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Frost & Sullivan Identifies 2017 Global Blockchain Start-up Map

Growth partnership company Frost & Sullivan and dedicated blockchain venture builder Outlier Ventures have evaluated the blockchain market and mapped 130 major blockchain start-ups into their key activity areas. The blockchain ecosystem made significant progress in 2016, with dozens of new companies, funding rounds and partnerships. Using Outlier Ventures’ Blockchain Ecosystem Tracker with over 1200 listed blockchain start-ups, Frost & Sullivan analysed the state of development.

Vijay Michalik, Digital Transformation Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, commented: “We are still at the beginning of a long journey for blockchain start-ups. Investment in 2016 reached an all-time high of over $500 million, bringing total investment in blockchain technology start-ups to $1.5 billion. While the technology’s ecosystem is still in its early phases, 2016 saw a clear progression away from cryptocurrency towards generalized financial services and enterprise infrastructure. The technology is also making new inroads into vertical industries like energy, healthcare and the automotive sector.”



Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.
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