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Getgems Funds Released After Reaching 1st Koinify-Audited Milestone

Blockchain-based social messenger Getgems has attained its first milestone since the startup’s software token sale, according to crowdfunding platform Koinify.

Koinify made the decision to release the first funds after evaluating development that the Getgems team had completed thus far.

In a release, the Koinify team and Counterparty co-founder Adam Krellenstein noted:

In the last month, the Getgems team has made some great progress on their development end – they’ve integrated their codebase with Telegram and launched their Android beta application. Getgems Messenger currently stands at 1,000+ downloads, and an amazing 4.6 average star review.

Krellenstein and the Koinify team “independently reviewed” the product and determined that the development met the pre-sale required criteria for the Andriod version of the messenger platform:

  • All regular messaging function works smoothly, including new user registration, login, encrypted messaging, etc.
  • GEMZ token balance is viewable in the client, along with token sending & receiving.
  • Push notifications have been implemented.
  • Bonus features: Group Telegram chatting, BTC wallet integration, and user experience details.

Based on the previously announced schedule, Koinify released 25 percent of the funds, 658 BTC, to Decentralized Mobile Applications Ltd, the holding company for Getgems Messenger. The funds are to be exclusively used to continue Getgems development, as well as marketing & promotion.

The Blockchain transaction can be seen her

Team Koinify and Krellenstein concluded:

We’d like to again congratulate the Getgems team on their progress, and we’re excited to see them continue to deliver an awesome product for the community.

Koinify uses the Counterparty Bitcoin-linked financial services protocol as a platform for crowdfunding of Blockchain 2.0 ventures, also known as appcoins. Getgems, which was able to raise 2,633 BTC and sell 38,135,367 GEMZ, is the first project to raise funds on Koinify. Blockchain-based data application layer project, Factom, is the second, and has sold 3,716,755 of its Factoids at 1,800 to 2,000 Factoids per BTC, which ends in mid May.

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