Bitcoin Bros Rolls Out Monster 6 Petahash Machines for Cloud Mining, Blockchain Services

Berlin-based Bitcoin Brothers have announced the company’s next generation of massive computers for bitcoin mining and blockchain transactions.

The Massive Super-Efficient Machines (MSEM) have over 6 petahash of computing power and are built on Bitcoin Brothers-designed 3D 16nm FinFET ASIC chips.

Each of these monster machines effectively has the power of 5,000 first generation mining computers. The mining services company believes the new hardware will restore value to bitcoin currency.

Maik Welle, Bitcoin Brothers CEO, commented from Berlin:

With the deployment of a large number of our supercomputers, we offer a true 2nd-generation alternative to stand-alone brick box mining hardware. Miners are tired of the risk pre-paying, owning, and operating slow mega- and terahash devices with a limited use-life span, which they may not even receive in time – or at all – after pre-paying for them, or find them out of specifications when in operation. The disappointment in these 1st-gen tools and lack of alternative choices currently depresses the Bitcoin value.

Bitcoin Brothers COO and Co-Founder Mark Welle added

By pushing 300-400 petahash into the market quickly in Q1 2015, and growing our presence from there, we triple or quadruple the difficulty for a limited time, to achieve a new efficiency standard in mining and on the blockchain – however, in the end, we provide a new commodity level of blockchain operations to benefit everyone, including options to run Internet-of-Things authentication and their transactions on the blockchain.

The company says it is emerging from stealth mode to unveil the MSEMs as “revolutionary hardware.” Each 6-petahash MSEM contains 256,000 16nm FinFET Plus 3D ASICs, which outperform 14nm chips in both computing power and low energy use.

CTO Thomas Ackerman added:

To put our machines in perspective, while SHA256 integer calculations are hard to compare to floating point operations, on the common LINPACK Rpeak and Rmax benchmarks each of our MSEMs outperform the world’s fastest supercomputers. If you compare hasher gates to cores, each MSEM has double the number of the 3.1 million cores in Tianhe-2, the No 1 on the PetaFLOP list: and comes at a fraction of the cost, the floor space and 1/20th of its 18 MegaWatt power draw. Our Bitcoin supercomputers with a quasi-opportunistic massively parallel computing model for job scheduling establish a new exascale class – well beyond FLOPS and MIPS.

The power of MSEMs not only offers a new efficiency level for the blockchain, they also makes the cryptocurrency market safer against brute-force hacking attacks.

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Brothers GmbH & Co KG ( <>) provides computing services for Bitcoin Cloud Mining, which customers can rent in any quantity, beginning in early 2015. The company also offers blockchain authentication and transaction services.

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