OKCoin Upbeat About New Trading Interface, P2P Lending

OKCoin recently launched a new full screen trading view for futures and peer-to-peer lending.

The new full screen trade view features an interactive trading interface with click-to-populate orders and market information at a single glance. In addition to the trading interface, it boasts a robust charts section with a suite of drawing tools and numerous indicators allowing for in-depth market analysis. Users can see a comprehensive view of their current positions and market movements while placing an order in the same page.

OKCoin has also added P2P lending to their international site for the first time, providing the option for all users to lend. Traders are able to choose a loan at an interest rate and duration of their choice and are afforded 2.2x to 3x leverage depending on their VIP level.

OKCoin hopes the launch of P2P lending will increase the liquidity of their USD spot market as it increases the amount of bitcoin being traded on the exchange.

According to OKCoin

Lending Market will automatically match the most suitable loans with those looking to borrow ensuring users get the most preferential terms every time. Users can select a loan duration of 3 to 360 days with an interest rate of their preference.

OKCoin reports that it has seen significant demand for the leanding feature and expects significant usage, as they have stated in the past that there is a waiting list for users to loan on


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