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Bitcoin & Darkcoin Orgs Jointly Warn Hong Kong Investors Of Bogus Websites

The Bitcoin foundation and the Darkcoin Foundation, now rebranded Dash Foundation, today issued a joint warning regarding fraudulent websites.

In the wake of the MyCoin ponzi scheme scandal earlier this year, the warning was particularly meant for Hong Kong investors:

BTC Review is managed by a group of dedicated Bitcoin enthusiast[s]. This website provides information to the public and help Bitcoin users decide what companies are trustworthly [sic] and safe to use. Recently a Ponzi Scheme occurred in Hong Kong using Bitcoin to attract their victims. A company in general can be seen as more trustworthy if it is contactable, has a transparent presence and a relatively long history. Having said that an elaborate and well thought out scam is hard to detect and prove. Email to report a scam or provide evidence for the below.

In the joint statement at BTC Review the two organizations with the help of cryptocurrency community members provide a list of websites that are under alert:

The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s largest English newspaper, interviewed the Vice President of the Dash Foundation, Fernando Gutierrez. The spokesman told the SCMP that a Hong Kong website with Darkcoin name and logo was promising 40 percent returns and, like MyCoin and other pyramid scams, offering investors incentives for bringing in more customers.

The statement concluded with the following:

The above pages are listed here as “Alert ” as there have been negative reports from multiple sources. We are providing details of these website for you to you make your own decision.

BTC Official and Darkcoin Official do NOT support such “investment schemes”.

Recent News in HK with have shown that BTC/DRK Ponzi schemes are getting bigger and more popular in HK and China. Please be careful with your investments, if you are seeking more information please check the official Webpages.

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