HYPER Wants to be Digital Currency for Gamers

The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for gaming HYPER claims that it has settlement times 20 times faster than Bitcoin.

HYPER rewards users by issuing compound interest to those that stake their wallets. The interest issued includes 5% interest every month, compounding and staking daily for the first 5 years, and 10% annual interest compounding and staking daily for the next 5 years thereafter.

According to HYPER, “The currency’s multi-stage economic model incentivizes users to keep their wallet clients running on regular desktops and laptops, which is what enables this currency to be so decentralized. Transactions are processed and verified by true peers, not by specialized mining hardware in private facilities.”

The games that are currently on HYPER servers include MMO, Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Pokemon Minecraft, and @HyperTipBot.

The team behind the currency plans to roll out servers or support for World of Warcraft Arena, Team Fortress 2, Just Cause 2, and a “HYPER space” MMO as a longer term project.

Gamers can use HYPER to buy assets in games and can also win currency for game successes.

HYPER has team members North America, Europe, and Asia. In the near term, HYPER plans for there to be a number fiat and credit card payment gateways available. Currently, U.S. exchange Bittrex is the key market for buying or selling HYPER. Soon, U.S. exchanges CoinMKT and AltMarket will also offer HYPER trading on their platforms.

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