Brexit Vote Impacts Crypto: Bitcoin Up +5.03% Ether Down -1.20%

Britons voted in a referendum yesterday to leave the European Union (EU). The British pound plummeted to its lowest level since 1985 according to The Guardian newspaper. USA Today reported the Dow Jones tumbled 600 points in afternoon trading for a 3.4% drop. Cryptocurrency markets react Bitcoin reacted mildly and...

European Union Plans Imminent Regulation of Digital Currency Exchanges in Counter-Terrorism Push

The European Commission plans to regulate digital currency exchanges operating in the European Union, according to a communication to the European Parliament published earlier in February. The Commission will present a legislative proposal to amend the Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) bringing "virtual currency exchange platforms" under control of regulatory authorities. The regulation...

Vault 51 Now Available In All EU Countries

Bitcoinz US has announced that Vault 51 - an offline storage for Bitcoin - is now available to consumers in the European Union. The expanded European launch is part of the continued steps in the company's Vault 51 international expansion plans. The sale of Bitcoin is available to consumers in...
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