Ethereum Classic $ETC Forecast: Sunday Edition: Sideways

October 28 2018 19:36 UTC

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This edition features popular Ethereum Classic $ETC price views from @tradingview @investingcom & @kittybitcoin. Or jump right to today’s Ethereum Classic $ETC Forecast.


View: bearish


Automated Signal of @tradingview affirms "One Day: Strong Sell
Oscillators: Sell
Moving Averages: Strong Sell"
Published: October 28 2018


View: bearish


Automated Signal of @investingcom elucidates "Summary:Strong Sell
Moving Averages:Strong Sell > Buy (0) Sell (12)
Technical Indicators:Strong Sell > Buy (1) Sell (6)"
Published: 14:40:06 – Real-time Data


View: sideways


Kitty Bitcoin of @kittybitcoin reads "$ETC/USDT reached $20.80 in August 05 2018 and bottomed out October 10 2018 at a price of $9.05 (Binance, 1 week and 1 day charts). The overall trend is down with the last six days all in the red. Daily volume over the last four days is extremely weak. The hourly MACD is in the red and showing nominal selling pressure. The hourly Relative Strength Index (RSI) is neutral at 39.41 pointing south. The 24 hour trading range is a high of 9.7322 and a low of 9.5780. Ethereum Classic is supported at $9.65 over an extended period. If $ETC breaks lower it will be substantially lower as the next support is at $9.47. More likely is a sideways move as the market is nearing oversold based on the descending RSI, the six days of red candles, and the weak volume. "
Published: October 28

Ethereum Classic $ETC Forecast

on Sunday October 28 2018 19:36 UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bearish/bearish/sideways/”.

It was not possible to find three (printed) recent $ETC Technical Analyses. As a result the author is pinch hitting for the third analyst. Once you get out of the top ten (or so) tokens it is hard to find timely technical analysis publications, if any can be found at all.

Ethereum Classic is currently ranked sixteen on

A “sideways” movement is arbitrarily defined as plus or minus half a percent.

Yesterday’s Prediction & Today’s Report Card
Prediction: “Cardano $ADA Forecast: Weekend Edition: Cautiously Bullish”
Report Card: Last Price $0.073470 24h Change -0.00024 -0.33% [Ed: sideways]

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author holds Ethereum Classic $ETC at the time of writing.

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