China’s Bidingxing Offers Simple Bitcoin Paper Wallet Printer

Guangdong province-based Foshan Bidingxing Technology Co., Ltd offers a bitcoin paper wallet printer that follows bitcoin wallet rules and can print offline.

Paper wallets are a method for cold storing bitcoin that involves printing bitcoin addresses and private keys directly onto paper. Paper wallets are described in this Blockchain.info tutorial.

The Bidingxing paper wallet printer can operate offline to generate a paper wallet, thus isolated from any network and mitigating intrusion from hackers and computer viruses.

The printer unit can generate a wallet from a USB storage device and automatically back up the wallet to another USB device.

The hardware is a relatively simple piece of hardware with power indicator, status indicator, usb port, print button and , and prints out to a thermal paper roll. The printers comes with cable power supply and a small thermal paper roll.


In addition to minimizing network security issues, the advantages of paper wallets are that they take up little space, can be used as a medium of exchange, and can easily be used as a gift for someone.

The risk in using paper wallets is if someone or something is looking over your shoulder. Obviously, the paper wallet printer and the wallets should be handled in private and not near any cameras.

Bidingxing also sells bitcoin hardware wallets and vending machines, among some accessories related to bitcoin.



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