$BTCUSD 30 Day Report as of December 01 2014

By @Kittybitcoin

Heaviest Trading Day of November
Wednesday Nov 12 2014 was the heaviest trading day in November. @bitstamp traded over 40 thousand bitcoin in a single 24 hour frame. Their 30 day volume of 431k pinned down third overall $BTCUSD rank with an overall marketshare of 18% for the month.

@bitstamp November graph
bitstamp-one-month-graphData courtesy 30 day graph
The powered graph of shows much the same:


Data courtesy of powered by (which is sponsored by @OKCoinBTC)

$BTCUSD popular secondary market
$BTCCNY volume is quantified by in millions of $BTC whereas $BTCUSD is in thousands. This makes $BTCUSD a secondary market – but one which is popular nonetheless. Tallying up the 30 day pie chart sums to a volume of 2,340,000 BTC – a couple of million $btc. This is no small

Total $BTCUSD November trading value $ 938,174,400
Using the 30 day high and low we arrive at a median 30 day price of $386.08. Above we added up bitcoinity’s monthly $BTCUSD volume equal to about 2,340,000 BTC. The extrapolated total $BTCUSD November monthly trading value is approximately $USD 903,427,200. That’s 9/10ths of a billion dollars.

Bitfinex reigns over $BTCUSD market
The overall number 4 all currencies volume leader is at it again – except this time absolutely tops the $BTCUSD pie. @bitfinex easily lands top position with 939k btc traded. But perhaps more importantly they have cornered the $BTCUSD market – at least for the time being – with over 40% market share.


Data as of December 01 2014 sponsored by @OKCoinBTC

@OKCoinBTC has again leApt up in the ranks
@OKCoinBTC has again leapt up in the ranks. Several months ago they were 4th ranked or less in $BTCUSD. In November, @OKCoinBTC edges @bitstamp with 466 k btc traded for a marketshare of 19% – and assumes number two Position. They still have a long way to go to catch up with @Bitfinex but with a leadership that publicly states they want to be the Google of Bitcoin if I was @bitfinex I would start to plan now for the upcoming showdown. OKCoinBTC is unequivocably first overall for all currencies traded and currently world bitcoin leader.
@btcecom continues their strong showing with over a quarter million btc traded and 10% marketshare. In observing their pricing, it is hard to find a day when they do not offer the lowest price at some point in the day perhaps arguably on a very consistent perpetual basis. It is not uncommon to see the bid greater than the ask. Aggressive pricing appears to be a standard operating principle, and may have a lot do to with their number four position. BTC-e is a natural arbitrage buy.

BTCe’s website is a classic design. The author experienced solid and prompt response times in an appreciated ticketing system. They may not be number one, but they have a good thing going.


Other leaders
@LakeBTC @Itbit @LocalBitcoins @Coinsetter and @ANXBTC round out the $BTCUSD pack. @Itbit is the new kid on the block hailing from Singapore, which is also the place of’s international operations incorporation.

As an aside, both @LakeBTC and @Bitfinex are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

Global Bitcoin Price
In case you haven’t heard, the new domain launched in New Zealand by Techemy Ltd. is sporting the best price index anywhere. With all markets and all data included the Global Bitcoin Price is the next best thing to apple pie with ice-cream:


Quotable quote of the day

Catnip is Intoxicating

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