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Hypr Opens Pre-Orders of Biometric Mobile Wallet

New York City fintech firm Hypr Corp is taking preorders for its Hypr-3 biometric mobile wallet bundle. The bundle consists of the HYPR-3 bio-sticker and access to the Hypr-3 biometric mobile wallet. Hypr-3 utilizes a 3 Factor Authentication protocol requiring a fingerprint, a PIN, and a dynamic token. The mobile...

Anti-ASIC Vertcoin Adopts “Elastic Distribution Model”

The team behind bitcoin-alternative cryptocurrency Vertcoin announced yesterday that it would transform its model into elastic distribution. Vertcoin lead developer, Adam Rivera posted this to their blog: We are most pleased to announce that Vertcoin will be moving to an elastic distribution model. This is absolutely revolutionary in the cryptocurrency world...

Exgate, Bitreserve, CAUFEX Jointly Develop Clearing Service Across Forex, Derivative, Crypto Trading

Exgate, a startup providing digital currency trading systems to the brokerage industry, has partnered with "proof of solvency" bitcoin clearing service Bitreserve and commodities and derivatives exchange JSC Caufex to offer a real-time clearing and settling service. The three companies are partnering to expand their combined technologies and clearing capabilities...

Blocknet Currency Fibrecoin Launches ZeroTrust Safety Feature

Bitcoin alternative currency FibreCoin has in past two months launched several safety features including most recently an end-to-end privacy solution called ZeroTrust. The development team behind Fibre hope to make ZeroTrust the safest obfuscation technology in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. ZeroTrust does not use XC mixer, Dark Send, Zerocoin or Zerocash...
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