Unichange Grant Cryptocurrency Virtual Debit Card Offer

Unichange has launched its giveaway of Unichange virtual debit cards to every customer who orders a Unichange plastic bitcoin debit card. Customers who order a plastic card will receive Unichange virtual card in the same currency, free of charge. The virtual card is delivered instantly, allowing customers to use it whilst waiting for the ordered plastic card to arrive. Funds on the virtual card can be transferred to the plastic card when it is received.

Unichange charges fees of 0.7% for bitcoin, litecoin and BTC-e USD codes to Unichange card transfer. Once funds appear on Unichange they are covered by the card provider with EMI license, and customers can use the funds on their card globally. These bitcoin and litecoin debit cards are useful for traders, IB partners, Binary option traders, hosting services, design and consultancy services, bloggers, forum owners, and anyone who accepts crypto and e-currencies on their websites and wishes to withdraw funds quickly and securely.

Plastic and virtual Unichange cards can be ordered in both EUR and USD currencies and have a number of advantages, including ATM withdrawal limits up to 90 000 USD/EUR monthly, unlimited POS transactions. The plastic cards can be purchased for 9 USD or 8 EUR or bought with various cryptocurrencies and can be used at vendors such as AliExpress, Amazon, Taobao, eBay etc. If the card is not available in a country, alternative methods for withdrawing crypto are also available on the Unichange website.

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