Bitcoin Cash Launch Report: Kraken $BCH/EUR Trend Down


Bitcoin Cash is up 54.37% on the day but down since launch on Bitcoin Cash launched on August 01 2017 with a reported opening price of 700,000.0000 $BCH/EUR. The Bitcoin Cash daily high is 695.0000 EUR with an August 01 2017 all time low of 101.0000 EUR. Today’s Kraken $BCH/EUR volume is 117,571 EUR and the last price is 449.9999 EUR. In relatively low volume trading (down from Aug 01) the short term trend is down.

Digital asset: Bitcoin Cash

Trading Symbol: $BCH

Not all exchanges use the $BCH trading symbol. Some exchanges use a duplicated $BCC symbol – currently used by Bitconnect: BitConnect (BCC) $65.81 (13.14%) 0.02426640 BTC (14.29%) according to

Launch Date

$BCH/EUR was launched on Kraken on August 01 2017.

Market Capitalization

Price $USD: 533.1324
Circulating supply: 16,482,225
Market cap: $8530.1184 M
(circulating supply data courtesy

Price History BCH Markets
Today’s markets are substantially different from yesterday’s ViaBTC $BCC Launch Report. More exchanges are carrying the new altcoin. BCH trades in Euros are the second highest volume.

Bittrex has most market share expressed in $BCC followed by Kraken who reports the token symbol differently with $BCH:

Tap or click chart to enlarge:

Kraken Default TradingView Chart

Opening price: 700,000.0000 EUR
It is difficult to conceive of any trader paying seven hundred thousand euro for just one Bitcoin Cash token but that is exactly what the default TradingView chart (Kraken Default TradingView Chart) indicates for the $BCH opening price.

The low for day one was 101.0000 EUR and the day one close as indicated on mouseover of the one day candle is 291.8489 EUR.

As in other new altcoin launches on other exchanges there is limited data and therefore limited chart candles available. The thirty minute candle chart now yields usable information. Longer periods are not yet sustained by the TradingView reporting system.

Kraken Thirty Minute Candles Chart

Pair: $BCH/EUR

High: 695.0000 EUR
Low: 253.0000 EUR
Last price: 449.9999 EUR
All time change from the opening price: down


117,571.76 EUR

Bitcoin XBTLivePrice



Currently the miners mining the Bitcoin Cash altcoin could receive $USD 533.1324 per token. This contrasts with Bitfinex $BTC price of USD$ 2708.00 per token. The difference is $ 2,174.86.

It is not known how long the miners may want to continue applying finite mining resources to a coin with a face value worth so much less.

Exchanges Listed On

Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, ViaBTC, BTER, Yunbi, HitBTC & others.

Data source


Asset Description

“Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash.”

Asset Website [opens in new tab]


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