EOS Launch Report: $EOS/EUR up 8.06%


EOS is up 8.06% since launch on Kraken. EOS launched on July 01 2017 with an opening price of 3.760 $EOS/EUR. The Kraken EOS all time high is EUR 4.550 with an all time low of EUR 3.300. Today’s volume is 4.6 million and the last price is EUR 4.063. In medium volume trading the short term trend is mixed.

Digital asset: EOS

Trading Symbol: $eos

Launch Date

$EOS/EUR was launched on Kraken on July 01 2017.

Kraken offers EOS trading in ETH, EUR, USD and XBT. Following are the volumes reported by Kraken today:

ETH 2.3 M
EUR 4.6 M
USD 2.1 M
XBT 1.5 M

Since the largest volume of 4.6 million is in EOS/EUR accordingly this report shows prices in euro except as noted.

Market Capitalization

Price $USD: 4.610
Available supply: 159,633,319
Market capitalization: $732.99 M

Price History

Tap or click chart to enlarge: All Time Chart

Kraken uses one of the lamest charts available – a seven hour TradingView chart. While EOS was launched on July 01 2017 the Kraken TradingView chart only manages to show seven hours on the third day after launch. See the chart above for a better picture.

Today’s EOS/USD volume on Bitfinex is about 3.5 M:

Pair: $EOS/EUR

High: 4.550
Low: 3.300
Opening price: 3.760
Last price: 4.063
All time change from the opening price: 8.06%


4.6 million

Exchanges Listed On

Yunbi, BTER, Kraken, Bitfinex, HitBTC, EtherDelta, Liqui

Data source


Asset Description

“The EOS platform is designed to scale the mainstream development of decentralized applications for large businesses, and claims to the first platform to do so.”

Asset Website [opens in new tab]


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