VapersCoin (VPRC) VapersCoin (VPRC) Scrypt; PoW 42750000000
AlpaCoin (APC) AlpaCoin (APC) N/A; PoW -
Steps (STEPS) Steps (STEPS) N/A; PoS 9243127.173
DebitCoin (DBTC) DebitCoin (DBTC) Scrypt; PoW 25999629.2378176
Universal Currency (UNIT) Universal Currency (UNIT) SHA256; PoW/PoS 210000000
AeonCoin (AEON) AeonCoin (AEON) CryptoNight-Lite; PoW 18400000
MoinCoin (MOIN) MoinCoin (MOIN) N/A; PoW/PoS 184000000
SibCoin (SIB) SibCoin (SIB) X11GOST; PoW 24000000
EuropeCoin (ERC) EuropeCoin (ERC) X11; PoW/PoS 384000000
AdvancedInternetBlock (AIB) AdvancedInternetBlock (AIB) Scrypt; PoW 314159265359
PrimeChain (PRIME) PrimeChain (PRIME) N/A; PoS -
BERNcash (BERN) BERNcash (BERN) X14; PoW/PoS -
BigUp (BIGUP) BigUp (BIGUP) N/A; PoS 4000000000
Krypton (KR) Krypton (KR) Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW -
RevolverCoin (XRE) RevolverCoin (XRE) X11Evo; PoW -
1337 (1337) 1337 (1337) X13; PoW/PoS 314159265359
Pepe (MEME) Pepe (MEME) X11; PoW/PoS -
DragonSphere (XDB) DragonSphere (XDB) X11; PoW/PoS 21007600
Anti Bitcoin (ANTI) Anti Bitcoin (ANTI) SHA256; PoW 42000000
BreakoutCoin (BRK) BreakoutCoin (BRK) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
ColossusCoinXT (COLX) ColossusCoinXT (COLX) X11; PoS 21000000000
Mineum (MNM) Mineum (MNM) X13; PoW/PoS 10000000
Asiadigicoin (ADCN) Asiadigicoin (ADCN) Scrypt; PoW 42000000
ZeitCoin (ZEIT) ZeitCoin (ZEIT) PoS; PoS 99000000000
SixEleven (611) SixEleven (611) SHA256; PoW 611000
2GiveCoin (2GIVE) 2GiveCoin (2GIVE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Cryptographic Anomaly (CGA) Cryptographic Anomaly (CGA) Scrypt; PoW 10000000000
SwingCoin (SWING) SwingCoin (SWING) SHA256; PoW/PoS 40000000
SafeExchangeCoin (SAFEX) SafeExchangeCoin (SAFEX) Scrypt; PoC 2147483647
Nebuchadnezzar (NEBU) Nebuchadnezzar (NEBU) PoS; PoS 20000000
AcesCoin (AEC) AcesCoin (AEC) X11; PoS 98000000
Francs (FRN) Francs (FRN) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
Aiden (ADN) Aiden (ADN) ScryptOG; PoW 84000000
Pulse (PULSE) Pulse (PULSE) SHA256D; PoS -
Number7 (N7) Number7 (N7) Scrypt; PoW 270967742
Cygnus (CYG) Cygnus (CYG) X11; PoW/PoS 25885320
LGBTQoin (LGBTQ) LGBTQoin (LGBTQ) X11; PoW 50000000
Uther (UTH) Uther (UTH) Dagger; PoW 25885320
MediumProject (MPRO) MediumProject (MPRO) PoS; PoW 250000
KATZcoin (KAT) KATZcoin (KAT) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 100000000
404Coin (404) 404Coin (404) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 532000000
Supreme (SPM) Supreme (SPM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 88900000
Mojocoin (MOJO) Mojocoin (MOJO) PoS; PoS -
BelaCoin (BELA) BelaCoin (BELA) Scrypt; PoW 54000000
Flash (FLX) Flash (FLX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000
BolivarCoin (BOLI) BolivarCoin (BOLI) X11; PoW 25000000
CludCoin (CLUD) CludCoin (CLUD) Scrypt; PoW 100200000
DimeCoin (DIME) DimeCoin (DIME) Quark; PoW -
FlyCoin (FLY) FlyCoin (FLY) X13; PoS -
High Voltage Coin (HVCO) High Voltage Coin (HVCO) SHA256; PoW/PoS 1700000
GIZMOcoin (GIZ) GIZMOcoin (GIZ) X11; PoW/PoS 100000
GrexitCoin (GREXIT) GrexitCoin (GREXIT) N/A; PoS -
Carboncoin (CARBON) Carboncoin (CARBON) Scrypt; PoW 16000000000
DigiEuro (DEUR) DigiEuro (DEUR) Scrypt; PoW -
Turron (TUR) Turron (TUR) N/A; PoS -
LemonCoin (LEMON) LemonCoin (LEMON) N/A; PoW 31000000
STRESScoin (STS) STRESScoin (STS) X13; PoW/PoS -
Dark Lisk (DISK) Dark Lisk (DISK) X11; PoW/PoS -
NevaCoin (NEVA) NevaCoin (NEVA) N/A; PoW/PoS 26280000
Cryptokenz (CYT) Cryptokenz (CYT) PoS; PoS -
Fuzzballs (FUZZ) Fuzzballs (FUZZ) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
Nukecoinz (NKC) Nukecoinz (NKC) Scrypt; PoW -
SecretCoin (SCRT) SecretCoin (SCRT) X11; PoW/PoS 21000000
Ratecoin (XRA) Ratecoin (XRA) X11; PoW/PoS 75000000
XanaxCoin (XNX) XanaxCoin (XNX) Scrypt; PoW 42000000
StarCoin (STAR*) StarCoin (STAR*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 870731707
Stakerush (STHR) Stakerush (STHR) PoS; PoS -
Digital Bullion Gold (DBG) Digital Bullion Gold (DBG) PoS; PoS 15000000
BonesCoin (BON*) BonesCoin (BON*) Scrypt; PoS -
WMCoin (WMC) WMCoin (WMC) X11; PoS 1000000000
GothicCoin (GOTX) GothicCoin (GOTX) Scrypt; PoW 313333333
ShrekCoin (SHREK) ShrekCoin (SHREK) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1246000000
FlavorCoin (FLVR) FlavorCoin (FLVR) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Stakers (STA*) Stakers (STA*) PoS; PoS 100000000
Rise (RISE) Rise (RISE) DPoS; PoS -
Revenu (REV) Revenu (REV) SHA256; PoW/PoS 222725000
PabyosiCoin (PBC) PabyosiCoin (PBC) X11; PoW/PoS 31500000000
Obscurebay (OBS) Obscurebay (OBS) X11; PoW/PoS 6562000
ExitCoin (EXIT) ExitCoin (EXIT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 756000000
EducoinV (EDC) EducoinV (EDC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 99000000
Clinton (CLINT) Clinton (CLINT) SHA256; PoW 2421227
Clockcoin (CKC) Clockcoin (CKC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 525000000
VIP Tokens (VIP) VIP Tokens (VIP) NIST5; PoW/PoS 90000000
NXEcoin (NXE) NXEcoin (NXE) NIST5; PoW/PoS 2200000
ZoomCoin (ZOOM) ZoomCoin (ZOOM) Lyra2RE; PoW 250000
DT Token (DRACO) DT Token (DRACO) N/A; N/A 88888888
YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI) YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI) SHA256; PoS 22830000
OrlyCoin (ORLY) OrlyCoin (ORLY) X15; PoW/PoS 36000000
KubosCoin (KUBO) KubosCoin (KUBO) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2940000
InceptionCoin (INCP) InceptionCoin (INCP) X11; PoW/PoS -
SharkCoin (SAK) SharkCoin (SAK) SHA256; PoW 400000000
EvilCoin (EVIL) EvilCoin (EVIL) X11; PoW/PoS 21024000
OmegaCoin (OMA) OmegaCoin (OMA) X15; PoW/PoS -
MonetaryUnit (MUE) MonetaryUnit (MUE) Quark; PoW -
CobraCoin (COX) CobraCoin (COX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1012941176
Bancor Network Token (BNT) Bancor Network Token (BNT) N/A; N/A 79323978
BitSend (BSD) BitSend (BSD) X11; PoW/PoS 139000000
Destiny (DES) Destiny (DES) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 212625
16BitCoin (BIT16) 16BitCoin (BIT16) NIST5; PoW/PoS 16000000
Project Decorum (PDC) Project Decorum (PDC) N/A; N/A 50000000
CometCoin (CMT) CometCoin (CMT) Scrypt; PoW 2000000
ChessCoin (CHESS) ChessCoin (CHESS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 74666667
SpaceCoin (SPACE) SpaceCoin (SPACE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
ReeCoin (REE) ReeCoin (REE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 350000000
Liquid (LQD) Liquid (LQD) N/A; N/A 99999.99
Marvelous (MARV) Marvelous (MARV) Scrypt; PoW 400000000
VectorCoin 2.0  (VEC2) VectorCoin 2.0 (VEC2) Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW -
Omni (OMNI) Omni (OMNI) Scrypt; PoW 616448
GenesysCoin (GSY) GenesysCoin (GSY) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
TrollTokens (TKN*) TrollTokens (TKN*) SHA256; PoW/PoS 860000000
Let it Ride (LIR) Let it Ride (LIR) POS 3.0; PoS 33500000
ScryptCoin (SCRPT) ScryptCoin (SCRPT) Scrypt; PoW 34181818
LBRY Credits (LBC) LBRY Credits (LBC) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Specie (SPX*) Specie (SPX*) PoS; PoS 9000000
Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) N/A; N/A -
CryptoJacks (CJ) CryptoJacks (CJ) X13; PoW/PoS 500000000
PutinCoin (PUT) PutinCoin (PUT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2000000000
Kraken (KRAK) Kraken (KRAK) SHA256; PoW/PoS 20 000 000
Dlisk (DLISK) Dlisk (DLISK) N/A; DPoS 100000000
iBankCoin (IBANK) iBankCoin (IBANK) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 44333333
Stratis (STRAT) Stratis (STRAT) X13; PoW/PoS -
Voyacoin (VOYA) Voyacoin (VOYA) N/A; PoW -
EnterCoin (ENTER) (ENTER) EnterCoin (ENTER) (ENTER) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
World Gold Coin (WGC) World Gold Coin (WGC) SHA256; PoW 51000000
BitMoon (BM) BitMoon (BM) X13; PoS 100000000
Frankywillcoin (FRWC) Frankywillcoin (FRWC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 7000000
Psilocybin (PSY) Psilocybin (PSY) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 4214600
ExtremeCoin (XT) ExtremeCoin (XT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
RustCoin (RUST) RustCoin (RUST) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21212121
NewZealandCoin (NZC) NewZealandCoin (NZC) Scrypt; PoW 335800000
SingularDTV (SNGLS) SingularDTV (SNGLS) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Xaurum (XAUR) Xaurum (XAUR) N/A; N/A 127108472.4829
BitFinex Tokens (BFX) BitFinex Tokens (BFX) N/A; N/A 32000000
Uniqredit (UNIQ) Uniqredit (UNIQ) SHA256D; PoW -
ChronosCoin (CRX) ChronosCoin (CRX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Decent (DCT) Decent (DCT) N/A; PoS 73197775
PokeChain (XPOKE) PokeChain (XPOKE) X13; PoS 75000000
MudraCoin (MUDRA) MudraCoin (MUDRA) X13; PoS 200000000
WarpCoin (WARP) WarpCoin (WARP) PoS; PoS -
Coinomat (CNMT) Coinomat (CNMT) N/A; N/A 3000000
PizzaCoin (PIZZA) PizzaCoin (PIZZA) X11; PoW 25000000
Lutetium Coin (LC) Lutetium Coin (LC) X11; PoS 657000000
Heat Ledger (HEAT) Heat Ledger (HEAT) N/A; PoS/PoP 26000000
Iconomi (ICN) Iconomi (ICN) N/A; N/A 100000000
ExaByte (EXB) (EXB) ExaByte (EXB) (EXB) SHA256; PoW 500000000
Wings DAO (WINGS) Wings DAO (WINGS) N/A; N/A 100000000
Cryptodex (CDX*) Cryptodex (CDX*) N/A; N/A 100000000
ReturnBit (RBIT) ReturnBit (RBIT) Scrypt; PoW -
deCLOUDs (DCS) deCLOUDs (DCS) N/A; PoS 100000000
Komodo (KMD) Komodo (KMD) Equihash; dPoW/PoW 200000000
GoldBlocks (GB) GoldBlocks (GB) X11; PoW/PoS 50000000
NEO (NEO) NEO (NEO) N/A; N/A 100000000
Anoncoin (ANC) Anoncoin (ANC) N/A; PoW 4200000
Syndicate (SYNX) Syndicate (SYNX) X11; PoW/PoS -
Mass Coin (MC) Mass Coin (MC) N/A; N/A 1000000000000
E-Dinar Coin (EDR) E-Dinar Coin (EDR) X11; DPoS 999000000000000
Jewels (JWL) Jewels (JWL) POS 3.0; N/A 20000000
WayCoin (WAY) WayCoin (WAY) X11; PoS 100000000
MollyCoin (TAB) MollyCoin (TAB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 25000000
Trigger (TRIG) Trigger (TRIG) N/A; N/A 100000000
bitCNY (BITCNY) bitCNY (BITCNY) N/A; N/A 100000000000
bitUSD (BITUSD) bitUSD (BITUSD) N/A; N/A 100000000000
Autumncoin (ATM*) Autumncoin (ATM*) X11; PoW/PoS -
Save The Ocean (STO) Save The Ocean (STO) X11; PoW/PoS 150000000
Sense (SNS) Sense (SNS) N/A; N/A 100000000
Fusion (FSN) Fusion (FSN) SHA256; PoW 3000000
CarterCoin (CTC) CarterCoin (CTC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 90000000
TotCoin (TOT) TotCoin (TOT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1613150000
Bitcloud (BTD) Bitcloud (BTD) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
MedicCoin (MDC) MedicCoin (MDC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 33000000
FuturePoints (FTP) FuturePoints (FTP) X11; PoS 360000000
Zeta2Coin (ZET2) Zeta2Coin (ZET2) Quark; PoW/PoS 1200000
CovenCoin (COV*) CovenCoin (COV*) SHA256; PoW/PoS 33000
Karbo (KRB) Karbo (KRB) CryptoNight; PoW 10000000
Tellurion (TELL) Tellurion (TELL) X11; PoW/PoS 3652422000
EneCoin (ENE) EneCoin (ENE) X13; PoW/PoS -
BlockPay (BLOCKPAY) BlockPay (BLOCKPAY) N/A; N/A 100000000
BitTokens (BXT) BitTokens (BXT) SHA256; PoW/PoS 21000000
ZayedCoin (ZYD) ZayedCoin (ZYD) SHA256; PoW 9736000
MustangCoin (MST) MustangCoin (MST) X11; PoW/PoS 3000000
Goonies (GOON) Goonies (GOON) Scrypt; PoW 270875968
808 (808) 808 (808) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Veltor (VLT) Veltor (VLT) N/A; PoW -
ZoneCoin (ZNE) ZoneCoin (ZNE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21000000
DickCoin (DCK) DickCoin (DCK) X11; PoW/PoS -
Circuits of Value (COVAL) Circuits of Value (COVAL) Multiple; PoW 1000000000
DarkGold (DGDC) DarkGold (DGDC) X13; PoW/PoS 1000000
TodayCoin (TODAY) TodayCoin (TODAY) Scrypt; PoW 39200000
Verium (VRM) Verium (VRM) N/A; PoWT -
RootCoin (ROOT) RootCoin (ROOT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1900000
FirstBlood (1ST) FirstBlood (1ST) N/A; N/A 93468691
Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL) Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL) N/A; PoW/PoS 1000000
DopeCoin (DOPE) DopeCoin (DOPE) Scrypt; PoW 575000000
B3 Coin (B3) B3 Coin (B3) X11; PoW/PoS -
FCoin (FX) FCoin (FX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 987600000
Pioneershares (PIO) Pioneershares (PIO) X11; PoW/PoS 200000
GayCoin (GAY) GayCoin (GAY) X11; PoW/PoS 10000000000
Samsara Coin (SMSR) Samsara Coin (SMSR) QuBit; PoW/PoS 60000000
Ubiqoin (UBIQ) Ubiqoin (UBIQ) Progressive-n; PoS 500000000
Armory Coin (ARM) Armory Coin (ARM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1990000000
RingCoin (RING) RingCoin (RING) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1900000000
ERBCoin (ERB) ERBCoin (ERB) Scrypt; N/A 125000000
Lazarus (LAZ) Lazarus (LAZ) DPoS; DPoS 10000000
FonzieCoin (FONZ) FonzieCoin (FONZ) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
BitCurrency (BTCR) BitCurrency (BTCR) Scrypt; PoS -
FaucetCoin (DROP) FaucetCoin (DROP) X13; PoS 10000
Save and Gain (SANDG) Save and Gain (SANDG) SHA256; PoW -
SteamPunk (PNK) SteamPunk (PNK) PoS; PoS 40000000
Dark Moon (MOOND) Dark Moon (MOOND) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 420000000
DollarCoin (DLC) DollarCoin (DLC) SHA256; PoW 10638298
Sentaro (SEN) Sentaro (SEN) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Swiscoin (SCN) Swiscoin (SCN) Scrypt; PoW/PoW 3100000000
Wexcoin (WEX) Wexcoin (WEX) N/A; PoS -
Lathaan (LTH) Lathaan (LTH) PoS; N/A -
BitBronze (BRONZ) BitBronze (BRONZ) Scrypt; PoW 4502400
Shilling (SH) Shilling (SH) Scrypt; PoW 30000000
BuzzCoin (BUZZ) BuzzCoin (BUZZ) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 21000000000
Mind Gene (MG) Mind Gene (MG) SHA256; PoW/PoS 7500000000
PSIcoin (PSI) PSIcoin (PSI) X11; PoS 696969
Opair (XPO) Opair (XPO) PoS; PoS 74000000
NoLimitCoin (NLC) NoLimitCoin (NLC) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
PesoBit (PSB) PesoBit (PSB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 32958651
Beats (XBTS) Beats (XBTS) X11; PoW/PoS -
Fitcoin (FIT) Fitcoin (FIT) X11; PoW/PoS 8880000000
PantherCoin (PINKX) PantherCoin (PINKX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 735000000
FireCoin (FIRE) FireCoin (FIRE) X15; PoW/PoS -
Unfed Coin (UNF) Unfed Coin (UNF) Scrypt; PoW 67000000
SportsCoin (SPORT) SportsCoin (SPORT) X11; PoS 20000000
Peerplays (PPY) Peerplays (PPY) N/A; N/A 5916684
NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
EGOcoin (EGO) EGOcoin (EGO) PoS; PoS 60000000
BitluckCoin (BTCL*) BitluckCoin (BTCL*) Scrypt; PoS 5000000000
RCoin (RCN*) RCoin (RCN*) SHA256; N/A 5000000000
X2Coin (X2) X2Coin (X2) N/A; N/A -
Mycelium Token (MT) Mycelium Token (MT) N/A; N/A 5311
Tianhe (TIA) Tianhe (TIA) Lyra2RE; N/A 21000000
GBR Coin (GBRC) GBR Coin (GBRC) Scrypt; PoW 87500000
UPcoin (XUP) UPcoin (XUP) X13; PoS -
Octocoin (888) Octocoin (888) N/A; PoW 135776563
Halloween Coin (HALLO) Halloween Coin (HALLO) X11; PoW/PoS 1500000000
BaseballCardCoin (BBCC) BaseballCardCoin (BBCC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 19000000
EmiratesGoldCoin (EMIGR) EmiratesGoldCoin (EMIGR) SHA256; PoW 4000000
BighanCoin (BHC) BighanCoin (BHC) Quark; PoW 411000000
Craftcoin (CRAFT) Craftcoin (CRAFT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 49411760
Invictus (INV) Invictus (INV) X11; PoW/PoS -
OlympCoin (OLYMP) OlympCoin (OLYMP) X11; PoW/PoS 50000000
DelightPay (DPAY) DelightPay (DPAY) X13; PoW/PoS 90400000
Atomic Coin (ATOM) Atomic Coin (ATOM) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 12000000
Hacker Gold (HKG) Hacker Gold (HKG) N/A; N/A -
AntiLitecoin (ANTC) AntiLitecoin (ANTC) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
JobsCoin (JOBS) JobsCoin (JOBS) X11; PoW/PoS 20000000000
DogeGoreCoin (DGORE) DogeGoreCoin (DGORE) X11; PoW/PoS 500000000
The Hempcoin (THC) The Hempcoin (THC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 250000000
Tetra (TRA) Tetra (TRA) Scrypt; PoW -
Resumeo Shares (RMS) Resumeo Shares (RMS) NIST5; PoS 9188302
FujiCoin (FJC) FujiCoin (FJC) Scrypt-n; PoW 10000000000
Vaporcoin (VAPOR) Vaporcoin (VAPOR) SHA256; PoW/PoS 2000000
SydPakCoin (SDP) SydPakCoin (SDP) X13; PoW/PoS -
Recovery Right Tokens (RRT) Recovery Right Tokens (RRT) N/A; N/A -
ZCoin (XZC) ZCoin (XZC) Lyra2RE; PoW 21000000
Premium (PRE) Premium (PRE) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
CaliphCoin (CALC) CaliphCoin (CALC) SHA256; PoW 135000000
LeaCoin (LEA) LeaCoin (LEA) SHA256; PoW 2000000000
Californium (CF) Californium (CF) SHA256; PoW 2520000
CrankCoin (CRNK) CrankCoin (CRNK) X11; PoS/PoW -
CoffeeCoin (CFC) CoffeeCoin (CFC) PoS; PoS -
Victoriouscoin (VTY) Victoriouscoin (VTY) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Safecoin (SFE) Safecoin (SFE) N/A; PoW/PoS -
Ardor (ARDR) Ardor (ARDR) N/A; PoS 1000000000
BlackShadowCoin (BS) BlackShadowCoin (BS) X11; PoW/PoS 2100000000
JiffyCoin (JIF) JiffyCoin (JIF) SHA256D; PoW 5108400
CrabCoin (CRAB) CrabCoin (CRAB) X15; PoW/PoS -
Aircoin (AIR*) Aircoin (AIR*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 357000000
President Clinton (HILL) President Clinton (HILL) N/A; N/A 57968072167
ForexCoin (FOREX) ForexCoin (FOREX) X15; PoW/PoS -
Moneta (MONETA) Moneta (MONETA) Scrypt; PoW 184000000
Eclipse (EC) Eclipse (EC) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
Rublebit (RUBIT) Rublebit (RUBIT) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
HappyCreatorCoin  (HCC) HappyCreatorCoin (HCC) Scrypt; PoW 100100400000
BrainCoin (BRAIN) BrainCoin (BRAIN) X11; PoW/PoS 22000000
Vertex (VTX) Vertex (VTX) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
KRCoin (KRC) KRCoin (KRC) X11; PoW -
RoyalCoin (ROYAL) RoyalCoin (ROYAL) X13; PoS -
BigLifeCoin (LFC) BigLifeCoin (LFC) X11; PoW 9900000000
Zurcoin (ZUR) Zurcoin (ZUR) Quark; PoW 126000000
NubisCoin (NUBIS) NubisCoin (NUBIS) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
Tennet (TENNET) Tennet (TENNET) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
PeaceCoin (PEC) PeaceCoin (PEC) X11; PoW 700000000
Goldmaxcoin (GMX) Goldmaxcoin (GMX) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
32Bitcoin (32BIT) 32Bitcoin (32BIT) X11; PoW/PoS 355000
GanjaCoin V2 (GNJ) GanjaCoin V2 (GNJ) X14; PoW/PoS 100000000
TeamUP (TEAM) TeamUP (TEAM) PoS; PoS 301000000
ScryptToken (SCT) ScryptToken (SCT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 8842105
LanaCoin (LANA) LanaCoin (LANA) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 7506000000
Elementrem (ELE) Elementrem (ELE) Ethash; PoW -
GuccioneCoin (GCC) GuccioneCoin (GCC) Scrypt; PoW 39760000
AndromedaCoin (AND) AndromedaCoin (AND) X11; PoW/PoS -
Byteball (GBYTE) Byteball (GBYTE) N/A; N/A 1000000
EqualCoin (EQUAL) EqualCoin (EQUAL) X13; PoW/PoS 1000000000
SweetStake (SWEET) SweetStake (SWEET) PoS; N/A 1000000000
2BACCO Coin (2BACCO) 2BACCO Coin (2BACCO) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 81454545
DarkKnightCoin (DKC) DarkKnightCoin (DKC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 24000000
Community Coin (COC) Community Coin (COC) SHA256; PoW 36129032
ChoofCoin (CHOOF) ChoofCoin (CHOOF) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 40000000
CashOut (CSH) CashOut (CSH) SHA256; PoW 100000000
ZClassic (ZCL) ZClassic (ZCL) Equihash; PoW 21000000
RoyalCoin 2.0 (RYCN) RoyalCoin 2.0 (RYCN) X13; PoS 2500000
Pabyosi Coin (PCS) Pabyosi Coin (PCS) X11; PoW/PoS 31500000000
NetBit (NBIT) NetBit (NBIT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 10.500.000
WineCoin (WINE) WineCoin (WINE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1744000000
Darcrus (DAR) Darcrus (DAR) N/A; N/A 14055048
ARK (ARK) ARK (ARK) DPoS; DPoS 125000000
InflationCoin (IFLT) InflationCoin (IFLT) X11; PoW/PoS -
ZCashDarkCoin (ZECD) ZCashDarkCoin (ZECD) Scrypt; PoW 500000000
Zcrypt (ZXT) Zcrypt (ZXT) N/A; PoW/PoZ 101000000
WashingtonCoin (WASH) WashingtonCoin (WASH) X11; PoW/PoS 170000000
TeslaCoilCoin (TESLA) TeslaCoilCoin (TESLA) N/A; N/A 100000000
LuckyBlocks (LUCKY) (LUCKY) LuckyBlocks (LUCKY) (LUCKY) PoS; PoS 20000000
vSlice (VSL) vSlice (VSL) N/A; N/A 33390496.0333
Troll Payment (TPG) Troll Payment (TPG) PoS; N/A -
LEOcoin (LEO) LEOcoin (LEO) Scrypt; PoW 1000000000
Midnight (MDT) Midnight (MDT) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
CBD Crystals (CBD) CBD Crystals (CBD) PoS; N/A 50000000
PosEx (PEX) PosEx (PEX) SHA256D; N/A -
InsaneCoin (INSANE) InsaneCoin (INSANE) X11; PoW/PoS 22000000
Golem Network Token (GNT) Golem Network Token (GNT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
PenCoin (PEN) PenCoin (PEN) Scrypt; PoW -
LuckChain (BASH) LuckChain (BASH) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000000
FameCoin (FAME) FameCoin (FAME) QuBit; PoW/PoS 50000000
LiviaCoin (LIV) LiviaCoin (LIV) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1572000000
Sex Pistols (SP) Sex Pistols (SP) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
MegaFlash (MEGA) MegaFlash (MEGA) N/A; N/A 300000
Veros (VRS) Veros (VRS) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Arab League Coin (ALC) Arab League Coin (ALC) X13; PoW -
EtherDoge (DOGETH) EtherDoge (DOGETH) X11; PoW/PoS 18100000
KiloCoin (KLC) KiloCoin (KLC) Scrypt; PoW 10000000000
Hush (HUSH) Hush (HUSH) Equihash; PoW 21000000
BitLuckCoin (BTLC) BitLuckCoin (BTLC) PoS; PoS 5000000000
Dream8Coin (DRM8) Dream8Coin (DRM8) Scrypt; PoW 88800000000
FistBump (FIST) FistBump (FIST) X13; PoW/PoS -
Ebitz (EBZ) Ebitz (EBZ) PoS; PoS 21000000
365Coin (365) 365Coin (365) X11; PoW/PoS 2300000000
Digital Rupees (DRS) Digital Rupees (DRS) Scrypt; PoS -
Free Game Zone (FGZ) Free Game Zone (FGZ) Scrypt; PoW 44775520
BosonCoin (BOSON) BosonCoin (BOSON) X11; PoW/PoS 5000000000
ArtexCoin (ATX) ArtexCoin (ATX) X11; PoW 500000000
PlatiniumCoin (PNC) PlatiniumCoin (PNC) SHA256; PoW 21000000
BeardDollars (BRDD) BeardDollars (BRDD) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21212121
Time (TIME) Time (TIME) N/A; N/A 710113
BipCoin (BIP) BipCoin (BIP) CryptoNight; PoW 18446744
XenCoin (XNC) XenCoin (XNC) Scrypt; PoW 2100000000
EmberCoin (EMB) EmberCoin (EMB) X13; PoW/PoS 850000000
Coin to the Future (BTTF) Coin to the Future (BTTF) PoS; PoS 1210000
DollarOnline (DLR) DollarOnline (DLR) X11; PoW/PoS 1000000000
Cosmic (CSMIC) Cosmic (CSMIC) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
FirstCoin (FIRST) FirstCoin (FIRST) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 110000000
SpaceCash (SCASH) SpaceCash (SCASH) X13; PoW/PoS -
XenixCoin (XEN) XenixCoin (XEN) X11; PoW/PoS 3853326.77707314
JIO Token (JIO) JIO Token (JIO) N/A; N/A 8888888
iWallet (IW) iWallet (IW) X11; PoW/PoS 2142857142.86
Janus (JNS) Janus (JNS) N/A; N/A 100000000
TrickyCoin (TRICK) TrickyCoin (TRICK) PoS; PoS -
DeltaCredits (DCRE) DeltaCredits (DCRE) N/A; PoS 100000
FreeCoin (FRE) FreeCoin (FRE) PoS; PoS 50000000
NPCcoin (NPC) NPCcoin (NPC) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 7000000000
PLNCoin (PLNC) PLNCoin (PLNC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 38540000
Digigems (DGMS) Digigems (DGMS) Scrypt; PoW 50000000
Icobid (ICOB) Icobid (ICOB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 200000000
AquariusCoin (ARCO) AquariusCoin (ARCO) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 42000000
Kurrent (KURT) Kurrent (KURT) X11; PoW 228000000
Creatio (XCRE) Creatio (XCRE) PoS; PoS 20000000
Eternity (ENT) Eternity (ENT) X11; PoW/PoS 60000000
UR (UR) UR (UR) Dagger; PoW -
Metal Music v3 (MTLM3) Metal Music v3 (MTLM3) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2500000000
Old Dogs New Tricks (ODNT) Old Dogs New Tricks (ODNT) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 21000000
Eurocoin (EUC) Eurocoin (EUC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 20000000
CoolDarkCoin (CCX) CoolDarkCoin (CCX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 11052632
BitcoinFast (BCF) BitcoinFast (BCF) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 33000000
SeedShares (SEEDS) SeedShares (SEEDS) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 7996400
PoSWallet (POSW) PoSWallet (POSW) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 41000000
Tokes (TKS) Tokes (TKS) N/A; N/A 50000000
BitConnect Coin (BCCOIN) BitConnect Coin (BCCOIN) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 28000000
ShortyCoin (SHORTY) ShortyCoin (SHORTY) PoS; PoS 100000000
Procom (PCM) Procom (PCM) Scrypt; PoW 28000000
Kernalcoin (KC) Kernalcoin (KC) SHA256; PoW -
CoralPay (CORAL) CoralPay (CORAL) X13; PoS 21000000
BAM (BAM) BAM (BAM) X11; PoW/PoS -
Nexium (NXC) Nexium (NXC) N/A; N/A 100000000
MoneyCoin (MONEY) MoneyCoin (MONEY) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 650659833
Blackstar (BSTAR) Blackstar (BSTAR) X11; PoS -
Horse Power (HSP) Horse Power (HSP) Scrypt; PoW 2900000
HazMatCoin (HZT) HazMatCoin (HZT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 100000000
CryptoSpots (CS) CryptoSpots (CS) DPoS; DPoS 5000000
PoolStamp (XSP) PoolStamp (XSP) X13; PoW/PoS -
CryptoCarbon (CCRB) CryptoCarbon (CCRB) N/A; N/A 70000000
BullshitCoin (BULLS) BullshitCoin (BULLS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Incent (INCNT) Incent (INCNT) N/A; N/A -
Iconic (ICON) Iconic (ICON) PoS; PoS 520000
NewInvestCoin (NIC) NewInvestCoin (NIC) PoS; PoS 47090909
AvonCoin (ACN) AvonCoin (ACN) PoS; PoS 1000000000
Enigma (XNG) Enigma (XNG) X11; PoW/PoS 5000000
Cannabis Industry Coin (XCI) Cannabis Industry Coin (XCI) CryptoNight; PoW 21000000
LookCoin (LOOK) LookCoin (LOOK) X11; PoW/PoS 1613150000
Loco (LOC) Loco (LOC) Quark; PoW/PoS -
TrustCoin (TRST) TrustCoin (TRST) N/A; N/A 100000000
MIScoin (MIS) MIScoin (MIS) X11; PoW/PoS 25000000
WorldPay (WOP) WorldPay (WOP) X11; PoW/PoS 10000000
ConquestCoin (CQST) ConquestCoin (CQST) X13; PoW/PoS 30000000
Impulse Coin (IMPS) Impulse Coin (IMPS) X13; PoW/PoS -
InCoin (IN) InCoin (IN) X11; PoW/PoS -
TheChiefCoin (CHIEF) TheChiefCoin (CHIEF) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2500000000
Goat (GOAT) Goat (GOAT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
AnalCoin (ANAL) AnalCoin (ANAL) SHA256; N/A 600000
Russiacoin (RC) Russiacoin (RC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 144000000
PandaCoin (PND) PandaCoin (PND) Scrypt; PoS 32514916898
PXcoin (PX) PXcoin (PX) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Canada eCoin (CND*) Canada eCoin (CND*) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
OptionCoin (OPTION) OptionCoin (OPTION) X11; PoS 21000000
Avatar Coin (AV) Avatar Coin (AV) PoS; PoS 10000000
Limited Coin (LTD) Limited Coin (LTD) PoS; PoS 128
GameUnits (UNITS) GameUnits (UNITS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 13000000
HeelCoin (HEEL) HeelCoin (HEEL) PoS; PoS -
GAKHcoin (GAKH) GAKHcoin (GAKH) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 3315789
Shift (SHIFT) Shift (SHIFT) DPoS; DPoS -
S88 Coin (S8C) S88 Coin (S8C) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 520000000
Leverage Coin (LVG) Leverage Coin (LVG) N/A; N/A 26000
DraculaCoin (DRA) DraculaCoin (DRA) Scrypt; PoW -
Allsafe (ASAFE2) Allsafe (ASAFE2) Scrypt; PoS 15000000
LiteCreed (LTCR) LiteCreed (LTCR) QuBit; PoW/PoS 78835200
Quebecoin (QBC) Quebecoin (QBC) X11; N/A 21000000
ProCoin (XPRO) ProCoin (XPRO) X15; PoW/PoS 6000000
Astral (AST*) Astral (AST*) X13; PoW/PoS 37875500
GiftNet (GIFT) GiftNet (GIFT) X13; PoW 6750000
PureVidz (VIDZ) PureVidz (VIDZ) PoS; PoS 125000000
Incrementum (INC) Incrementum (INC) PoS; PoS 1300000
PentaCoin (PTA) PentaCoin (PTA) SHA256; PoW/PoS 1311955
AcidCoin (ACID) AcidCoin (ACID) SHA256; PoW 4500000000
ZLiteQubit (ZLQ) ZLiteQubit (ZLQ) QuBit; N/A 83075000
RadicalCoin (RADI) RadicalCoin (RADI) X13; PoS -
ReturnCoin (RNC) ReturnCoin (RNC) X11; PoS 250000000
Golos (GOLOS) Golos (GOLOS) N/A; PoW -
Pascal Coin (PASC) Pascal Coin (PASC) N/A; N/A -
TwisterCoin (TWIST) TwisterCoin (TWIST) X11; PoW/PoS 3195000
PayPeer (PAYP) PayPeer (PAYP) X11; PoW/PoS 50000000000
DarkEther (DETH) DarkEther (DETH) X11; N/A 16035000
YAYcoin (YAY) YAYcoin (YAY) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
YesCoin (YES) YesCoin (YES) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
LeninCoin (LENIN) LeninCoin (LENIN) SHA256D; PoW 100000000
MrsaCoin (MRSA) MrsaCoin (MRSA) X13; PoW/PoS 2100000000
OsmiumCoin (OS76) OsmiumCoin (OS76) Scrypt; PoW 2714286
BitBoss (BOSS) BitBoss (BOSS) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Maker (MKR) Maker (MKR) N/A; N/A 1000000
Bikercoins (BIC) Bikercoins (BIC) CryptoNight; PoW 25000000
CryptoPennies (CRPS) CryptoPennies (CRPS) X11; PoS 1593.15
Motocoin (MOTO) Motocoin (MOTO) N/A; PoP 40000000
NeptuneClassic (NTCC) NeptuneClassic (NTCC) X11; PoW/PoS 250000000
Numismatic Collections (XNC*) Numismatic Collections (XNC*) X13; PoW/PoS 23273860
HexxCoin (HXX) HexxCoin (HXX) Lyra2RE; PoW 9999999
Ghost Coin (SPKTR) Ghost Coin (SPKTR) SHA256; PoW/PoS 2270000
MachineCoin (MAC) MachineCoin (MAC) Time Travel; PoW 35000000
SelenCoin (SEL) SelenCoin (SEL) PoS; PoS 159680000
Noocoin (NOO) Noocoin (NOO) PoS; PoS 25000000
23 Skidoo (CHAO) 23 Skidoo (CHAO) SHA256D; PoW 23
GoldenBird (XGB) GoldenBird (XGB) X13; PoW/PoS 450000000
YamahaCoin (YMC) YamahaCoin (YMC) Scrypt; PoW 315000000
JokerCoin (JOK) JokerCoin (JOK) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 5000000000
GravityBit (GBIT) GravityBit (GBIT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 5333000
TeCoin (TEC) TeCoin (TEC) Multiple; PoW 469521976
BombCoin (BOMB) BombCoin (BOMB) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 4516129032
Ride My Car (RIDE) Ride My Car (RIDE) PoS; PoS 100000000
Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) Quark; PoW/PoS -
Klingon Empire Darsek (KED) Klingon Empire Darsek (KED) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 500000000
Coino (CNO) Coino (CNO) Scrypt; PoW -
WealthCoin (WEALTH) WealthCoin (WEALTH) DPoS; PoS -
Internet of People (IOP) Internet of People (IOP) SHA256; PoW/PoS 21000000
Spectre (XSPEC) Spectre (XSPEC) POS 3.0; PoS -
Pepe Cash (PEPECASH) Pepe Cash (PEPECASH) N/A; N/A 701884009
Clickcoin (CLICK) Clickcoin (CLICK) PoS; PoS -
Elysium (ELS) Elysium (ELS) Scrypt; PoW 18000000
KushCoin (KUSH) KushCoin (KUSH) X11; PoW/PoS 9354000
Eryllium (ERY) Eryllium (ERY) X11; PoW/PoS 100000000
Pluton (PLU) Pluton (PLU) N/A; N/A 20000000
President Trump (PRES) President Trump (PRES) N/A; N/A 57968072167
BitzCoin (BTZ) BitzCoin (BTZ) X11; PoW/PoS -
Opes (OPES) Opes (OPES) Argon2; PoW 52000000
Waves Community Token (WCT) Waves Community Token (WCT) N/A; N/A 10000000
Ubiq (UBQ) Ubiq (UBQ) Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW -
Ratio (RATIO) Ratio (RATIO) PoS; PoS 100000000
Babes and Nerds (BAN) Babes and Nerds (BAN) PoS; N/A 150000000
NiceCoin (NICE) NiceCoin (NICE) Scrypt; PoW -
SmurfCoin (SMF) SmurfCoin (SMF) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2500000000
CryptoWorldXToken (CWXT) CryptoWorldXToken (CWXT) N/A; PoW/PoS 100000000
TechCoin (TECH) TechCoin (TECH) X13; PoW/PoS 300000
CircuitCoin (CIR) CircuitCoin (CIR) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 3125000000
LePenCoin (LEPEN) LePenCoin (LEPEN) SHA256; PoS 1000000000
RoundCoin (ROUND) RoundCoin (ROUND) N/A; N/A 1000000000
MarijuanaCoin (MAR) MarijuanaCoin (MAR) X11; PoW/PoS -
MarxCoin (MARX) MarxCoin (MARX) X11; PoW 100640000
Tatiana Coin (TAT) Tatiana Coin (TAT) N/A; N/A 3000000
HazeCoin (HAZE) HazeCoin (HAZE) Scrypt; PoW 25000000
Printerium (PRX) Printerium (PRX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 20000000
Neurocoin (NRC) Neurocoin (NRC) PoS; PoS -
PacCoin (PAC) PacCoin (PAC) SHA256D; PoW 100000000000000
Impeach (IMPCH) Impeach (IMPCH) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21933333
ErrorCoin (ERR) ErrorCoin (ERR) Scrypt; PoW 81000000
TrueInvestmentCoin (TIC) TrueInvestmentCoin (TIC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 53200000
NukeCoin (NUKE) NukeCoin (NUKE) PoS; PoS 2778196
EveryonesCoin (EOC) EveryonesCoin (EOC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Solarflarecoin (SFC) Solarflarecoin (SFC) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
JaneCoin (JANE) JaneCoin (JANE) X11; PoW/PoS 2100000000
ParanoiaCoin (PARA) ParanoiaCoin (PARA) Scrypt; PoW 72000000
MasterMint (MM) MasterMint (MM) X11; PoS 1500000000
Bitcedi (BXC) Bitcedi (BXC) CryptoNight; PoW 8589869056
NinjaDoge (NDOGE) NinjaDoge (NDOGE) X11; PoW/PoS -
Zilbercoin (ZBC) Zilbercoin (ZBC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 55000000
Melon (MLN) Melon (MLN) N/A; N/A 749400
FirstCoin (FRST) FirstCoin (FRST) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 110000000
TenX (PAY) TenX (PAY) N/A; N/A 205218255.9485
OroCoin (ORO) OroCoin (ORO) Scrypt; PoW 23529412
Alexandrite (ALEX) Alexandrite (ALEX) SHA256; PoW/PoS 1268000
TrashBurn (TBCX) TrashBurn (TBCX) SHA256D; PoS 9000000
MasterCar (MCAR) MasterCar (MCAR) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2991837
TechShares (THS) TechShares (THS) DPoS; DPoS 600000000
AcesCoin (ACES) AcesCoin (ACES) X13; PoS 100000000
United Arab Emirates Coin (UAEC) United Arab Emirates Coin (UAEC) X11; PoW/PoS 10000000
EagleCoin (EA) EagleCoin (EA) SHA256; PoW 40000000
Persistent Information Exchange (PIE) Persistent Information Exchange (PIE) PoS; PoS -
CreativeChain (CREA) CreativeChain (CREA) Keccak; PoW 115000000
WisdomCoin (WISC) WisdomCoin (WISC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
BeaverCoin (BVC) BeaverCoin (BVC) Scrypt; PoW 3360000
FindCoin (FIND) FindCoin (FIND) X13; PoS 14524851.4827
MeLite (MLITE) MeLite (MLITE) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 1.000.000
StalinCoin (STALIN) StalinCoin (STALIN) X11; PoW/PoS 3000000000
TattooCoin (TSE) TattooCoin (TSE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 500000000
VaultCoin (VLTC) VaultCoin (VLTC) X11; PoW 1000000000
BioBar (BIOB) BioBar (BIOB) SHA256D; PoW/PoS 60000000
Swarm City Token (SWT) Swarm City Token (SWT) N/A; N/A 7885956
Pascal Lite (PASL) Pascal Lite (PASL) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Zero (ZER) Zero (ZER) Equihash; PoW 78948000
ChatCoin (CHAT) ChatCoin (CHAT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 52500000
Canada eCoin (CDN) Canada eCoin (CDN) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
TrollPlay (TPAY) TrollPlay (TPAY) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Netko (NETKO) Netko (NETKO) Blake; N/A 25534140
Zoin (ZOI) Zoin (ZOI) Lyra2RE; PoW 21000000
Honey (HONEY) Honey (HONEY) Blake2S; PoW/PoS 7000000
MartexCoin (MXT) MartexCoin (MXT) X13; PoW/PoS 5000000
Musicoin (MUSIC) Musicoin (MUSIC) Ethash; PoW 454898394
Databits (DTB) Databits (DTB) N/A; N/A 22747809
BitVegan (VEG) BitVegan (VEG) PoS; PoS 600000000
Mbitbooks (MBIT) Mbitbooks (MBIT) Scrypt; PoW 81000000
BitVolt (VOLT) BitVolt (VOLT) PoS; PoS -
MobileGo (MGO) MobileGo (MGO) N/A; N/A 100000000
Edgeless (EDG) Edgeless (EDG) N/A; N/A 132046997
BankCoin (B@) BankCoin (B@) N/A; N/A -
BestChain (BEST) BestChain (BEST) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
ChainCoin (CHC) ChainCoin (CHC) N/A; N/A 23000000
Zennies (ZENI) Zennies (ZENI) Scrypt; PoS 1000000000
PlanetCoin (PLANET) PlanetCoin (PLANET) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000
DuckDuckCoin (DUCK) DuckDuckCoin (DUCK) Scrypt; PoW 121
BnrtxCoin (BNX) BnrtxCoin (BNX) X11; PoW 210000000
BattleStake (BSTK) BattleStake (BSTK) PoS; PoS -
RenosCoin (RNS) RenosCoin (RNS) Scrypt; PoS 34426423
DubaiCoin (DBIX) DubaiCoin (DBIX) Dagger-Hashimoto; PoW -
AMIS (AMIS) AMIS (AMIS) N/A; N/A 20000000
Kayı (KAYI) Kayı (KAYI) N/A; N/A 1000000000
VirtacoinPlus (XVP) VirtacoinPlus (XVP) X11; PoW/PoS 100000000
Doubloon (BOAT) Doubloon (BOAT) HMQ1725; PoW/PoS 500000000
TajCoin (TAJ) TajCoin (TAJ) Blake2S; PoW/PoS 36900000
Impact (IMX) Impact (IMX) X11; PoW/PoS 110000000
CryptoJournal (CJC) CryptoJournal (CJC) PoS; PoS 100000000
Amygws (AMY) Amygws (AMY) Scrypt; PoW 23333333
Cubits (QBT) Cubits (QBT) SHA256; PoW/PoS 300000000
StarCredits (SRC*) StarCredits (SRC*) N/A; N/A 20000000
EB3coin (EB3) EB3coin (EB3) Scrypt; PoW 4000000000
The Vegan Initiative (XVE) The Vegan Initiative (XVE) PoS; PoS 50000000
FazzCoin (FAZZ) FazzCoin (FAZZ) PoS; PoS -
Aptcoin (APT) Aptcoin (APT) Scrypt-n; PoW 42000000
BlazerCoin (BLAZR) BlazerCoin (BLAZR) Scrypt; PoW 294336000
ArpaCoin (ARPA) ArpaCoin (ARPA) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
Boats and Bitches (BNB*) Boats and Bitches (BNB*) X11; PoS 696969
Universe (UNI) Universe (UNI) Scrypt; PoS 112000000
ECOcoin (ECO) ECOcoin (ECO) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 10733333
Solaris (XLR) Solaris (XLR) XEVAN; PoW/PoS -
Dark (DARK) Dark (DARK) SHA256; PoW/PoS 12800000
DonationCoin (DON) DonationCoin (DON) Scrypt; PoW 90000000
Mercury (MER) Mercury (MER) N/A; N/A 100000000
WavesGO (WGO) WavesGO (WGO) N/A; N/A 10000000 (RLC) (RLC) N/A; N/A 87000000
Atmos (ATMS) Atmos (ATMS) PoS; PoS 110290030
InPay (INPAY) InPay (INPAY) N/A; N/A 10000000
EncryptoTel (ETT) EncryptoTel (ETT) N/A; N/A 77663987
wBTC (WBTC*) wBTC (WBTC*) N/A; N/A 21000000
Visio (VISIO) Visio (VISIO) X13; PoW/PoS -
HappyCoin (HPC) HappyCoin (HPC) X11; PoW/PoS 100000000
Giotto Coin (GOT) Giotto Coin (GOT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 233100000
Coinonat (CXT) Coinonat (CXT) NIST5; PoW 48252000
EmporiumCoin (EMPC) EmporiumCoin (EMPC) X11; PoW/PoS -
Gnosis (GNO) Gnosis (GNO) N/A; N/A 10000000
Legends Cryptocurrency (LGD) Legends Cryptocurrency (LGD) N/A; N/A 30000000
Token as a Service (TAAS) Token as a Service (TAAS) N/A; N/A 8146001
SwagBucks (BUCKS) SwagBucks (BUCKS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
XtraBYtes (XBY) XtraBYtes (XBY) N/A; PoSign 650000000
Guppy (GUP) Guppy (GUP) N/A; N/A 100000000
MacronCoin (MCRN) MacronCoin (MCRN) PoS; PoS -
Lunyr (LUN) Lunyr (LUN) N/A; N/A 2703356.0785
Condensate (RAIN) Condensate (RAIN) X11; PoW/PoS 500000000
WeAreSatoshi (WSX) WeAreSatoshi (WSX) X11; PoW/PoS -
IvugeoEvolutionCoin (IEC) IvugeoEvolutionCoin (IEC) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
Independent Money System (IMS) Independent Money System (IMS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21212121
ArgusCoin (ARGUS) ArgusCoin (ARGUS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 28600000
Centurion (CNT) Centurion (CNT) X11; PoW/PoS -
LomoCoin (LMC) LomoCoin (LMC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000000
TokenCard   (TKN) TokenCard (TKN) N/A; N/A 39406760
Bitcoin Scrypt (BTCS) Bitcoin Scrypt (BTCS) Scrypt; PoW 21000000
ProCurrency (PROC) ProCurrency (PROC) SHA256; PoS 75000000000
GoldReserve (XGR) GoldReserve (XGR) X11; PoW/PoS 40000000
WarCoin (WRC*) WarCoin (WRC*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 11666667
BenjiRolls (BENJI) BenjiRolls (BENJI) Scrypt; PoW 35520400
Humaniq (HMQ) Humaniq (HMQ) N/A; N/A -
Blockchain Capital (BCAP) Blockchain Capital (BCAP) N/A; N/A 10000000
ParallelCoin (DUO) ParallelCoin (DUO) Scrypt; PoW 1000000
RiptoBuX (RBX) RiptoBuX (RBX) N/A; N/A -
GrowthCoin (GRW) GrowthCoin (GRW) Scrypt; PoS 37368000
Apx (APX) Apx (APX) N/A; N/A 1000000
MiloCoin (MILO) MiloCoin (MILO) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
OldV (OLV) OldV (OLV) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
ILCoin (ILC) ILCoin (ILC) SHA256; PoW 2500000000
MinersReward (MRT) MinersReward (MRT) N/A; N/A 10000000
IOU1 (IOU) IOU1 (IOU) N/A; N/A 100000000
Prizm (PZM) Prizm (PZM) SHA256; PoS 600000000000000
Phreak (PHR) Phreak (PHR) PoS; PoS 30000000
Aragon (ANT) Aragon (ANT) N/A; N/A 39609524
PupaCoin (PUPA) PupaCoin (PUPA) Blake2S; PoW/PoS 3500000000
RiceCoin (RICE) RiceCoin (RICE) X13; PoW/PoS 10000000
C-Bits (XCT) C-Bits (XCT) SHA256; PoW 210000000
Degas Coin (DEA) Degas Coin (DEA) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 105000000
Redcoin (RED) Redcoin (RED) Scrypt; PoW -
ZSEcoin (ZSE) ZSEcoin (ZSE) X11; PoW/PoS 2093500000
Coinmatic (CTIC) Coinmatic (CTIC) N/A; N/A -
TappingCoin (TAP) TappingCoin (TAP) X11; PoW/PoS 5000000000
BitOKX (BITOK) BitOKX (BITOK) Scrypt; PoS -
Primalbase (PBT) Primalbase (PBT) N/A; N/A 1250
MilkCoin (MUU) MilkCoin (MUU) SHA256; PoW/PoS 4500000000
Infinium-8 (INF8) Infinium-8 (INF8) HybridScryptHash256; PoW -
HTML5 Coin (HTML5) HTML5 Coin (HTML5) X15; PoW/PoS 90000000000
Minereum (MNE) Minereum (MNE) N/A; N/A 136576000
Etheroll (DICE) Etheroll (DICE) N/A; N/A 7001623
Subscriptio (SUB*) Subscriptio (SUB*) PoS; PoS 10000000
Ultimate Secure Cash (USC) Ultimate Secure Cash (USC) SHA256; PoS 200084200
DuxCoin (DUX) DuxCoin (DUX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1680000000
PoisonIvyCoin (XPS) PoisonIvyCoin (XPS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 4666666667
EquiTrader (EQT) EquiTrader (EQT) Scrypt; PoW 72000000
Insane Coin (INSN) Insane Coin (INSN) X11; PoW/PoS 30000000
Basic Attention Token (BAT) Basic Attention Token (BAT) N/A; N/A 1500000000
Manet Coin (MAT*) Manet Coin (MAT*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 215000000
F16Coin (F16) F16Coin (F16) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
HamsterCoin (HAMS) HamsterCoin (HAMS) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
QTUM (QTUM) QTUM (QTUM) POS 3.0; PoS 100000000
NefariousCoin (NEF) NefariousCoin (NEF) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 4835000000
ZenCash (ZEN) ZenCash (ZEN) Equihash; PoW 21000000
BOScoin (BOS) BOScoin (BOS) N/A; mFBA 500000000
Qwark (QWARK) Qwark (QWARK) N/A; N/A 250377576
IOTA (IOT) IOTA (IOT) N/A; Tangle 2779530283
Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) N/A; PoS 65000000
Adelphoi (ADL) Adelphoi (ADL) N/A; N/A 100000000
E-CurrencyCoin (ECC*) E-CurrencyCoin (ECC*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 25000000000
Patientory (PTOY) Patientory (PTOY) N/A; N/A 100002000
ZrCoin (ZRC) ZrCoin (ZRC) N/A; N/A 4988894
Lykke (LKK) Lykke (LKK) N/A; N/A 1285690000
Espers (ESP) Espers (ESP) HMQ1725; PoW/PoS 50000000000
SatoshiMadness (MAD) SatoshiMadness (MAD) PoS; PoS 2000000000
Dynamic (DYN) Dynamic (DYN) Argon2; PoW 44738100
Sequence (SEQ) Sequence (SEQ) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
MCAP (MCAP) MCAP (MCAP) N/A; N/A 100000000
Mysterium (MYST) Mysterium (MYST) N/A; N/A 32433366
Veritaseum (VERI) Veritaseum (VERI) N/A; N/A 100000000
SONM (SNM) SONM (SNM) N/A; N/A 444000000
Skycoin (SKY) Skycoin (SKY) N/A; N/A 100000000 (CFI) (CFI) N/A; N/A 500000000
Status Network Token (SNT) Status Network Token (SNT) N/A; N/A 6804870175
AventCoin (AVT) AventCoin (AVT) N/A; N/A 10000000
Civic (CVC) Civic (CVC) N/A; N/A 1000000000
iXledger (IXT) iXledger (IXT) N/A; N/A 65778843.8311
Dent (DENT) Dent (DENT) N/A; N/A 100000000000
Ethos (ETHOS) Ethos (ETHOS) N/A; N/A 222295208.2384
Starta (STA) Starta (STA) N/A; N/A -
True Flip Lottery (TFL) True Flip Lottery (TFL) N/A; N/A 8924667.5762055
Ergo (EFYT) Ergo (EFYT) N/A; N/A 150000
Tezos (XTZ) Tezos (XTZ) N/A; DPoS -
EOS (EOS) EOS (EOS) DPoS; DPoS 1000000000
Monaco (MCO) Monaco (MCO) N/A; N/A 31587682.3632061
Numerai (NMR) Numerai (NMR) N/A; N/A 2297106
AdEx (ADX) AdEx (ADX) N/A; N/A 100000000
Quantum (QAU) Quantum (QAU) N/A; N/A 246855127
EcoBit (ECOB) EcoBit (ECOB) N/A; N/A -
Polybius (PLBT) Polybius (PLBT) N/A; N/A 20000000
Tether (USDT) Tether (USDT) N/A; N/A -
Nano (XRB) Nano (XRB) Blake2b; PoW 340282367
Ahoolee (AHT) Ahoolee (AHT) Ethash; PoW 100000000
ATB coin (ATB) ATB coin (ATB) SHA256; PoW -
Blocktix (TIX) Blocktix (TIX) N/A; N/A 62500000
ChanCoin (CHAN) ChanCoin (CHAN) Scrypt; PoW 30000000
Compcoin (CMP) Compcoin (CMP) N/A; N/A 10000000
Rivetz (RVT) Rivetz (RVT) N/A; N/A 200000000
Harbour DAO (HRB) Harbour DAO (HRB) N/A; N/A 19.125
Nimiq Exchange Token (NET*) Nimiq Exchange Token (NET*) N/A; N/A 10500000
8 Circuit Studios (8BT) 8 Circuit Studios (8BT) N/A; N/A 100000000
CoinDash (CDT) CoinDash (CDT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
ACT (ACT) ACT (ACT) N/A; N/A 10000000000
district0x (DNT) district0x (DNT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Suretly (SUR) Suretly (SUR) N/A; N/A -
CryptoPing (PING) CryptoPing (PING) N/A; N/A 10000000
MakeItViral (MIV) MakeItViral (MIV) Scrypt; PoW/PoS - (BET*) (BET*) N/A; N/A 167270821
Santiment (SAN) Santiment (SAN) N/A; N/A 83337000
Kin (KIN) Kin (KIN) N/A; N/A 10000000000000
Wagerr (WGR) Wagerr (WGR) PoS; N/A 200000000
Elastic (XEL) Elastic (XEL) N/A; PoW 100000000
NVO (NVST) NVO (NVST) N/A; N/A 30000000
FunFair (FUN) FunFair (FUN) N/A; N/A 17173696076
FunCoin (FUNC) FunCoin (FUNC) N/A; N/A 100000000
PAquarium (PQT) PAquarium (PQT) N/A; N/A 1200000000
Giga Watt (WTT) Giga Watt (WTT) N/A; N/A 10800000
Metal (MTL) Metal (MTL) N/A; PoPP 66588888
Hive Project (HVN) Hive Project (HVN) N/A; N/A 500000000
MyBit (MYB) MyBit (MYB) N/A; N/A 5000000
Populous (PPT) Populous (PPT) N/A; N/A 53252246
SunContract (SNC) SunContract (SNC) N/A; N/A 7994751.31
Starbase (STAR) Starbase (STAR) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Corion (COR) Corion (COR) N/A; N/A -
Rialto.AI (XRL) Rialto.AI (XRL) N/A; N/A 100000000
Orocrypt (OROC) Orocrypt (OROC) N/A; N/A -
OpenANX (OAX) OpenANX (OAX) N/A; N/A 100000000
Monster Byte Inc (MBI) Monster Byte Inc (MBI) N/A; N/A 40000000
Digital Developers Fund (DDF) Digital Developers Fund (DDF) N/A; N/A 250000000
Gilgam (GGS) Gilgam (GGS) N/A; N/A 700000
Encrypgen (DNA) Encrypgen (DNA) N/A; N/A 75000000
FundYourselfNow (FYN) FundYourselfNow (FYN) N/A; N/A 12500000
FundRequest (FND) FundRequest (FND) N/A; N/A -
Dinastycoin (DCY) Dinastycoin (DCY) CryptoNight; PoW 2000000000
CryptoForecast (CFT) CryptoForecast (CFT) N/A; N/A 50000000
Denarius (DNR) Denarius (DNR) NIST5; PoW/PoS 10000000
DigitalPrice (DP) DigitalPrice (DP) X11; PoW 24629450
Virta Unique Coin (VUC) Virta Unique Coin (VUC) NIST5; PoW/PoS 120000000
Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) Skein; PoW/PoS 100000000
Unify (UNIFY) Unify (UNIFY) Scrypt; PoW 18181818
ImperialCoin (IPC) ImperialCoin (IPC) NeoScrypt; PoW 1600000000
BritCoin (BRIT) BritCoin (BRIT) X13; PoW/PoS 30000000
Ammo Rewards (AMMO) Ammo Rewards (AMMO) N/A; PoS 77777777
SocialCoin (SOCC) SocialCoin (SOCC) Scrypt; PoW 75000000
Mass.Cloud (MASS) Mass.Cloud (MASS) N/A; N/A -
LATOKEN (LA) LATOKEN (LA) N/A; N/A 1000000000
IMMLA (IML) IMMLA (IML) N/A; N/A 226736000
Exchange Union (XUC) Exchange Union (XUC) N/A; N/A 3000000000
BitJob (STU) BitJob (STU) N/A; N/A 200000000
Pillar (PLR) Pillar (PLR) N/A; N/A 800000000
GeoFunders (GUNS) GeoFunders (GUNS) N/A; N/A 100000000
InvestFeed (IFT) InvestFeed (IFT) N/A; N/A 191381258
BitClave (CAT) BitClave (CAT) N/A; N/A 2000000000
Propy (PRO) Propy (PRO) N/A; N/A 100000000
SynchroCoin (SYC) SynchroCoin (SYC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Indorse (IND) Indorse (IND) N/A; N/A 170622047
Bowhead Health (AHT*) Bowhead Health (AHT*) N/A; N/A 100000000
TribeToken (TRIBE) TribeToken (TRIBE) N/A; N/A -
0x (ZRX) 0x (ZRX) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Tierion (TNT) Tierion (TNT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Presearch (PRE*) Presearch (PRE*) N/A; N/A 1000000000
COSS (COSS) COSS (COSS) N/A; N/A 200000000
Storm (STORM) Storm (STORM) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Napoleon X (NPX) Napoleon X (NPX) N/A; N/A 50000000
Storj (STORJ) Storj (STORJ) N/A; N/A 424999998
Scorecoin (SCORE) Scorecoin (SCORE) Scrypt; PoW -
OmiseGo (OMG) OmiseGo (OMG) N/A; PoS 140245398
Octanox (OTX) Octanox (OTX) X11; PoW/PoS 7905634
Equibit (EQB) Equibit (EQB) N/A; N/A 1000000
Voise (VOISE) Voise (VOISE) N/A; N/A 825578000
EthBits (ETBS) EthBits (ETBS) N/A; N/A 1634690.762741201212
Crypviser (CVCOIN) Crypviser (CVCOIN) N/A; N/A 15193882
DCORP (DRP) DCORP (DRP) N/A; N/A 8094002.47
ArcticCoin (ARC) ArcticCoin (ARC) X11; PoW 60000000
Bogcoin (BOG) Bogcoin (BOG) SHA256; PoW 21212121
NeverDie (NDC) NeverDie (NDC) N/A; N/A 400000000 (POE) (POE) N/A; N/A 3141592653
AdToken (ADT) AdToken (ADT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Aeternity (AE) Aeternity (AE) N/A; PoW/PoS 273685831
Useless Ethereum Token (UET) Useless Ethereum Token (UET) N/A; N/A 3965716.0979
Particl (PART) Particl (PART) PoS; PoS 8634140
Agoras Token (AGRS) Agoras Token (AGRS) N/A; N/A 42000000
BeachCoin (SAND) BeachCoin (SAND) X11; PoW 21000000
AICoin (XAI*) AICoin (XAI*) N/A; N/A -
DMarket (DMT) DMarket (DMT) N/A; N/A 56921773.1719715
DAS (DAS) DAS (DAS) X11; PoW 18900000
Adshares (ADST) Adshares (ADST) N/A; N/A 12009726
BlockCAT (CAT*) BlockCAT (CAT*) N/A; N/A 9200151.38980767339651393
CoinJob (XCJ) CoinJob (XCJ) N/A; N/A 200000000
Royal Kingdom Coin (RKC) Royal Kingdom Coin (RKC) N/A; N/A 15000000
NoLimitCoin (NLC2) NoLimitCoin (NLC2) PoS; PoS -
Linda (LINDA) Linda (LINDA) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 50000000000
Spoon (SPN) Spoon (SPN) N/A; N/A 100000000
King93 (KING) King93 (KING) N/A; N/A 50000000
Anacrypt (ANCP) Anacrypt (ANCP) N/A; N/A 10000
Reality Clash (RCC) Reality Clash (RCC) N/A; N/A 150000000
RootProject (ROOTS) RootProject (ROOTS) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Sosnovkino (SNK) Sosnovkino (SNK) N/A; N/A 390000
CryptoABS (CABS) CryptoABS (CABS) N/A; N/A -
Opus (OPT) Opus (OPT) N/A; N/A 1600000000
OpenZen (ZNT) OpenZen (ZNT) N/A; N/A 270000000
Bits Digit (BITSD) Bits Digit (BITSD) N/A; N/A -
LeviarCoin (XLC) LeviarCoin (XLC) CryptoNight; PoW 54000000
Skincoin (SKIN) Skincoin (SKIN) N/A; N/A 488183483.290948
Mothership (MSP) Mothership (MSP) N/A; N/A 200000000
HireMatch (HIRE) HireMatch (HIRE) N/A; N/A -
BrickBlock (BBT*) BrickBlock (BBT*) N/A; N/A -
REAL (REAL) REAL (REAL) N/A; N/A 19717289.2292
DentalFix (DFBT) DentalFix (DFBT) N/A; N/A 100000000
EQUI (EQ) EQUI (EQ) N/A; N/A 500000000
Wolk (WLK) Wolk (WLK) N/A; N/A 500000000
Viberate (VIB) Viberate (VIB) N/A; N/A 200000000
DeepOnion (ONION) DeepOnion (ONION) X13; PoW/PoS 18898187.6216583
Bitcore (BTX) Bitcore (BTX) Time Travel; PoW 21000000
iDice (ICE) iDice (ICE) N/A; N/A 2071013
Sphre AIR (XID) Sphre AIR (XID) N/A; N/A 30820620.1838
gCn Coin (GCN) gCn Coin (GCN) Scrypt; PoW 200000000000
Cosmos (ATOM*) Cosmos (ATOM*) PoS; N/A -
Decentraland (MANA) Decentraland (MANA) N/A; N/A 2805886393.1583
ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) N/A; N/A 472649
Timereum (TME) Timereum (TME) N/A; N/A -
SmartCash (SMART) SmartCash (SMART) Keccak; PoW 5000000000
Signatum (SIGT) Signatum (SIGT) SkunkHash v2 Raptor; PoS 137500000
Onix (ONX) Onix (ONX) X11; PoW 1100000000
CoEval (COE) CoEval (COE) N/A; N/A 100000
Arena (ARENA) Arena (ARENA) N/A; N/A 14000000
Wink (WINK) Wink (WINK) PoS; PoS 80000000
Cream (CRM) Cream (CRM) X11; PoW/PoS 100000000
Bitcoin Cash / BCC (BCH) Bitcoin Cash / BCC (BCH) SHA256; PoW 21000000
DigiPulse (DGPT) DigiPulse (DGPT) N/A; N/A 5420726
Mobius (MOBI) Mobius (MOBI) N/A; N/A 888000000
BitDice (CSNO) BitDice (CSNO) N/A; N/A 100000000
KickCoin (KICK) KickCoin (KICK) N/A; N/A 476222009
Solar DAO (SDAO) Solar DAO (SDAO) N/A; N/A 80000000
Stox (STX) Stox (STX) N/A; N/A 58850550.4633
Binance Coin (BNB) Binance Coin (BNB) N/A; N/A 200000000
Core Group Asset (CORE) Core Group Asset (CORE) N/A; N/A 1000000
Kencoin (KCN) Kencoin (KCN) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Qvolta (QVT) Qvolta (QVT) N/A; N/A 21600000
Ties Network (TIE) Ties Network (TIE) N/A; N/A 200000000
Autoria (AUT) Autoria (AUT) N/A; N/A -
CodeTract (CTT) CodeTract (CTT) N/A; N/A -
Growers International (GRWI) Growers International (GRWI) DPoS; N/A 1000420
Monkey (MNY) Monkey (MNY) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Monetha (MTH) Monetha (MTH) N/A; N/A 402400000
CCCoin (CCC) CCCoin (CCC) N/A; N/A 2500000
Umbrella Coin (UMC) Umbrella Coin (UMC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Bitmxittz (BMXT) Bitmxittz (BMXT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 10000
Gas (GAS) Gas (GAS) N/A; N/A 9677664
FileCoin (FIL) FileCoin (FIL) N/A; N/A -
Oceanlab (OCL) Oceanlab (OCL) N/A; DPoS/LPoS 50000000
Benjacoin (BNC) Benjacoin (BNC) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Tomahawkcoin (TOM) Tomahawkcoin (TOM) N/A; N/A 200000000
Bytom (BTM*) Bytom (BTM*) N/A; N/A 1407000000
Asch (XAS) Asch (XAS) N/A; N/A 100000000
SMNX (SMNX) SMNX (SMNX) N/A; N/A 15000000
Dentacoin (DCN) Dentacoin (DCN) N/A; N/A 8000000000000
Agrello Delta (DLT) Agrello Delta (DLT) N/A; N/A 130271020
Macroverse (MRV) Macroverse (MRV) N/A; N/A 668908
Embers (MBRS) Embers (MBRS) N/A; N/A 50000000
Substratum Network (SUB) Substratum Network (SUB) N/A; N/A 600000000
Memessenger (MET) Memessenger (MET) N/A; N/A 10000000
Neblio (NEBL) Neblio (NEBL) N/A; N/A -
Prospectors (PGL) Prospectors (PGL) N/A; N/A 220000000
MonacoCoin (XMCC) MonacoCoin (XMCC) X11; PoW/PoS 9507271
Authoreon (AUTH) Authoreon (AUTH) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Cash Poker Pro (CASH*) Cash Poker Pro (CASH*) N/A; N/A -
CampusCoin (CMPCO) CampusCoin (CMPCO) Scrypt; PoW 1010000000
DetectorToken (DTCT) DetectorToken (DTCT) N/A; N/A -
Centra (CTR) Centra (CTR) N/A; N/A 100000000 (WNET) (WNET) N/A; N/A 10000000
Paragon (PRG) Paragon (PRG) N/A; N/A 200000000
ThankYou (THNX) ThankYou (THNX) N/A; N/A 70000000
HealthyWorm (WORM) HealthyWorm (WORM) PoS; PoS -
Fuck Token (FUCK) Fuck Token (FUCK) N/A; N/A 70856775
Veredictum (VNT) Veredictum (VNT) N/A; N/A -
Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) N/A; N/A 722,935
Ignis (IGNIS) Ignis (IGNIS) N/A; N/A -
IwToken (IWT) IwToken (IWT) N/A; N/A -
JustDatingSite (JDC) JustDatingSite (JDC) N/A; N/A -
Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) N/A; N/A 11500000
BlockLancer (LNC) BlockLancer (LNC) N/A; N/A 10000000
Aigang (AIX) Aigang (AIX) N/A; N/A 29274566.724462560143156861
Everex (EVX) Everex (EVX) N/A; N/A 25000000
Entropy Token (ENTRP) Entropy Token (ENTRP) N/A; N/A 100000000
ICOBox (ICOS) ICOBox (ICOS) N/A; N/A 591617
Lampix (PIX) Lampix (PIX) N/A; N/A 327154880
MediBond (MEDI) MediBond (MEDI) N/A; N/A 250000000
Hello Gold (HGT) Hello Gold (HGT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Litra (LTA) Litra (LTA) N/A; N/A 99999999
Nimfamoney (NIMFA) Nimfamoney (NIMFA) N/A; N/A 100000000
Scorista (SCOR) Scorista (SCOR) N/A; N/A -
CPROP (MLS) CPROP (MLS) N/A; N/A 100000000
KexCoin (KEX) KexCoin (KEX) N/A; N/A 10000000
Cobinhood (COB) Cobinhood (COB) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Bitradio (BRO) Bitradio (BRO) PoS; PoS -
Minex (MINEX) Minex (MINEX) N/A; N/A 30000000
BeckSang (ARI*) BeckSang (ARI*) N/A; N/A 5000000000
Magos (MAG*) Magos (MAG*) N/A; N/A 50123377
Draftcoin (DFT) Draftcoin (DFT) Scrypt; PoS 17405891.19707116
Vechain (VEN) Vechain (VEN) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Utrust (UTK) Utrust (UTK) N/A; N/A 500000000
Latium (LAT) Latium (LAT) N/A; N/A 30000000
Sojourn Coin (SOJ) Sojourn Coin (SOJ) Scrypt; PoW 10500000000
Hedge Token (HDG) Hedge Token (HDG) N/A; N/A 5774676.11
Stakecoin (STCN) Stakecoin (STCN) PoS; PoS -
SqPay (SQP) SqPay (SQP) N/A; N/A 1000000
Etheriya (RIYA) Etheriya (RIYA) N/A; N/A 1861532
Ethereum.Link (LNK) Ethereum.Link (LNK) N/A; N/A 47503.2535
Ambrosus (AMB) Ambrosus (AMB) N/A; N/A 361477438
Wanchain (WAN) Wanchain (WAN) N/A; PoS -
GoldMint (MNT) GoldMint (MNT) N/A; N/A 10000000
AltoCar (ALTOCAR) AltoCar (ALTOCAR) N/A; N/A -
Credo (CFT*) Credo (CFT*) N/A; N/A -
Blockchain Index (BLX) Blockchain Index (BLX) N/A; N/A 372601.2965
BANKEX (BKX) BANKEX (BKX) N/A; N/A 400000000
Boulle (BOU) Boulle (BOU) N/A; N/A -
Oxycoin (OXY) Oxycoin (OXY) DPoS; DPoS -
Tap Project (TTT) Tap Project (TTT) N/A; N/A 1500000000
Acumen (AMT) Acumen (AMT) N/A; N/A -
Gimli (GIM) Gimli (GIM) N/A; N/A 150000000
NewYorkCoin (NYC) NewYorkCoin (NYC) Scrypt; PoW 10000000000
LiteBitcoin (LBTC) LiteBitcoin (LBTC) Scrypt; PoW 1000000000
FrazCoin (FRAZ) FrazCoin (FRAZ) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
EasyMine (EMT) EasyMine (EMT) N/A; N/A 33000000
Gx Coin (GXC) Gx Coin (GXC) N/A; N/A 10000000
Hubiit (HBT) Hubiit (HBT) N/A; N/A 31,801,783.6598
Kronecoin (KRONE) Kronecoin (KRONE) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
Scrypto (SRT) Scrypto (SRT) N/A; N/A 9123000
Avalon (AVA) Avalon (AVA) N/A; N/A 10000000
BuildTeam (BT) BuildTeam (BT) N/A; N/A 1000000
AdCoin (ACC) AdCoin (ACC) Scrypt; PoW 100000000 (AR*) (AR*) SHA256; PoW -
Z2 Coin (Z2) Z2 Coin (Z2) SHA256; PoW 11000000
Linx (LINX) Linx (LINX) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
CoinonatX (XCXT) CoinonatX (XCXT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 48252000
BlakeStar (BLAS) BlakeStar (BLAS) Blake2S; PoW/PoS 2400000000
GoodCoin (GOOD) GoodCoin (GOOD) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 100000000
Social Nexus (SCL) Social Nexus (SCL) N/A; N/A 16714019.6643
Travel Coin (TRV) Travel Coin (TRV) N/A; N/A 200000
Cryptum (CRTM) Cryptum (CRTM) N/A; Proof of Ownership 1100000
Exscudo (EON) Exscudo (EON) N/A; DPoS -
Primas (PST) Primas (PST) N/A; N/A 100000000
Matryx (MTX) Matryx (MTX) N/A; N/A -
Privatix (PRIX) Privatix (PRIX) N/A; N/A 1275455.31177803
CarTaxi (CTX) CarTaxi (CTX) N/A; N/A 487500000
Enjin Coin (ENJ) Enjin Coin (ENJ) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Cryptonex (CNX) Cryptonex (CNX) N/A; N/A 210000000
Dropcoin (DRC) Dropcoin (DRC) N/A; PoS 500000000
Etherparty (FUEL) Etherparty (FUEL) N/A; N/A 1000000000
TokenStars (ACE) TokenStars (ACE) N/A; N/A -
Worldcore (WRC) Worldcore (WRC) N/A; N/A 245209299
Waltonchain (WTC) Waltonchain (WTC) Ethash; N/A 70000000
Breakout Stake (BRX) Breakout Stake (BRX) N/A; PoW/PoS -
U.CASH (UCASH) U.CASH (UCASH) N/A; N/A 21000000000
WRTcoin (WRT) WRTcoin (WRT) X11; PoW 25000000000
Ormeus Coin (ORME) Ormeus Coin (ORME) N/A; N/A 200000000
Deep Gold (DEEP) Deep Gold (DEEP) N/A; N/A 100000000
ToTheMoon (TMT) ToTheMoon (TMT) N/A; N/A 51750000
Crystal Clear Token  (CCT) Crystal Clear Token (CCT) N/A; N/A 10000000
Wish Finance (WSH) Wish Finance (WSH) N/A; N/A 30000000
ARNA Panacea (ARNA) ARNA Panacea (ARNA) N/A; N/A 1000000000
AB-Chain (ABC) AB-Chain (ABC) N/A; N/A 210000000
Papyrus (PRP) Papyrus (PRP) N/A; N/A -
Blackmoon Crypto (BMC) Blackmoon Crypto (BMC) N/A; N/A 60000000
Skrilla Token (SKR*) Skrilla Token (SKR*) N/A; N/A 405545345
3DES (3DES) 3DES (3DES) N/A; N/A 35000000
Paycentos (PYN) Paycentos (PYN) N/A; N/A 450000000
Kapu (KAPU) Kapu (KAPU) DPoS; DPoS 115000000
Sense Token (SENSE) Sense Token (SENSE) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Cappasity (CAPP) Cappasity (CAPP) N/A; N/A 10000000000
BLOCKv (VEE) BLOCKv (VEE) N/A; N/A 6428571429
Facecoin (FC) Facecoin (FC) N/A; N/A 20000000
Ripio (RCN) Ripio (RCN) N/A; PoW 1000000000 Neuron (NRN) Neuron (NRN) N/A; N/A 860000000
Eventchain (EVC) Eventchain (EVC) N/A; N/A 84000000
ChainLink (LINK) ChainLink (LINK) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Crowdwiz (WIZ) Crowdwiz (WIZ) N/A; PoS 40000000
Eidoo (EDO) Eidoo (EDO) N/A; N/A 90708327
A-Token (ATKN) A-Token (ATKN) N/A; N/A 30000000
Kyber Network (KNC) Kyber Network (KNC) N/A; N/A 226000000
Rustbits (RUSTBITS) Rustbits (RUSTBITS) N/A; N/A 100000000
REX (REX) REX (REX) N/A; N/A 24041497.2407
Ethereum Dark (ETHD) Ethereum Dark (ETHD) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 4200000
Sumokoin (SUMO) Sumokoin (SUMO) CryptoNight; PoW 88888888
Tronix (TRX) Tronix (TRX) N/A; N/A 100000000000
Elite 888 (8S) Elite 888 (8S) N/A; N/A 888
Hydrominer (H2O) Hydrominer (H2O) N/A; N/A 100000000
Crypto Tickets (TKT) Crypto Tickets (TKT) N/A; N/A 52006540
Rhea (RHEA) Rhea (RHEA) N/A; N/A 50000000
Maecenas (ART) Maecenas (ART) N/A; N/A 100000000
DomRaider (DRT) DomRaider (DRT) N/A; N/A 1300000000
Snovio (SNOV) Snovio (SNOV) N/A; N/A 651129644
DreamTeam Token (DTT) DreamTeam Token (DTT) N/A; N/A -
TrackNetToken (MTN) TrackNetToken (MTN) N/A; N/A 100000000
StockBet (STOCKBET) StockBet (STOCKBET) N/A; N/A -
Algo.Land (PLM) Algo.Land (PLM) N/A; PoS -
Salt Lending (SALT) Salt Lending (SALT) N/A; N/A 120000000
Sandcoin (SND) Sandcoin (SND) N/A; N/A 2684319
Experience Points (XP) Experience Points (XP) SHA256; PoW/PoS -
Loopring (LRC) Loopring (LRC) N/A; N/A 1395076055
Hshare (HSR) Hshare (HSR) N/A; PoW/PoS 84000000
Gladius (GLA) Gladius (GLA) N/A; N/A 96300000
Zenome (ZNA) Zenome (ZNA) N/A; N/A -
EZMarket (EZM) EZMarket (EZM) N/A; N/A 150000000
Obsidian (ODN) Obsidian (ODN) SHA-512; PoS 91388946
ClearPoll (POLL) ClearPoll (POLL) N/A; N/A 9999991
Moya Token (MTK) Moya Token (MTK) N/A; N/A 125000000
Cashaa (CAS) Cashaa (CAS) N/A; N/A 1000000000
MiniApps (MAT) MiniApps (MAT) N/A; PoW 10624482.461137533912144041
Global Jobcoin (GJC) Global Jobcoin (GJC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Wi Coin (WIC) Wi Coin (WIC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Webcoin (WEB) Webcoin (WEB) N/A; PoW 100000000
WandX (WAND) WandX (WAND) N/A; N/A 72000000
Elixir (ELIX) Elixir (ELIX) N/A; N/A 24147007.0087
eBitcoin (EBTC) eBitcoin (EBTC) N/A; N/A 21000000
Hackspace Capital (HAC) Hackspace Capital (HAC) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA) Ouroboros; PoS 45000000000
Yoyow (YOYOW) Yoyow (YOYOW) N/A; N/A 62000000
Regalcoin (REC) Regalcoin (REC) X11; PoW/PoS 27000000
Bismuth (BIS) Bismuth (BIS) N/A; PoW 109999978
Opporty (OPP) Opporty (OPP) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Ice Rock Mining (ROCK) Ice Rock Mining (ROCK) N/A; N/A 16500000
Earth Token (EARTH) Earth Token (EARTH) N/A; N/A 1000000000
ICON Project (ICX) ICON Project (ICX) N/A; LFT 400230000
Vsync (VSX) Vsync (VSX) X13; PoW/PoS -
WishFinance (WISH*) WishFinance (WISH*) N/A; N/A -
FLASH coin (FLASH) FLASH coin (FLASH) N/A; N/A 900000000
Graft Blockchain (GRF) Graft Blockchain (GRF) CryptoNight; PoW/PoS 1844674400
BitcoinZ (BTCZ) BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Equihash; PoW 21000000000
Crazy Coin (CZC) Crazy Coin (CZC) N/A; N/A 85000000
PayPie (PPP) PayPie (PPP) N/A; N/A 165000000
Peerguess (GUESS) Peerguess (GUESS) N/A; N/A 200000000
CanYaCoin (CAN) CanYaCoin (CAN) N/A; N/A 100000000
Metaverse (ETP) Metaverse (ETP) Ethash; N/A 100000000
Cryptonetix (CIX) Cryptonetix (CIX) N/A; N/A 100000000 (ERT) (ERT) N/A; N/A 60000000
LakeBanker (BAC*) LakeBanker (BAC*) N/A; N/A 500000000
FLiK (FLIK) FLiK (FLIK) N/A; N/A 600000000
Trippki (TRIP) Trippki (TRIP) N/A; N/A 200000000
Multibot (MBT) Multibot (MBT) N/A; N/A 25000000
Javvy (JVY) Javvy (JVY) N/A; N/A 1000000000000040000.3135
ALISmedia (ALIS) ALISmedia (ALIS) N/A; N/A 287604611.0864
Leverj (LEV) Leverj (LEV) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Arbi (ARBI) Arbi (ARBI) Ethash; N/A 50000
Eloplay (ELT) Eloplay (ELT) N/A; N/A -
Request Network (REQ) Request Network (REQ) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Aeron (ARN) Aeron (ARN) N/A; N/A 100000000
Datum (DAT) Datum (DAT) N/A; N/A 2653841597.973271663912484125
VIBEHub (VIBE) VIBEHub (VIBE) N/A; N/A 267000000
Rockchain (ROK) Rockchain (ROK) N/A; N/A 100000000
X Real Estate Development (XRED) X Real Estate Development (XRED) N/A; N/A 65000000
Chronologic (DAY) Chronologic (DAY) N/A; N/A 806812
AirSwap (AST) AirSwap (AST) N/A; N/A 500000000
Gameflip (FLP) Gameflip (FLP) N/A; N/A 100000000
HextraCoin (HXT) HextraCoin (HXT) Scrypt; N/A 29000000
Cindicator (CND) Cindicator (CND) N/A; N/A 2000000005 (VRP) (VRP) N/A; N/A 720000000
NetM (NTM) NetM (NTM) Scrypt; PoW 101318932073.89769
TrezarCoin (TZC) TrezarCoin (TZC) NeoScrypt; PoW/PoS 400000000
Enigma (ENG) Enigma (ENG) N/A; N/A 150000000
Musiconomi (MCI) Musiconomi (MCI) N/A; N/A 100000000
Covesting (COV) Covesting (COV) N/A; N/A 20000000
Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) N/A; N/A 185000000
AirToken (AIR) AirToken (AIR) N/A; N/A 1491492558
Fujinto (NTO) Fujinto (NTO) N/A; N/A 400000000
ATC Coin (ATCC) ATC Coin (ATCC) Scrypt; PoW 84000000
Kolion (KOLION) Kolion (KOLION) N/A; N/A 1000000
Wild Crypto (WILD) Wild Crypto (WILD) N/A; N/A 100000000
eLTC (ELTC2) eLTC (ELTC2) N/A; N/A 84000000
ILCoin Token (ILCT) ILCoin Token (ILCT) SHA256; PoW -
Power Ledger (POWR) Power Ledger (POWR) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Crypto20 (C20) Crypto20 (C20) N/A; N/A 40656081.980167189594966596
Anryze (RYZ) Anryze (RYZ) N/A; N/A 321000000
GenXCoin (GXC*) GenXCoin (GXC*) X15; PoW/PoS 2000000000
Elements (ELM) Elements (ELM) X11; PoW 1800000000
TerraNovaCoin (TER) TerraNovaCoin (TER) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 15733333
CybCSec Coin (XCS) CybCSec Coin (XCS) POS 3.0; PoS -
Bitqy (BQ) Bitqy (BQ) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Caviar (CAV) Caviar (CAV) N/A; N/A 375000000
Clout (CLOUT) Clout (CLOUT) N/A; N/A 100000000
Propthereum (PTC*) Propthereum (PTC*) N/A; N/A -
WaBi (WABI) WaBi (WABI) N/A; N/A 100000000
Everus (EVR) Everus (EVR) N/A; N/A 1000000000
TOA Coin (TOA) TOA Coin (TOA) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
Monaize (MNZ) Monaize (MNZ) Equihash; PoW/DPoW 257142857
VIVO Coin (VIVO) VIVO Coin (VIVO) NeoScrypt; PoW 27000000
Red Pulse (RPX) Red Pulse (RPX) N/A; N/A 1358371250
Moeda (MDA) Moeda (MDA) N/A; N/A 19628888
Zeusshield (ZSC) Zeusshield (ZSC) N/A; N/A 5642500000
Aureus (AURS) Aureus (AURS) Scrypt; N/A 21000000
Change (CAG) Change (CAG) N/A; N/A 79184116
Playkey (PKT) Playkey (PKT) N/A; N/A 100000000
Social Media Market (SMT) Social Media Market (SMT) N/A; N/A 48000000
e-Chat (ECHT) e-Chat (ECHT) N/A; N/A 300000000
Internxt (INXT) Internxt (INXT) N/A; N/A 1119295
Authorship (ATS) Authorship (ATS) N/A; N/A 100000000
RG Coin (RGC) RG Coin (RGC) NIST5; PoW/PoS 300000000
EthBet (EBET) EthBet (EBET) N/A; N/A 10000000
Revain (R) Revain (R) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Modum (MOD) Modum (MOD) N/A; N/A 18266200
Bitcomo (BM*) Bitcomo (BM*) N/A; N/A 170000000
CryptoPay (CPAY) CryptoPay (CPAY) N/A; N/A 320000000
Rupee (RUP) Rupee (RUP) Lyra2REv2; PoW 84000000
Bonpay (BON) Bonpay (BON) N/A; N/A 21745688.353416168378405037
AppCoins (APPC) AppCoins (APPC) N/A; N/A 246203093
WhaleCoin (WHL) WhaleCoin (WHL) Ethash; PoW -
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Equihash; PoW 21000000
UpToken (UP) UpToken (UP) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Ethereum Gold (ETG) Ethereum Gold (ETG) N/A; N/A 24000000
WomenCoin (WOMEN) WomenCoin (WOMEN) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 25000000000
Theresa May Coin (MAY) Theresa May Coin (MAY) SHA256; PoW/PoS 100000000
Render Token (RNDR) Render Token (RNDR) N/A; N/A -
Eddie coin (EDDIE) Eddie coin (EDDIE) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000000
Soma (SCT*) Soma (SCT*) N/A; N/A 60000000
NamoCoin (NAMO) NamoCoin (NAMO) NIST5; PoW/PoS 1200000000
Kucoin (KCS) Kucoin (KCS) N/A; N/A 181043076
Ethereum Blue (BLUE) Ethereum Blue (BLUE) N/A; N/A 42000000
Follow Coin (FLLW) Follow Coin (FLLW) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Wyrify (WYR) Wyrify (WYR) N/A; N/A 200000000
Vezt (VZT) Vezt (VZT) N/A; PoW 125000000
IndiCoin (INDI) IndiCoin (INDI) N/A; PoW 550000000
LUXCoin (LUX) LUXCoin (LUX) PHI1612; PoW/PoS 60000000
TBIS token (BAR) TBIS token (BAR) N/A; N/A 100000000
Pirl (PIRL) Pirl (PIRL) Dagger; PoW -
Ethereum Cash (ECASH) Ethereum Cash (ECASH) N/A; N/A 15000000
WePower (WPR) WePower (WPR) N/A; N/A 746403007.29
Dragonchain (DRGN) Dragonchain (DRGN) N/A; N/A 433494437
ODMCoin (ODMC) ODMCoin (ODMC) N/A; N/A 25000
CyberTrust (CABS*) CyberTrust (CABS*) N/A; N/A 600000
Brat (BRAT) Brat (BRAT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) N/A; N/A 3750000
CryptoInsight (TKR) CryptoInsight (TKR) N/A; N/A 12529747
SelfKey (KEY) SelfKey (KEY) N/A; N/A 6000000000
EthereumLite (ELITE) EthereumLite (ELITE) N/A; N/A 1000000
Xios (XIOS) Xios (XIOS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 21000000
DOVU (DOVU) DOVU (DOVU) N/A; N/A 1200000000
Electroneum (ETN) Electroneum (ETN) N/A; PoW 21000000000
Realisto (REA) Realisto (REA) N/A; N/A 3629668
Avesta (AVE) Avesta (AVE) Avesta hash; PoW 200000000
Xenon (XNN) Xenon (XNN) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Bitcloud 2.0 (BTDX) Bitcloud 2.0 (BTDX) Quark; PoW/PoS 200000000
Lendoit (LOAN) Lendoit (LOAN) N/A; N/A -
Data Trading (DTT*) Data Trading (DTT*) N/A; N/A -
ZABERcoin (ZAB) ZABERcoin (ZAB) N/A; N/A 10000000
Modulum (MDL) Modulum (MDL) N/A; N/A 35100000
Bitfinex Bitcoin Future (BT1) Bitfinex Bitcoin Future (BT1) N/A; N/A -
Bitcoin SegWit2X (BT2) Bitcoin SegWit2X (BT2) N/A; N/A -
Sharpe Capital (SHP) Sharpe Capital (SHP) N/A; N/A 333333333
Jincor (JCR) Jincor (JCR) N/A; N/A 35000000
Extreme Sportsbook (XSB) Extreme Sportsbook (XSB) X11; PoS 3000000
ATMChain (ATM) ATMChain (ATM) N/A; N/A 10000000000
eBoost (EBST) eBoost (EBST) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
KekCoin (KEK) KekCoin (KEK) POS 2.0; PoS 21000000
AidCoin (AID) AidCoin (AID) N/A; N/A 100000000
BlackholeCoin (BHC*) BlackholeCoin (BHC*) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 14788275.991
AltCommunity Coin (ALTCOM) AltCommunity Coin (ALTCOM) SkunkHash; PoW/PoS 163358.72760916
Simple Token (OST) Simple Token (OST) N/A; N/A 800000000
Streamr DATAcoin (DATA) Streamr DATAcoin (DATA) N/A; N/A 987154514
ugChain (UGC) ugChain (UGC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Datacoin (DTC*) Datacoin (DTC*) Multiple; PoW 2000000000
HEROcoin (PLAY) HEROcoin (PLAY) N/A; N/A 252165029
Pure (PURE) Pure (PURE) X11; PoW/PoS 3686860
Cloud (CLD) Cloud (CLD) N/A; N/A 60000000
Open Trading Network (OTN) Open Trading Network (OTN) N/A; N/A 100000000
PoSToken (POS) PoSToken (POS) N/A; PoS 10000000
Rebellious (REBL) Rebellious (REBL) N/A; N/A 396044986.809083336513623525
NEO Gold (NEOG) NEO Gold (NEOG) N/A; N/A 100000000
ExchangeN (EXN) ExchangeN (EXN) N/A; N/A 10000000
INS Ecosystem (INS) INS Ecosystem (INS) N/A; N/A 50000000
Tracto (TRCT) Tracto (TRCT) N/A; N/A 70000000
UnikoinGold (UKG) UnikoinGold (UKG) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Bitcoin Red (BTCRED) Bitcoin Red (BTCRED) N/A; N/A 21000000
eBitcoinCash (EBCH) eBitcoinCash (EBCH) N/A; N/A 21000000
J Coin (JPC*) J Coin (JPC*) N/A; N/A 100000000
AIX (AXT) AIX (AXT) N/A; N/A 20000000
Raiden Network (RDN*) Raiden Network (RDN*) N/A; N/A 100000000
Neumark (NEU) Neumark (NEU) N/A; N/A 1500000000
Rupaya (RUPX) Rupaya (RUPX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 8400000
BlueDragon (BDR) BlueDragon (BDR) N/A; N/A 728121985
Infinity Economics (XIN) Infinity Economics (XIN) SHA256; PoS 9000000
Dutch Coin (DUTCH) Dutch Coin (DUTCH) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 440000000 (TIO) (TIO) N/A; N/A 500000000
Huncoin (HNC*) Huncoin (HNC*) X13; PoW 86400000
MadCoin (MDC*) MadCoin (MDC*) Scrypt; PoW 10000000
Pura (PURA) Pura (PURA) X11; PoW 350000000
Innova (INN) Innova (INN) NeoScrypt; PoW 45000000
Decision Token (HST) Decision Token (HST) N/A; N/A 48240069.5496
BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) N/A; N/A 116158667
Bitdeal (BDL) Bitdeal (BDL) Scrypt; PoW 300000000
COMSA (CMS) COMSA (CMS) N/A; N/A 219042298
Billionaire Token (XBL) Billionaire Token (XBL) N/A; N/A 3315372
Project Zephyr (ZEPH) Project Zephyr (ZEPH) N/A; N/A 2000000000
ATFS Project (ATFS) ATFS Project (ATFS) N/A; N/A 380000000
Galaxy eSolutions (GES) Galaxy eSolutions (GES) N/A; N/A 300000000
Nuls (NULS) Nuls (NULS) N/A; N/A 40000000
Phore (PHR*) Phore (PHR*) POS 3.0; N/A 18773269
LitecoinCash (LCASH) LitecoinCash (LCASH) N/A; N/A 12000000
Confido (CFD) Confido (CFD) N/A; N/A 15000000
SophiaTX (SPHTX) SophiaTX (SPHTX) N/A; N/A 350000000
PlusCoin (PLC) PlusCoin (PLC) N/A; N/A 82500000000
SirinLabs (SRN) SirinLabs (SRN) N/A; N/A 572916627.078562646983596714
WiserCoin (WSC) WiserCoin (WSC) Scrypt; PoW 22105263 (DBET) (DBET) N/A; N/A 133039762.4203
Go! (xGOx) Go! (xGOx) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000000
Newbium (NEWB) Newbium (NEWB) N/A; N/A 49000000
LIFE (LIFE) LIFE (LIFE) N/A; N/A 100000000000
Russian Mining Coin (RMC) Russian Mining Coin (RMC) N/A; N/A 10756.8259
Credo (CREDO) Credo (CREDO) N/A; N/A 1374729257.2286
Masari (MSR) Masari (MSR) CryptoNight; PoW 18500000
ConnectJob Token (CJT) ConnectJob Token (CJT) N/A; N/A 300000000
Ethersportcoin (ESC) Ethersportcoin (ESC) N/A; N/A 100000000
Envion (EVN) Envion (EVN) N/A; N/A 150000000
Bankera (BNK) Bankera (BNK) N/A; N/A 25000000000
Ellaism (ELLA) Ellaism (ELLA) Ethash; PoW 280000000
BlockPool (BPL) BlockPool (BPL) DPoS; N/A -
RocketCoin  (ROCK*) RocketCoin (ROCK*) N/A; N/A 25000000
Droxne (DRXNE) Droxne (DRXNE) PoS; PoS -
Sakuracoin (SKR) Sakuracoin (SKR) Scrypt; PoW 105100000
Grid+ (GRID) Grid+ (GRID) N/A; N/A 300000000
PlatinumBAR (XPTX) PlatinumBAR (XPTX) Quark; PoW/PoS -
Genesis Vision (GVT) Genesis Vision (GVT) N/A; N/A 4436644
Energi Token (ETK) Energi Token (ETK) N/A; N/A 2307692310
Astronaut (ASTRO) Astronaut (ASTRO) N/A; N/A 6999999
Mercury Protocol (GMT) Mercury Protocol (GMT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Emphy (EPY*) Emphy (EPY*) N/A; N/A 15375000
Soarcoin (SOAR) Soarcoin (SOAR) N/A; N/A 5000000000
Experty (EXY) Experty (EXY) N/A; N/A 100000000
Interstellar Holdings (HOLD) Interstellar Holdings (HOLD) Scrypt; PoS 1970000000
MinexCoin (MNX) MinexCoin (MNX) Mars; N/A 19000000
Credits (CRDS) Credits (CRDS) Argon2; N/A 95000000
Viuly (VIU) Viuly (VIU) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Scorum (SCR) Scorum (SCR) DPoS; DPoS 20000000
Düber (DBR) Düber (DBR) N/A; N/A 2226000000
Advanced Browsing Token (ABT) Advanced Browsing Token (ABT) N/A; N/A 300000000
Giftcoin (GFT) Giftcoin (GFT) N/A; N/A -
STAC (STAC) STAC (STAC) N/A; N/A 301128956
Quantstamp (QSP) Quantstamp (QSP) N/A; N/A 976442388.3211
RiptideCoin (RIPT) RiptideCoin (RIPT) N/A; N/A 17999429.802
BitBoost (BBT) BitBoost (BBT) N/A; N/A 100000000
GoByte (GBX) GoByte (GBX) NeoScrypt; PoW 31800000
Castle (CSTL) Castle (CSTL) X11; PoW/PoS 200000000
Insta Cash Coin (ICC) Insta Cash Coin (ICC) SHA256; PoW 300000000
Jibrel Network Token (JNT) Jibrel Network Token (JNT) N/A; N/A -
Quoine Liquid (QASH) Quoine Liquid (QASH) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Alqo (ALQO) Alqo (ALQO) Quark; PoW/PoS 57879300
KingN Coin (KNC**) KingN Coin (KNC**) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 420000
Triaconta (TRIA) Triaconta (TRIA) N/A; N/A -
Publica (PBL) Publica (PBL) N/A; N/A 33787150
Magnet (MAG) Magnet (MAG) X11; PoW/PoS 144000000
Upfiring (UFR) Upfiring (UFR) N/A; N/A -
LociCoin (LOCI) LociCoin (LOCI) N/A; N/A 100000000
Lamden Tau (TAU) Lamden Tau (TAU) DPoS; DPoS 500000000
Labrys (LAB) Labrys (LAB) N/A; N/A 430000000
Debitum Token (DEB) Debitum Token (DEB) N/A; N/A 400000000
Flixxo (FLIXX) Flixxo (FLIXX) N/A; N/A 189151328.5746
Farad (FRD) Farad (FRD) N/A; N/A 1600000000
PayFair (PFR) PayFair (PFR) N/A; N/A 33000000
Electra (ECA) Electra (ECA) NIST5; PoW/PoS 30000000000
Ludum token (LDM) Ludum token (LDM) N/A; N/A 404926.7576
LiteCoin Gold (LTG) LiteCoin Gold (LTG) N/A; N/A 84000000
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) X13; PoW/PoS 210000000
StashPay (STP) StashPay (STP) N/A; N/A 500000000
SpankChain (SPANK) SpankChain (SPANK) N/A; N/A 1000000000
MyWish (WISH) MyWish (WISH) N/A; N/A 19803895.1235
Aerium (AERM) Aerium (AERM) SkunkHash; PoW/PoS 500000000
PlexCoin (PLX) PlexCoin (PLX) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Autonio (NIO) Autonio (NIO) N/A; N/A 220466789
EtherBTC (ETHB) EtherBTC (ETHB) N/A; N/A 21000000
Commodity Ad Network (CDX) Commodity Ad Network (CDX) N/A; N/A 120000000
FoodCoin (FOOD) FoodCoin (FOOD) N/A; N/A 359312486.42417746
Darico (DRC*) Darico (DRC*) N/A; 240000000 60000000
Votecoin (VOT) Votecoin (VOT) Equihash; PoW 220000000
Uquid Coin (UQC) Uquid Coin (UQC) N/A; N/A 40000000
EthLend (LEND) EthLend (LEND) N/A; N/A 1299999942
Sether (SETH) Sether (SETH) N/A; N/A 100000000
Tio Tour Guides (TIO*) Tio Tour Guides (TIO*) N/A; N/A 17100000
The Abyss (ABYSS) The Abyss (ABYSS) N/A; N/A 1964671117084325
SHIELD (XSH) SHIELD (XSH) Multiple; PoW 660000000
BitCAD (BCD*) BitCAD (BCD*) N/A; N/A 100000000
Goldea (GEA) Goldea (GEA) N/A; N/A 3000000
BridgeCoin (BCO) BridgeCoin (BCO) Scrypt; PoW 27000000
Desire (DSR) Desire (DSR) NeoScrypt; PoW 22000000
BitDegree (BDG) BitDegree (BDG) N/A; N/A 660000000 (ONG) (ONG) N/A; N/A 300000000
Oyster Pearl (PRL) Oyster Pearl (PRL) N/A; N/A 108592693
BTCMoon (BTCM) BTCMoon (BTCM) N/A; N/A 21000000
Ethereum Black (ETBT) Ethereum Black (ETBT) N/A; N/A 3999998.59851
ZCashGOLD (ZCG) ZCashGOLD (ZCG) N/A; N/A 5000000
Mutual Coin (MUT) Mutual Coin (MUT) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 1000000000
Aion (AION) Aion (AION) N/A; N/A 465934586.66
Kittehcoin (MEOW) Kittehcoin (MEOW) Scrypt; PoW 25000000000
Divi (DIVX) Divi (DIVX) N/A; N/A 6171607
Cash & Back Coin (CNBC) Cash & Back Coin (CNBC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 210000000
RChain (RHOC) RChain (RHOC) N/A; N/A 870663574
 Arcade City (ARC*) Arcade City (ARC*) N/A; N/A 9525398
UltraNote (XUN) UltraNote (XUN) CryptoNight; PoW 85000000000
RAFL (RFL) RAFL (RFL) N/A; N/A 100000000
CoinFi (COFI) CoinFi (COFI) N/A; N/A 300000000
Gold Reward Token (GRX) Gold Reward Token (GRX) N/A; N/A 20000000
Neurotoken (NTK) Neurotoken (NTK) N/A; N/A 100000000
Eroscoin (ERO) Eroscoin (ERO) N/A; N/A 240000000
CyberMiles (CMT*) CyberMiles (CMT*) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Relex (RLX) Relex (RLX) N/A; N/A 2000000000
People (MAN) People (MAN) Scrypt; PoW 7500000000
CryptoWave (CWV) CryptoWave (CWV) N/A; N/A 1000000
Achain (ACT*) Achain (ACT*) DPoS; DPoS 1000000000
Neuro (NRO) Neuro (NRO) SHA256; PoW/PoS 20000000
Social Send (SEND) Social Send (SEND) Quark; PoW/PoS 150000000
GlobalToken (GLT) GlobalToken (GLT) SHA256; PoW 168000000
X8Currency (X8X) X8Currency (X8X) N/A; N/A 49733935.5804942909444764
BitCoal (COAL) BitCoal (COAL) CryptoNight; PoW 12500000
DaxxCoin (DAXX) DaxxCoin (DAXX) Ethash; PoW 10000000000
Bulwark (BWK) Bulwark (BWK) NIST5; PoW/PoS 27716121
FinTab (FNT) FinTab (FNT) N/A; N/A 16500000
Monero Gold (XMRG) Monero Gold (XMRG) N/A; N/A 21000000
EthereumBitcoin (BTCE) EthereumBitcoin (BTCE) N/A; N/A 21000000
FlypMe (FYP) FlypMe (FYP) N/A; N/A 35277363
BoxyCoin (BOXY) BoxyCoin (BOXY) Scrypt; PoW 100000000
NagaCoin (NGC) NagaCoin (NGC) N/A; N/A 77910266.157690633123324857
Universa (UTN) Universa (UTN) N/A; N/A -
Digital Assets Power Play (DPP) Digital Assets Power Play (DPP) N/A; N/A 100000000
Adbank (ADB) Adbank (ADB) N/A; N/A 1000000000
TargetCoin (TGT) TargetCoin (TGT) N/A; N/A 2000100000
XinFin Coin (XDCE) XinFin Coin (XDCE) SHA256; PoS 100000000000
BMChain (BMT) BMChain (BMT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Biocoin (BIO) Biocoin (BIO) N/A; N/A 10000000000
ModulTrade (MTRC) ModulTrade (MTRC) N/A; N/A 100000000
BTC Lite (BTCL) BTC Lite (BTCL) N/A; N/A 21000000
PeepCoin (PCN) PeepCoin (PCN) N/A; PoW/PoS 40000000000
PayPro (PYP) PayPro (PYP) N/A; N/A 25000000
Bitcoin Revolution (RBTC) Bitcoin Revolution (RBTC) N/A; N/A 21000000
Verify (CRED) Verify (CRED) N/A; N/A 29997543
Super Bitcoin (SBTC) Super Bitcoin (SBTC) SHA256; PoW 21210000
Kalkulus (KLK) Kalkulus (KLK) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
AC3 (AC3) AC3 (AC3) X11; PoW 100000000
GIFTO (GTO) GIFTO (GTO) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Time New Bank (TNB) Time New Bank (TNB) N/A; N/A 5541877892.218590616799998
Hacken (HKN) Hacken (HKN) N/A; N/A 5600000
B2B (B2BX) B2B (B2BX) N/A; N/A 19822337.199585433103319875
LockChain (LOC*) LockChain (LOC*) N/A; N/A 18585933
Media Network Coin (MNT*) Media Network Coin (MNT*) N/A; N/A 125000000
IntenseCoin (ITNS) IntenseCoin (ITNS) CryptoNight; PoW -
SmartMesh (SMT*) SmartMesh (SMT*) N/A; N/A 3141592653
GermanCoin (GER) GermanCoin (GER) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 50000000000
LiteCoin Ultra (LTCU) LiteCoin Ultra (LTCU) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 150000000
MobileGo (EMGO) MobileGo (EMGO) N/A; N/A 100000000
Bitair (BTCA) Bitair (BTCA) N/A; N/A 1000000000
HOQU (HQX) HOQU (HQX) N/A; N/A 300854400
EthereumFog (ETF) EthereumFog (ETF) Ethash; PoW -
BitcoinX (BCX*) BitcoinX (BCX*) DPoS; DPoS 210000000000
Luxmi Coin (LUX**) Luxmi Coin (LUX**) N/A; PoW/PoS -
Straks (STAK) Straks (STAK) Lyra2REv2; PoW 150000000
BannerCoin (BCOIN) BannerCoin (BCOIN) N/A; N/A 100000000
MediBloc (MED*) MediBloc (MED*) N/A; N/A 10000000000
CrowdCoinage (CCOS) CrowdCoinage (CCOS) N/A; N/A 478571428
Bounty0x (BNTY) Bounty0x (BNTY) N/A; N/A 500000000
Bread token (BRD) Bread token (BRD) N/A; N/A 88862718
Hawala.Today (HAT) Hawala.Today (HAT) N/A; N/A 7000000
aelf (ELF) aelf (ELF) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Valorem (VLR) Valorem (VLR) N/A; N/A 200000000
Crypto-X (CWX) Crypto-X (CWX) N/A; N/A 20333333
DeepBrain Chain (DBC) DeepBrain Chain (DBC) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Zen Protocol (ZEN*) Zen Protocol (ZEN*) N/A; N/A 100000000
PopularCoin (POP) PopularCoin (POP) Scrypt; PoW 4999999999
CrowdCoin (CRC) CrowdCoin (CRC) NeoScrypt; PoW -
PhantomX (PNX) PhantomX (PNX) X11; PoW/PoS 50000000
BitAsean (BAS) BitAsean (BAS) N/A; N/A 30000000
United Traders Token (UTT) United Traders Token (UTT) N/A; N/A 100000000
HomeBlockCoin (HBC) HomeBlockCoin (HBC) X11; PoW/PoS 28000000
MicroMoney (AMM) MicroMoney (AMM) N/A; N/A 17532943.47918
DavorCoin (DAV) DavorCoin (DAV) Scrypt; N/A 40000000
Copico (XCPO) Copico (XCPO) PoS; N/A 122500000
Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) N/A; N/A 33368773.4
Index ERC20 (ERC20) Index ERC20 (ERC20) N/A; N/A 12079767119
IoT Chain (ITC) IoT Chain (ITC) N/A; N/A 100000000
HTML Coin (HTML) HTML Coin (HTML) SHA256; PoW/PoS 90000000000
Numus (NMS) Numus (NMS) Skein; PoW/PoS -
Photon (PHO) Photon (PHO) BLAKE256; PoW 90000000000
ExtraCredit (XTRA) ExtraCredit (XTRA) N/A; N/A 600000000
Handelion (HION) Handelion (HION) N/A; N/A 29750000
Network Token (NTWK) Network Token (NTWK) N/A; N/A 50000000
Sucre (SUCR) Sucre (SUCR) X11; PoW 19800000
SmartBillions (SMART*) SmartBillions (SMART*) N/A; N/A 7852650
Genaro Network (GNX) Genaro Network (GNX) N/A; N/A 675000000
Nebulas (NAS) Nebulas (NAS) N/A; N/A 100000000
Accolade (ACCO) Accolade (ACCO) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 50000000
Bytether  (BTH) Bytether  (BTH) N/A; N/A 21000000
REMME (REM) REMME (REM) N/A; N/A 1000000000
TokugawaCoin (TOK) TokugawaCoin (TOK) Scrypt; PoW -
eREAL (EREAL) eREAL (EREAL) N/A; N/A 207000000
CompuCoin (CPN) CompuCoin (CPN) Scrypt; PoW 35000000
Footy Cash (XFT) Footy Cash (XFT) Scrypt; PoW 4500000
QLINK (QLC) QLINK (QLC) N/A; N/A 600000000
BitSerial (BTE*) BitSerial (BTE*) N/A; N/A 28000000
OmiseGO Classic (OMGC) OmiseGO Classic (OMGC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 70000000
QubitCoin (Q2C) QubitCoin (Q2C) QuBit; N/A -
Bloom Token (BLT) Bloom Token (BLT) N/A; N/A 150000000
SportyFi (SPF) SportyFi (SPF) N/A; N/A 70673453.985904140157019738
TokenDesk (TDS) TokenDesk (TDS) N/A; N/A 14683321.428571428571428571
Galactrum (ORE) Galactrum (ORE) Lyra2REv2; PoW/PoS 26280000
Sparks (SPK) Sparks (SPK) NeoScrypt; PoW -
GoaCoin (GOA) GoaCoin (GOA) NeoScrypt; PoW 32000000
Fuloos Coin (FLS) Fuloos Coin (FLS) N/A; PoW/PoS 100000000
PhilsCurrency (PHILS) PhilsCurrency (PHILS) Scrypt; PoW 120000000
GunCoin (GUN) GunCoin (GUN) NeoScrypt; PoW 500000000
DFSCoin (DFS) DFSCoin (DFS) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 210000000
PolisPay (POLIS) PolisPay (POLIS) X11; PoW 25000000
Well (WELL) Well (WELL) N/A; N/A 1500000000
FireLotto (FLOT) FireLotto (FLOT) N/A; N/A 100000000
CoinLancer (CL) CoinLancer (CL) N/A; N/A 300000000
StrongHands (SHND) StrongHands (SHND) SHA256D; PoW/PoS -
ArubaCoin (AUA) ArubaCoin (AUA) N/A; N/A 18000000
DNN Token (DNN) DNN Token (DNN) N/A; N/A 1000000000
SagaCoin (SAGA) SagaCoin (SAGA) Scrypt; PoW/PoS -
GXShares (GXS) GXShares (GXS) N/A; DPoS 100000000
Energo (TSL) Energo (TSL) N/A; N/A 1000000000
IrishCoin (IRL) IrishCoin (IRL) Scrypt; PoW 64000000
Bodhi (BOT) Bodhi (BOT) N/A; N/A 100000000
PumaPay (PMA) PumaPay (PMA) N/A; N/A -
Trollcoin (TROLL) Trollcoin (TROLL) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 900000000
Force Coin (FOR) Force Coin (FOR) N/A; PoS 220000000
Sugar Exchange (SGR) Sugar Exchange (SGR) N/A; N/A 80000000
Jetcoin (JET) Jetcoin (JET) N/A; N/A 80000000
MediShares (MDS) MediShares (MDS) N/A; N/A 2000000000
Litecoin Plus (LCP) Litecoin Plus (LCP) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 4000000
Game (GTC) Game (GTC) N/A; N/A 2000000000
iEthereum (IETH) iEthereum (IETH) N/A; N/A 18000000
TheGCCcoin (GCC*) TheGCCcoin (GCC*) X13; PoW/PoS 2400000000
Sanderon (SDRN) Sanderon (SDRN) N/A; N/A 50000000
Ink (INK) Ink (INK) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Kubera Coin (KBR) Kubera Coin (KBR) N/A; N/A 1162102077
High Performance Blockchain (HPB) High Performance Blockchain (HPB) DPoS; N/A -
Monkey Project (MONK) Monkey Project (MONK) X11; PoW/PoS 100000000
Jinn (JINN) Jinn (JINN) N/A; N/A 1000000
Setcoin (SET) Setcoin (SET) N/A; N/A 1000000000
MagnaCoin (MGN) MagnaCoin (MGN) Quark; N/A 30000000
KZCash (KZC) KZCash (KZC) X11; PoW 18000000
Gainer (GNR) Gainer (GNR) N/A; PoS 40000000
Local World Forwarders (LWF) Local World Forwarders (LWF) DPoS; DPoS 100000000
BrightCoin (BRC) BrightCoin (BRC) N/A; N/A 70000000
World Crypto Gold (WCG) World Crypto Gold (WCG) SHA256; Proof of Stake 900000000
Hive (HIVE) Hive (HIVE) N/A; N/A -
GameX (GX) GameX (GX) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Luckbox (LCK) Luckbox (LCK) N/A; N/A 600000000
SyncFab (MFG) SyncFab (MFG) N/A; N/A 1000000000
EtherLite (ETL) EtherLite (ETL) N/A; N/A 100000
Telcoin (TEL) Telcoin (TEL) N/A; N/A 100000000000
Dragon Coin (DRG) Dragon Coin (DRG) N/A; N/A 500000000
BinaryCoin (BRC*) BinaryCoin (BRC*) N/A; N/A 10000000
Sp8de (SPX) Sp8de (SPX) N/A; N/A 8888888888
On.Live (ONL) On.Live (ONL) N/A; N/A 111000000
Zap (ZAP) Zap (ZAP) N/A; N/A 520000000
AI Doctor (AIDOC) AI Doctor (AIDOC) N/A; N/A 777775241
ECC (ECC) ECC (ECC) Scrypt; PoS 25000000000
Eticket4 (ET4) Eticket4 (ET4) N/A; N/A 30000000
LendConnect (LCT) LendConnect (LCT) N/A; N/A 6500000
EBCoin (EBC) EBCoin (EBC) N/A; N/A 1500000000
Vestarin (VST) Vestarin (VST) N/A; N/A 200000000
Internet Node Token (INT) Internet Node Token (INT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Steneum Coin (STN) Steneum Coin (STN) Scrypt; PoW 20000000
Saifu (SFU) Saifu (SFU) N/A; N/A -
Pioneer Coin (PCOIN) Pioneer Coin (PCOIN) X11; PoW 23000000
Bolenum (BLN) Bolenum (BLN) N/A; N/A 10000000
Play 2 Live (LUC) Play 2 Live (LUC) N/A; N/A 1308800000
EtherDelta (EDT) EtherDelta (EDT) N/A; N/A 1500000000
Cyder Coin (CYDER) Cyder Coin (CYDER) PoS; N/A 80000000
Serenity (SRNT) Serenity (SRNT) N/A; N/A 400000000
MultiGames (MLT) MultiGames (MLT) N/A; N/A 10000000
EchoLink (EKO) EchoLink (EKO) N/A; N/A 500000000
UnitedBitcoin (UBTC) UnitedBitcoin (UBTC) SHA256; PoW 21000000
Bottos (BTO) Bottos (BTO) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Doc Coin (DOC) Doc Coin (DOC) N/A; N/A 200000000
ArbitrageCT (ARCT) ArbitrageCT (ARCT) N/A; N/A 152029112
ImmVRse (IMV) ImmVRse (IMV) N/A; N/A 300000000
Aurora (AURA) Aurora (AURA) N/A; N/A 1000000000
IndaHash (IDH) IndaHash (IDH) N/A; N/A 400000000
CommerceBlock Token (CBT) CommerceBlock Token (CBT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Interzone (ITZ) Interzone (ITZ) C11; PoW 23000000
Black Pearl Coin (XBP) Black Pearl Coin (XBP) X13; PoW/PoS 50000000
EXRNchain (EXRN) EXRNchain (EXRN) N/A; N/A 100000000000
SingularityNET (AGI) SingularityNET (AGI) N/A; N/A 1000000000
BF Token (BFT) (BFT) BF Token (BFT) (BFT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Legolas Exchange (LGO) Legolas Exchange (LGO) N/A; N/A -
Crypterium (CRPT) Crypterium (CRPT) N/A; N/A 44029585.582941042857136217
Sigil (SGL) Sigil (SGL) NeoScrypt; PoW 50000000
Trinity Network Credit (TNC) Trinity Network Credit (TNC) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Forty Seven Bank (FSBT) Forty Seven Bank (FSBT) N/A; N/A -
Crafty (CFTY) Crafty (CFTY) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Data (DTA) Data (DTA) N/A; N/A 11500000000
CarVertical (CV) CarVertical (CV) N/A; N/A 9931143978
DataBroker DAO (DTX) DataBroker DAO (DTX) N/A; N/A 225000000
MediChain (MCU) MediChain (MCU) N/A; N/A -
Odyssey (OCN) Odyssey (OCN) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Theta (THETA) Theta (THETA) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Measurable Data Token  (MDT*) Measurable Data Token (MDT*) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Purpose (PRPS) Purpose (PRPS) N/A; N/A 999117066.210045663
Decentralized Universal Basic Income (DUBI) Decentralized Universal Basic Income (DUBI) N/A; N/A 80473.663007100124198965
Blockport (BPT) Blockport (BPT) N/A; N/A 69434799.629211243921141504
Signals Network (SGN) Signals Network (SGN) N/A; N/A 150000000
IOS token (IOST) IOS token (IOST) N/A; N/A 21000000000
TokenClub  (TCT) TokenClub (TCT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
OriginTrail (TRAC) OriginTrail (TRAC) N/A; N/A 500000000
Olympus Labs (MOT) Olympus Labs (MOT) N/A; N/A 100000000
Zilliqa (ZIL) Zilliqa (ZIL) N/A; N/A 12600000000
Ethorse  (HORSE) Ethorse (HORSE) N/A; N/A 125000000
QunQun (QUN) QunQun (QUN) N/A; N/A 1500000000
Qbao (QBT*) Qbao (QBT*) N/A; N/A 100000000
Accelerator Network (ACC*) Accelerator Network (ACC*) N/A; N/A 336314
SwftCoin (SWFTC) SwftCoin (SWFTC) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Sentinel (SENT) Sentinel (SENT) N/A; N/A 2000000000
InsurePal (IPL) InsurePal (IPL) N/A; N/A 300000000
OP Coin (OPC) OP Coin (OPC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 2000000000
Safinus (SAF) Safinus (SAF) N/A; N/A 1200000
Shacoin (SHA) Shacoin (SHA) SHA256; PoS 350000000
Pylon Network (PYLNT) Pylon Network (PYLNT) N/A; N/A 633858.311346493889668246
Garlicoin (GRLC) Garlicoin (GRLC) N/A; Scrypt-adaptive-N (ASIC resistant) -
Devery (EVE) Devery (EVE) N/A; N/A 100000000
Yee (YEE) Yee (YEE) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Repux (REPUX) Repux (REPUX) N/A; N/A 500000000
JoyToken (JOY) JoyToken (JOY) N/A; N/A 700000000
Global Tour Coin (GTC*) Global Tour Coin (GTC*) Scrypt; N/A 91000000
Capdax (XCD) Capdax (XCD) N/A; N/A -
BitcoinWhite (BTW) BitcoinWhite (BTW) DPoS; DPoS 60000000
aXpire (AXP) aXpire (AXP) N/A; N/A 350000000
Fortuna (FOTA) Fortuna (FOTA) N/A; N/A 1000000000
CPChain (CPC*) CPChain (CPC*) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Spend (SPEND) Spend (SPEND) N/A; N/A 50000000
Pundi X (PXS) Pundi X (PXS) N/A; N/A -
Zeepin (ZPT) Zeepin (ZPT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Croat (CROAT) Croat (CROAT) CryptoNight; PoW 100467441
RefToken (REF) RefToken (REF) N/A; N/A 50000000
SPECTRE Dividend Token (SXDT) SPECTRE Dividend Token (SXDT) N/A; N/A 140270691.248776761435171102
SPECTRE Utility Token (SXUT) SPECTRE Utility Token (SXUT) N/A; N/A 140270691.248776761435171102
LeadCoin (LDC) LeadCoin (LDC) N/A; N/A -
FairGame (FAIR*) FairGame (FAIR*) N/A; N/A 1200000000
Valorbit (VAL) Valorbit (VAL) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 92233720000000000
Matrix AI Network (MAN*) Matrix AI Network (MAN*) N/A; N/A 250000000
BlockCDN  (BCDN) BlockCDN (BCDN) N/A; N/A 1000000000
STK Token (STK) STK Token (STK) N/A; N/A 500000000
Mosaic Network (MZX) Mosaic Network (MZX) N/A; N/A 1000000000
CryCash (CRC**) CryCash (CRC**) N/A; N/A 7057137.099868197347603743
SPiCE Venture Capital  (SPICE) SPiCE Venture Capital (SPICE) N/A; N/A 130000000
Quantum1Net (Q1S) Quantum1Net (Q1S) N/A; N/A 30000000
Polymath Network (POLY*) Polymath Network (POLY*) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Tao (XTO) Tao (XTO) X11; PoW/PoS -
Ruff (RUFF) Ruff (RUFF) N/A; N/A 1790300000.0000000000003
Elastos (ELA) Elastos (ELA) N/A; N/A 33000000
TokenPay (TPAY*) TokenPay (TPAY*) POS 3.0; PoS 25000000
CargoX (CXO) CargoX (CXO) N/A; N/A 215119015.62456924698286969
WeToken (WT) WeToken (WT) N/A; N/A 600000000
HashGains (HGS) HashGains (HGS) N/A; N/A 50000000
Strategic Investments in Significant Areas (SISA) Strategic Investments in Significant Areas (SISA) N/A; N/A 50000000
eBit (EBIT) eBit (EBIT) N/A; N/A 21000000
RealChain (RCT) RealChain (RCT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Cool Cousin (CUZ) Cool Cousin (CUZ) N/A; N/A 300000000
Halal-Chain (HLC) Halal-Chain (HLC) N/A; N/A 1000000000000000000
BetterBetting (BETR) BetterBetting (BETR) N/A; N/A 650000000
300 token (300) 300 token (300) N/A; N/A 300
Gimmer (GMR) Gimmer (GMR) N/A; N/A 100000000
Iungo (ING) Iungo (ING) N/A; N/A 100000000
LHCoin (LHC) LHCoin (LHC) N/A; N/A 72000000
Bluzelle (BLZ) Bluzelle (BLZ) N/A; N/A 500000000
Halal (HALAL) Halal (HALAL) N/A; N/A 99000000
Crave-NG (CRAVE*) Crave-NG (CRAVE*) SHA256; PoS 1000000000
SwissBorg (CHSB) SwissBorg (CHSB) N/A; N/A 1000000000
EQUI Token (EQUI) EQUI Token (EQUI) N/A; N/A 250000000
1717 Masonic Commemorative Token (MCT) 1717 Masonic Commemorative Token (MCT) Ethash; PoS 1618033
Healthureum (HHEM) Healthureum (HHEM) N/A; N/A 150000000
Crypto Wisdom Coin (CWIS) Crypto Wisdom Coin (CWIS) Scrypt; PoW 24000000
My Big Coin (MBC) My Big Coin (MBC) Scrypt; PoW and PoS 30000000
Gron Digital (GRO) Gron Digital (GRO) N/A; N/A 950000000
Medicalchain (MTN*) Medicalchain (MTN*) N/A; N/A 500000000
WorldBTC (WBTC) WorldBTC (WBTC) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 210000000
Denaro (DNO) Denaro (DNO) N/A; N/A 100000000
FIC Network (eFIC) FIC Network (eFIC) N/A; N/A 316500000
THEKEY Token (TKY) THEKEY Token (TKY) NeoScrypt; N/A 10000000000
BANCA (BANCA) BANCA (BANCA) N/A; N/A 20000000000
TurtleCoin (TRTL) TurtleCoin (TRTL) CryptoNight; PoW 1000000000000
Helbiz (HBZ) Helbiz (HBZ) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Care Token (CARE) Care Token (CARE) N/A; N/A 10000000
DRP Utility (DRPU) DRP Utility (DRPU) N/A; N/A 1013076.917472
Pareto Network Token (PARETO) Pareto Network Token (PARETO) N/A; N/A 500000000
Jiocoin (JIO*) Jiocoin (JIO*) N/A; N/A 400000000
Datarius (DTRC) Datarius (DTRC) N/A; N/A -
Intelligence Quotient Benefit (IQB) Intelligence Quotient Benefit (IQB) N/A; N/A 10000000000
Bee Token (BEE) Bee Token (BEE) N/A; N/A 500000000
MUNcoin (MUN) MUNcoin (MUN) SkunkHash; PoW 16600000
Tigereum (TIG) Tigereum (TIG) N/A; N/A 12563793.7023484698469
Loyakk Vega (LYK) Loyakk Vega (LYK) N/A; N/A 183000000
DataWallet (DXT) DataWallet (DXT) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Satisfaction Token (SAT) Satisfaction Token (SAT) N/A; N/A 55000000
Cryptelo Coin (CRL) Cryptelo Coin (CRL) N/A; N/A 500000000
Origami (ORI) Origami (ORI) N/A; N/A 50000000
Lympo (LYM) Lympo (LYM) N/A; N/A 1000000000
Unified Society USDEX (USX) Unified Society USDEX (USX) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 232000000
Bitcoin Atom (BCA) Bitcoin Atom (BCA) SHA256; PoW/PoS 21000000
Fusion (FSN*) Fusion (FSN*) N/A; N/A 57344000
Block Array (ARY) Block Array (ARY) N/A; N/A 88409932.930609771417285772
BunnyCoin (BUN) BunnyCoin (BUN) Scrypt; PoW 100000000000
Trident (TRDT) Trident (TRDT) N/A; N/A 3000000
Bounty (XBTY) Bounty (XBTY) N/A; N/A 3141592
JesusCoin (JC) JesusCoin (JC) N/A; N/A 2032518434
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Equihash; N/A 21000000
Skeincoin (SKC) Skeincoin (SKC) Skein; N/A 17000000
RED MegaWatt (MWAT) RED MegaWatt (MWAT) N/A; N/A 700000000
Shekel (JEW) Shekel (JEW) Quark; PoS -
Karma (KRM) Karma (KRM) Groestl; PoS 3000000000
Huobi Token (HT) Huobi Token (HT) N/A; N/A 500000000
Bitcoin Candy (CDY) Bitcoin Candy (CDY) Equihash; PoW 21000000000
Credence Coin (CRDNC) Credence Coin (CRDNC) SHA256; PoW/PoS 25000000
Adblurb (ADBL) Adblurb (ADBL) N/A; N/A 100000000
Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC*) Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC*) N/A; N/A 1000000000
KREDS (KREDS) KREDS (KREDS) Lyra2REv2; PoW 1100000000
GraphGrail AI Token (GAI) GraphGrail AI Token (GAI) N/A; N/A 250000000
Creditcoin (CRE*) Creditcoin (CRE*) N/A; N/A 2000000000
DivotyCoin (DTC**) DivotyCoin (DTC**) Scrypt; PoW/PoS 100000000
DADI (DADI) DADI (DADI) N/A; N/A 100000000
BiblePay (BBP) BiblePay (BBP) Proof-of-BibleHash; POBh 5200000000
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