New Encryption Software Protects Cryptocoin Wallets from Keylogging Attacks

QFX Software Corporation has released KeyScrambler 3.5, a software upgrade designed for digital currency users.

The new software encrypts users’ keystrokes in real time to protect private information. Supported in all popular browsers, KeyScrambler now works with hundreds of applications including major email and IM/VoIP clients, password managers, office suites, finance and tax programs, online games, and cloud storage.

This latest update of KeyScrambler supports Armory, Bitcoin, Bitcoin-Qt, Dogecoin, Electrum, Litecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Multibit, and all Qt-based wallets.

KeyScrambler creater and QFX CEO Qian Wang commented:

Our mission is to provide the best and surest anti-keylogging protection in the world and that message seems to have spread to the cryptocoin community. “We’d received so many email requests for KeyScrambler Premium to support cryptocoin apps we decided to make this upgrade mainly about cryptocoin wallets. It is consistent with our goal to make the Internet a safer place for individuals and businesses.

The various released KeyScrambler editions, free KeyScrambler Personal, KeyScrambler Professional – US$29.99 for up to 3 computers, and KeyScrambler Premium – US$44.99 for up to 3 computers, are available for download at the company’s website.

Founded in 2003, QFX Software Corporation is a developer of security software based in Ormond Beach, Florida. The company states that there are  more than a million regular KeyScrambler users in over 200 countries and territories.

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