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Opal Coin Pairs With Storj, Develops Encrypted File Cloud Storage Platform

The developer team behind cryptocurrency Opal Coin says it has spent several weeks developing a encrypted file cloud storage platform called Opal Drive.

Here is part of a statement from the Opal team:

The Opal cryptocurrency team believes that the responsibility of security should not be placed on customers, but should be something that a more adaptive technology can improve on. Opal Drive will be capable of preventing such data theft through secure encrypted file storage and transfer. The process of this protection is described in detail in the Opal Drive White Paper. The features of Opal Drive will be available for use by people of all walks of life from the computer novice all the way to major technology firms and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Everyone will be able to benefit from Opal Drive’s ease of use and cryptographic security.

The Opal Drive whitepaper is available on the group’s website

In addition to Opal Drive, the Opal team has been developing Opacity+, a secure messaging protocol that enables anonymous messaging and financial transactions, and Opal Marketplace, an open market that allows the sale and transfer of digital products for the Opal Coins. The Opal Marketplace is still in its early stages, but is an important step towards the steady growth of online sales.

A re-brand and entire re-release of OnyxCoin V2, Opal is pairing its development with another cryptocurrency Storj Coin. Storj has launched crypto-currency-based encrypted cloud storage, drive space sharing for money service called DriveShare, and a disk backup service called MetaDisk.

The Opal team consists of seven anonymous members, and allegedly has received ratings from verifications Coins Source (7*) and CryptoAsian (5*). The group reports its members are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands, as a result it says it can guarantee 24 hour support. Valued at under 0.01 mBTC, Opal can be traded for bitcoin on Bittrex as well as Poloniex, Cryptsy, C-Cex, and Coin-Swap exchanges.

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