Cryptocoin DNotes Launches Web Wallet Backed by Cold Storage

The team behind cryptocurrency DNotes has launched DNotesVault, a web wallet that they guarantee 100% deposit through a separate cold storage account, secured in a different location.

Co founder, Alan Yong, explained:

It is easier to open a DNotesVault account than a bank account. It is also secure. We guarantee 100% of your deposit through a separate cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always in excess of the total deposit. The guaranteed funds are verifiable any time through the blockchain.

A holder of DNotes with a DNotesVault account can send DNotes to anyone that has an email address. According to the DNotes team, a user can stretch $100 at the current price in DNotes and at the last minute to a long list of family and friends. The recipient is directed to open an account at and the gifted amount show up in the new account balance.

DNotesVault also has a function called “Timed Send” that is a scheduled installment payment at a defined amount with scheduled frequencies in terms of days, weeks, months, or years.


According to Yong, one of DNotes’ core missions is to build a very large generation of DNotes stakeholders worldwide through a family of CR.I.S.Ps. (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans).

Yong went on to say that “Until DNotes becomes a truly valuable digital currency in our space, many may not understand or appreciate the DNotes’ approach in building fundamental values”. He is convinced that DNotesVault has a major strategic significance. Among various objectives, DNotesVault will be creatively utilized to build the next generation of DNotes stakeholder using CR.I.S.P. for kids and CR.I.S.P. for students to be followed by many more. Yong stressed that “The beauty of DNotesVault is that we can setup and launch a new plan or program, such as a charity fund raising, in no time”.

Six months ago, the same team created and launched CryptoMoms, a currency neutral site dedicated to encourage and assist women to participate in cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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