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MyBitDeposit Seeks Additional Funding for Cryptocurrency Deposit Service

MyBitDeposit LLC, a cryptocurrency deposit company on the bitcoin trade market that allows multiple deposit options, has announced that it is seeking additional funding. Offering users the opportunity to make bitcoin, litecoin and dash deposits to earn a secure passive income, MyBitDeposit is a US registered company. Its team of traders make investments with the company funds in order to earn profit for clients. There are no fees for opening, maintaining or closing a deposit account.

Users of MyBitDeposit can choose from the “MyBitDeposit in Advance” and “MyBitDeposit Term Deposit” options, with BTC, LTC and DASH able to be used in both types. The MyBitDeposit team has reported that it aims to provide the highest possible returns for their customers and has claimed that interest rates are growing every month, increasing up to 24.00% P.A.

Different account options offer slightly different benefits. Users of the ‘MyBitDeposit in Advance’ will receive their interest when they open their deposit account, rather than at its maturity. The interest rates for this option are described as being high and are fixed for the whole period. Opening, maintaining, and closing the deposit account is free and there is round the clock support available. Investors that choose to open ‘MyBitDeposit term deposit’ will receive the same benefits; however, the client enters into an agreement with MyBitDeposit which states that, upon the expiration of the term that is fixed under the agreement, MyBitdeposit owes the client interest, the value of which is dictated by the amount deposited.

Founder Aleksandar Altanbashev explained: “We have a team from professional traders. They have developed an investment strategy and earn interest through trading on existing exchanges. We also have created a money buffer with already attracted funding from private investors – $100 000. This measure provides our clients with protection from any future losses.”



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