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Chain of Things Plans Blockchain IoT Security Case Study + Event with IOTA, ElectricChain, Solcrypto, Bitseed

Chain of Things (CoT), a consortium that supports collaborative development on an open source standard to secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices, today announced the launch of a case study on solar panels and a London conference on 1st of June 2016, covering blockchain-based IoT security.

For the case study and event, the CoT consortium has brought together key partners that include Solcrypto – founders of the SolarCoin movement, ElectriCChain – a solar energy blockchain, IOTA – decentralized micro-transactions cryptocurrency for IoT systems, and Bitseed– the developer of plug-and-play blockchain micro devices.

According to a CoT statement, the case study will record solar data and push it onto the blockchains, and examine the security of adding, maintaining and moving that data on the ledgers. If the security dimensions of blockchain technology start to make sense, then the June 1st event will signal the beginning of the build of an open blockchain IoT standard.

Francois Sonnet, a founder of ElectriCChain, commented on the case study:

“Solar is at the root of the coming 3rd industrial revolution ; Blockchain and IoT technologies are at the crossroads of this technology and will enable it to flourish further. Today, 240GWp of solar installations have been grid connected; by 2040, the International Energy Agency expects an additional 5,000GWp of solar power, translating into upwards of 200 million decentralized solar applications. Securely linking solar production data to the ElectriCChain Blockchain will enable solar owners to share production data and help create a first of a kind global monitoring platform for Global Climate Change and Meteorological purposes.”

The London conference on June 1st will cover the application of blockchain technology for IoT security. Topics and speakers will include the following:

  • The Need for Security in IoT – Simon Harrison, Head of Technology, UK – RWE Innovation Hub
  • The Power of the Blockchain to Address Security Risks in IoT – David Sønstebø, IOTA
  • Security Through Transparency – a Shift from Proprietary to Open Source Models – Michael Freeman
  • Smart Contracts – Secure Uses and Applications in IoT – Max Kordek, Lisk
  • Physical device security and blockchain hashing – Mihai Cimpoesu, Chain of Things

Readers interested in attending the conference can register at this Eventbrite URL:

Those parties interested in becoming a partner in the Chain of Things consortium can email

CoT is a research lab examining whether blockchain technology can solve the existential threat to IoT – security. The consortium of partners supports collaborative development on an open source standard to secure IoT devices. CoT plans to engage in case studies that will document practical, real world implementations of secure blockchain based IoT stacks with specific emphasis on key security layers. Through these multiple case studies, the members of CoT hope to build a clearer picture of what the most optimal IoT+blockchain stack should include and will determine if blockchain technology is a legitimate improvement over legacy security solutions.

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