Online Diamond Retailer Accepts Bitcoin Payment Through BitPay

Online diamond retailer will now permit purchase of diamonds and diamond jewelry using Bitcoin in partnership with Bitcoin payment gateway BitPay.

.According to IDiamonds CEO Dan Gildoni, exchanging Bitcoin for diamonds is an excellent choice for Bitcoin investors. Gildoni notes,

First, as the famous quote says: “Diamonds Are Forever .” They traditionally increase in value, are a stable product, and are a sought after commodity in their own right.

Second, IDiamond decided to begin accepting bitcoin to make it easier to purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry.

In 2014 Bitcoin adoption globally has been increasing significantly. Microsoft, Greenpeace, Newegg, Overstock, Dell, Wikipedia. Mozilla and many more household names are accepting payment in Bitcoin along with tens of thousands of other small businesses across the globe.

Currently, Bitcoin owners are forced to rely on online exchanges and ATM machines available only at limited individual locations. The traditional brick and mortar stores, the names that consumers know, are again slow to adopt.

By offering Bitcoin enthusiasts and Bitcoin investors a stable and trusted commodity to exchange their Bitcoin into, IDiamonds aspires to further push the eCommerce revolution.

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