Privacy Company Abine Starts New Beta Service for Bitcoin Users

Abine, the online privacy company, today announced a new beta service designed to help Bitcoin users engage more easier in online commerce.

The invite-only beta will enable Bitcoin to make “Abine Masked Card” purchases at any merchant.

“What we aim to achieve is to assess consumer demand for a purchasing experience that balances innovation, convenience, compliance, and security,” said Andrew Sudbury, Abine co-founder and CTO.

The beta program is limited to users of the popular Coinbase Bitcoin wallet and users must also use Abine’s Blur premium service, which apparently lets anyone control their passwords payments and privacy.

Abine plans to share the results of the beta program with key Bitcoin companies, influencers, and regulators in order to inform the ecosystem about the potential for broadening the pace of Bitcoin acceptance – from beyond the 85,000 merchants who accept Bitcoin payments today.

Everyone wants to know how Bitcoin would fare if it were more widely accepted by merchants. Leading VC’s who have invested in Bitcoin like Andreesen Horowitz, Lightspeed, Index, and Khosla Ventures are ultimately betting that consumers will come use Bitcoin if it is accepted more broadly. Similarly, the big Bitcoin startups like Coinbase, Circle, Bitpay, Bitfury, and Xapo are betting on wide acceptance catalyzing mainstream use.

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