Stellar Lumens $XLM Forecast: Thursday Edition: Split Decision

October 25 2018 19:49 UTC

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This edition features popular Stellar Lumens $XLM price views from @coinspeaker @investingcom & @xbtnet. Or jump right to today’s Stellar Lumens $XLM Forecast.


View: bearish


Azeez Mustapha of @coinspeaker observes "Stellar price may break the demand level of $0.23, the downtrend movement will be experienced and it will be exposed to the demand level of $0.20"
Published: Thursday, October 25th, 2018 3:36pm UTC


View: bullish


Automated Signal of @investingcom inscribes "XLM/BTC Bittrex Technical Analysis > Daily
Moving Averages:Buy > Buy (7) Sell (5)
Technical Indicators:BUY > Buy (4) Sell (1)"
Published: October 25 2018 15:20:19 – Real-time Data


View: neutral


XBT Network of @xbtnet prints "XLM is down by 0.8% against the US Dollars over the past five days even though has been able to retain its value as it still trades at $0.24. It is however down by less than 1% against Bitcoin over the past five days."

Stellar Lumens $XLM Forecast

on Thursday October 25 2018 19:49 UTC


The crypto pundits say: “bearish/bullish/neutral/”.

It’s hard to find three recent published technical analyses on Stellar Lumens $XLM. The lower the marketcap the less chance of finding something useful. Today’s experts include a brief @coinspeaker analysis,’s automated (daily) analysis, and a “Stellar Lumen (XLM) price analysis” from which is a third and recent source – but no price forecast nor opinion.

On the Binance one day chart $XLM/USDT has been trending down for the last six days. We saw a huge dip on October 10 2018, with partial recovery through to October 17 2018. From there on in its a gradual slide downward. $XLM peaked recently at $00.30462 on September 22. It’s also seen a September 09 low of just eighteen cents.

The four hour Relative Strength Index (RSI) is undersold and sitting at 40.87. The MACD (Binance default) has been in the green for six days on the daily chart but the upwards pressure is nominal.

Bitcoin is at $6551.07 on Bitfinex – and it could be a more of an influence than any apparent intrinsic $XLM trading characteristic.

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author does not hold Stellar Lumens $XLM at the time of writing.

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