247exchange Offers Bitcoin Trading Through Credit & Debit Cards

Bitcoin exchange platform, managed by InterMoney Exchange has launched a new feature – withdrawing Bitcoins directly to credit/debit card.

With both Visa and MasterCard providers, credit and debit cards of different types including prepaid are supported. CEO Alexey Maximenko commented –

It’s always been a headache for everyone to exchange Bitcoin to fiat money with minimal losses. If you look at the market, you’ll see that only a few companies offer such services as withdrawing cryptocurrencies to credit cards. Maybe we’re not the pioneers, but we’re among the first ones. With our service Bitcoin becomes one step closer to real money. It’s never been so easy to transform Bitcoin into USD, Euro or another fiat currency

At the end of last year 247exchange integrated credit/debit cards for buying cryptocurrencies and is now offering this service for selling Bitcoin.

247exchange’s card solutions could also useful for “unbanked” populations in developing nations and regions.

For small and medium payments the fees will be less than in the case of using bank wire transfer as a withdrawal instrument. This feature is useful for miners, traders, freelancers, and everyone else who regularly withdraws amounts of Bitcoin into fiat for their current needs and expenses. Also, it allows the crypto user to transfer money to his friends and relatives.

To withdraw Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to credit/debit card, the user submits an order in the sell section of to initiate the verification process.

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