Digital Currency Council Finds 41% Americans Trust “Digital Currency” Job Titles Over Those Using “Bitcoin”

The Digital Currency Council (DCC) announced that last week it found in a survey that 41 percent of Americans trusted job titles using the term “Digital Currency” as opposed to those using the word “Bitcoin” (15 percent). “Virtual Currency” did slightly better at 18 percent, but “Cryptocurrency” also struggled at 15 percent and “Litecoin” bottomed out at 8 percent. The survey was conducted via Google Insights polling among a representative sample of 506 people in the US in March 2015.

The DCC stated

What does this mean for Bitcoin? It’s no secret that public perceptions of Bitcoin are less than favorable. These sentiments may shift as the industry evolves and average consumers become more familiar with the technology. However, at this moment, professionals joining the rapidly expanding digital currency economy may be advantaged in choosing job titles that ensure trust and authority, and well advised to avoid terms like “Bitcoin” or “Cryptocurrency.”


The DCC is an association of digital currency industry professionals with the avowed mission of supporting “the development of best in class professional practices in the digital currency economy through training, certification, and ongoing practice and marketing support.”

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