Asian Digital Currency Exchanges Support for Exchange Union

XUC: Bridges Digital Currency Exchanges Globally (PRNewsfoto/Exchange Union)

Exchange Union has announced that it has attracted the attention of some of the leading exchanges in China in support of its ‘Universal token’ for cross-platform trading. Exchange Union is a new focus for Huiyin Blockchain Venture Founder James Wo, who plans to bridge exchanges via a new inter-exchange trading token XUC. Exchange Union will act as a clearing house for exchanges, bringing them extra revenue whilst traders can take advantage of price differences between platforms, moving funds between them.

Sathvik Vishwanath, co-founder of Indian digital currency exchange Unocoin has stated support for the project. Coinhako, one of the major digital currency wallets in Singapore, also values the project. Yusho Liu, co-founder of Coinhako, said that he began seeking cooperation with global, high quality ICO projects and it was Exchange Union that attracted his attention. Liu noted the strength of Exchange Union’s credible core members and reputable advisors. During the preparation period of Exchange Union, David Lee, co-founder and CEO of CHBTC, contacted Wo directly to show his interest in the project stating that he would do his best to support Exchange Union.



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