MIOTA $IOTA Forecast: Sunday Edition: 3 Way Split

September 02 2018 16:10 UTC

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This edition features popular MIOTA $IOTA price views from @investingcom @walletinvestor & @cointelegraph. Or jump right to today’s MIOTA $IOTA Forecast.


View: neutral


Automated Signal of @investingcom perceives "IOT/USD Bitfinex Technical Analysis > Daily Data View >
Moving Averages:Sell Buy (5) Sell (7) >
Technical Indicators:Strong Buy Buy (8) Sell (1)"
Published: September 02 2018 11:46:49 – Real-time Data


View: bearish


Automated Signal of @walletinvestor reports "The IOTA Forecast, Short-Term MIOTA/USD Price Prediction [editor: available with subscription]: $IOTA is predicted to see a bearish trend over the next few days with a descent price to 0.592 USD. "
Published: September 02 2018


View: bullish


Rakesh Upadhyay of @cointelegraph feels "The IOTA/USD pair will continue to face selling between $0.815 and $0.9150. After this zone is crossed, the rally can extend to $1.24."

MIOTA $IOTA Forecast

on Sunday September 02 2018 16:10 UTC


The crypto pundits say: “neutral/bearish/bullish/”.

Our experts weigh in today with a three way split between neutral, bearish and bullish. This is an unusual combination. We tend to see three forecasts with two agreeing views about predicted price direction – or everybody agreeing.

Note that our third expert view is two days old, which is ancient in cryptocurrency price analysis. However the remarks largely still apply.

On Aug 29 @_cryptonomic_ predicts: “$IOTA One more wave up to around 0.85 before we go retest the lows maybe even break them.”

Binance Price
At press time the Binance $IOTA/USDT price is:
2018-09-02 09:09:51
Last Price $0.709000
24h Change -0.0430 -5.72%
24h High 0.7606
24h Low 0.7019
24h Volume 11,720,384.91 USDT

[legal disclaimer] Just one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author does not hold MIOTA $IOTA at the time of writing.

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