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By @KittyBitcoin

It’s finally here. For months I’ve wanted a bitcoin price index (BPI) which reflected the totality of the bitcoin market. On the web and on social media I found many bitcoin indexes but all of them are partial and small subsets of the crypto market. Until now.


Yes… @bravenewcoin has launched Their price discovery tool quantifies over 60+ bitcoin exchanges and includes all available markets and all available data. But what does it mean?

Multi industry benchmark
Any product or service which requires an accurate fiat price for bitcoin now has one. The Bitcoin Global Price is online & continuously updated. Here’s the url

Merchants wanting to set prices in any industry which use bitcoin – and nowadays that’s a significant and growing number – can simply grab the Global Bitcoin Price from @bitcoindotinfo

Embeddable tickers
@bitcoindotinfo also offers freely downloadable embeddable tickers – javascripts – so you can copy and paste their Global Bitcoin Price widget right onto your website – where it will be automatically updated.

Embeddable Tickers for your website

Download the embeddable ticker at

Equally as important is their price converter, pictured above and also deployable on your website. How handy is that?

For the crypto geeks a freely available json data stream lets you curl right into the primest data feed this side of the Pacific:

This data feed has been added to and is expanded in an interface which supports six languages – English Español Portugués Deutsch Français & Nederlands. It’s easy to get the Global Bitcoin Price 24×7 anywhere.

The firm who developed the Global Bitcoin Price tool – New Zealand’s Techemy Ltd. – plans to add new exchanges and data as they arrive. It took them eleven months to build what you see now.

Service Level Agreements

In their press release Techemy Ltd states they collect a ton of data from the Bitcoin & Altcoin marketplaces – that must be an understatement! Techemy must have a HUGE amount of quality data. If you or your company require something custom or more advanced, like global consolidated order books, or plan on running a service where such data is critical and you require a Service-Level-Agreement, the company can be reached at


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