[Guest Blog] America Throws “Snake Eyes” on Bitcoin

Chinese 9th century inventions of gunpowder and fireworks power the USA strike drones
indiscriminately targeting non USA citizens in foreign countries all over the world, but Americans still seem to feel they are leaders of innovation? Not so. America is throwing snake eyes on bitcoin:


If you look at the raw statistics on – which are graciously and significantly sponsored by @OKCoinBTC – the facts speak otherwise. The chart of the last six months of very American $BTCUSD free and open market trading shows that in fact there is no USA physically based bitcoin exchange at all that makes this list:

$BTCUSD marketshare all exchanges 6 months
[November 05 2014 from ]

If you look at’s ALL bitcoin currencies in 6 months again there is no USA entrant. In fact the “Big Four” dominate the scene: @OKCoinBTC, @huobicom, @btcchina and @LakeBTC. This also suggests something favorable about Singapore, and offshore incorporation in general.

In the past 60 days the Big Four collectively account for over 70% of bitcoin marketshare:
Bitcoin: all currencies all exchanges 6 months
allcurrencies-six months
[November 05 2014 from]

Honorable Mentions go to British Virgin Islands based @bitfinex the $BTCUSD market leader and also to @bitstamp crossing the finish line as #6 overall and hailing from Berkshire, United Kingdom

The coveted Lowest Last Price award goes to hailing from, oh, that’s the subject of another post entirely

What does this Mean for America?
If America wants to avoid being trampled over by the pack of stampeding competitors in the race for cryptocurrency domination not only is it well past time to change course – but it’s almost too late.

American regulatory policies are stifling and throttling North American bitcoin companies with the chokehold-of-death

[Image by special permission of]
Chokehold of Death

Path to Success
The way to reverse this trend is to open up and deregulate the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets in North America – USA and Canada. If there is no chance to succeed then American bitcoin companies will fail. And that’s what we see now. America is throwing snake eyes on bitcoin.

Support Deregulation
All donations will go toward, ummm, to at least buying another pack of 20 fine “Made in USA” cigars, peach flavored, brand name Bullseye – no guarantees on anything else 1N1sCpb2HXLe4ZKim5yMruHQc6kyBN6uAW


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