Blocknet Currency Fibrecoin Launches ZeroTrust Safety Feature

Bitcoin alternative currency FibreCoin has in past two months launched several safety features including most recently an end-to-end privacy solution called ZeroTrust.

The development team behind Fibre hope to make ZeroTrust the safest obfuscation technology in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. ZeroTrust does not use XC mixer, Dark Send, Zerocoin or Zerocash technology. The Fibre team claims that it is an innovative solution to the security breaches cryptocurrency transactions have faced in the past, and that it prevents common problems by sharing transaction information between multiple mixer nodes on the decentralized network.

Other Fibre safety projects include FibreConnect – an anonymous and fully encrypted communication system, FibreDark -a stealth feature allowing users to hide their IP address and location when using the Fibre network and FibreOS – Fibre’s own Linux operating system that permits users to have security and cold storage solutions. FibreOS can be stored off-line on a USB stick making the information impossible for hackers to steal.

Available on six online exchanges including Cryptsy, Bittrex and Poloniex, Fibre is a part of Blocknet – a peer-to-peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains – and implements the Darkcoin algorithm Dark Gravity Wave.

The Fibre development team notes that the currency will also be added to the Casheer cryptocurrency iOS and Android merchant payment Apps.

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