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KorePhone Project – Secure Smartphone Using Blockchain, TOR

On this blog, we like to look at alternative applications for blockchain technology. In the age of NSA surveillance and hackers everywhere, one interesting alternative use of the technology that has been making some news and buzz on cryptocurrency forums is the KorePhone – a highly secure smartphone concept being developed by the KoreCoin development team.

If you haven’t read about KoreCoin, the Bittrex-traded virtual currency is the first use an embedded TOR proof of stake anon (PoSA) scrypt to ensure anonymity. Originally developed by the Naval Research Laboratory, TOR is a software and open network that protects anonymity and defends against traffic analysis.

For some time, the KoreCoin development team has been working on KoreVoIPA, which is a free communication platform similar to Skype but allowing anonymous communication within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Alpha version of KoreVoIPA was released in October and features instant anonymous messages using Kore’s ‘Address to Address’ application, voice-mail, a ‘buddy list’ phone-book that allows users to call contacts directly, and “presences notification” that allows users to see which contacts are online.

In a nutshell, the “Address-to-Address” calling function allows people to make VoIP calls by selecting another user’s Wallet address. The Kore team demos an example of such a call in the following video:

KoreVoIPA is available in multiple platforms including Windows, OSX and Linux. The Kore team has indicated that the Beta phase features include KorePoBA, a unique version of burning coins that gives users one more tier of anonymity, real time anonymous video calls using the Kore “Address-to-Address” calling option, and traditional calls to any phone number in the world for a small local fee.

While working on KoreCoin and KoreVoIPA, the development team came to the conclusion that they should develop a smartphone operating system and therefore a smartphone that is based on the blockchain technology. The idea was to build an OS from the ground up that will rely on the TOR network and VPN technologies as well as a highly secure sandboxed code exection environment.

The Kore team has initiated a call to action among app coders and developers worldwide via the “XDA Forums” giving them the opportunity of modifying apps to be fully compatible with the KorePhone technology. They put out a list of apps and bounties on a KorePhone thread on forums.

A Call to Apps


korephoneappbounties 2

The development team has released a preview of the KorePhone OS version 0.1 and indicated on the same thread that they would release the SDK, API, and documentation this week for apps developers who want to enter the above challenge. It will be intriguing how the KorePhone project develops in the coming months and which hardware providers they will use to debut the smartphone.

Kore’s Æther Kripton OS Preview

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