UK Bitcoin Payment Gateway AsMoney Launches with Zero Fees for Virtual Currencies

UK based Bitcoin payment gateway AsMoney has officially launched. Features include zero fees, mass payments, auto conversion to USD and Euro, online crypto wallets, and multiple cryptocurrencies available.

AsMoney permits users to transfer money in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Darkcoin via its payment gateway.

The in-house developed AsMoney payment gateway is designed sto allow merchants to accept a specified coin such as Bitcoin and convert customers payments with live rates into their preferred local currency such as USD or Euros. AsMoney claims to take no fees for cryptocurrency transactions, a 0.5% fee for transfer of local currencies between accounts and a 1% fee for withdraw making it a price competitive payment option.

Gintatus Vileita, the founder of AsMoney states,

Initially, our plan was to create a Bitcoin payment gateway, but after a while, we came to the conclusion that users needed a comprehensive solution so as to have access to a set of various cryptocurrencies. A Merchant is in need of more hardware resources and more development expenses for adding new Coins, but AsMoney creates a situation in which all popular Coins can be accepted through one payment gateway.

The platform also provides a web-based wallet for sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoin without the need to download software. According to the company, the gateway provides a secure API for concurrent mass payments, instant cryptocurrency payments with no transaction costs, exchange possibilities for BTC and LTC to other currencies, and supports multi-currency transactions.

After six months of analysis, market research, and software testing the experienced AsMoney team unveiled the final version of the site. During this period AsMoney has added five popular cryptocurrencies and their range now includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and increasingly popular Darkcoin. The company is investigating the addition more cryptocurrencies in the future and has due to popular demand chosen to offer their services in Russian.

AsMoney notes that it offers industry-standard encryption, regular backups, and a secure data center for storing user information. Approximately 90% of customer funds are held in cold storage.

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