30 Day Bitcoin Volume & News Report as of November 29 2014

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ANXBTC – Bitcoin in Hong Kong dollars
The value of one bitcoin in $BTCHKD on November 29 2014 was 2930.59. In the last 30 days, @ANXBTC traded 21.0k and 100% of all $BTCHKD. And the winner is?

anxbtc-home page – November 29, 2014.

30 Day Chart:  All Currencies by Exchange Marketshare – All Data

30 day chart 29 Nov 2014All data in this report as of Saturday November 29 2014. Data is sponsored by @OKCoinBTC
@OKCoinBTC is on top of the 30 day chart – but not by much – with a whopping one-third (1/3) of all bitcoin traded in the last 30 days worldwide. @BTCChina is close on their heels with 32% of the total bitcoin market. @BTCChina put in a strong showing in last week’s Seven Day Bitcoin Market Report and so their strong monthly showing is no surprise.
With new technology offerings, including a state of the art fiat to bitcoin worldwide exchange powered by the most intelligent software the author has seen for some time, BTCChina is a clear market challenger. 

The Big Four “cartel” of @OKCoinBTC @BTCChina @huobicom & @LakeBTC are broken up from a possible 1-2-3-4 market leading sequence only by @bitfinex who weighed in with a hefty 5.86% and takes position number four. A not so bold prediction is to see @bitfinex trading over a million bitcoin $BTC in the next 30 days – with the last 30 days volume 994k.

bitfinex-home page

Other Market Leaders
Other market leaders include @Bitstamp @btcecom @ANXBTC and @LocalBitcoins.

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Catnip is Intoxicating

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