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Ethereum Labs Introduces EtherX Multi-Currency Platform

Ethereum Labs, a developer of distributed applications on the Ethereum protocol, has launched its EtherX multi-currency wallet with an integrated exchange.

The blockchain apps developer indicated that EtherX will serve as a multi-currency wallet that includes multi-signature technology, integrated vertical marketplaces, an integrated exchange and Ethereum’s scalability.

The exchange will permit the trading of fiat, various cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and cryptoassets, and requires appropriate AML & KYC licensing for retailers working through the core EtherX exchange API.

Users can purchase DApps and Ether at


Ethereum Labs noted that it is also developing loyalty applications on the blockchain dubbed “Loyalty 2.0.” The developer is looking at offering customers blockchain loyalty tokens or reward points generated by algorithm with that are decentralized, individualized, “exempt from regulation” and limited in liability; have instant liquidity, fraud and counterfeit proof security; and are seamless in social media, video games or digital media.

The firm is also developing an EthereumCard platform that features white label Visa/Mastercard co-branding, near field communication (NFC) and multi-currency capability.

Ethereum Labs is independent of the Ethereum project and has some of the same management team members as Blockchain Lab, namely Ismail Malik, Derick Smith, Rakesh Rajagopal and Jeff Guzzy. Malik and Arlyn Culwick are also core team members of blockchain-agnostic platform-as-a-service Blocknet.

Ethereum Labs’ EtherX platform, at, is not to be confused with a separate decentralized exchange built on Ethereum, EtherEx.

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