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BlockTrust Crowdfunded SendChat to Debut Messaging App with 4 Coins Sending – BTC, DOGE, DRK, SEND

Startup SendChat announced that it will soon debut its cryptocurrency messenger app that will also permit users to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

On January 8th, SendChat launched its funding campaign on blockchain-focused crowdfunding platform BlockTrust.

Similar to the other cryptocurrency-driven message app Gems, SendChat will be built on the open source messaging network Telegram but will permit sending of four currencies – Bitcoin, Sendcoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin – between users.

Telegram has over 50 million users with features such as sending messages, files, photos, and videos. SendChat members will also be able to send and receive messages to Telegram users but sending the four cryptocurrencies requires both users to have SendChat.

According to the SendChat team, the app’s digital currency sending feature will not require wallet addresses or technical expertise, and will be fully compatible with MAC, Android, iOS, PC, Linux and Smart Watches.

SendChat says it will continue to partner with third party blockchain crowdfunding platform and project certification service BlockTrust that utilizes multisig Bitcoin escrow.

The messaging app will include a Cryptocurrency To Fiat Exchange, Creators Market, Send Chat Store and personalized news.

The SendChat team has revealed that they will be using an Amazon EC2 DDoS mitigation provider for network stability and to prevent DDoS attacks. All platform data will be encrypted and SSL encryption will be used for internet traffic.

The group behind SendChat has also launched a low energy altcoin, called Sendcoin, that they claim provides 30x faster transactions than Bitcoin as well as having a low inflation rate, only 21 million coins in circulation, only 1% yearly interest, multi-signature features and 60 second transactions.

Sendcoin users will apparently have added benefits when using the coin in SendChat such as added discounts when making purchases, discounts for stores accepting Sendcoin, free Creators Market vouchers for first time Sendcoin users and other prizes.

The SendChat and Sendcoin white paper is available online.

Gems is social messenger service that includes a secure Bitcoin wallet and further rewards users of the messaging service with GEMZ – another altcoin or alternative currency built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Also being developed with Telegram as its messaging protocol, users of the Gems messsenger can exchange GEMZ with each other.

Gems wrapped up its Koinify based crowdsale on January 10th, raising 2,633 BTC from selling 38,135,367 GEMZ.

In comparison, the SendChat crowdsale only confirms 6.948 bitcoin.

SendChat Promotional Video

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