Decentralising Learning Economies on the Blockchain

Expercoin has announced the launch of skill-based economies that leverage the blockchain to support upskilling, assessments, mentorships and peer-to-peer financial aid. The underlying technology was pioneered by Experfy in the Harvard Innovation Lab, and the company won the Gartner Cool Vendor award in Data Science and Machine Learning in 2017....

Zymbit and Oaken Innovations have announced a development partnership to produce trusted and secure solutions for Internet of Things devices using blockchain software compatible with all blockchains that utilize the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Zymbit, a developer of hardware security modules for IoT devices, and Oaken Innovations, a secure blockchain and...

Bitcoin Market Report: $BTC Jumps $298 in One Hour

Brief: Traders enjoyed a brief respite from a slumping bitcoin as $BTC jumps almost $300 in just one hour. Bitcoin is up 3.22% in 24 hours, down -6.89% on the week and down -20.55% on the month on a last price of $7427.00. The Bitcoin marketcap is $126,721,419,874 with a...

Using Blockchain for Anti-Counterfeiting

Seal Network, a company that uses blockchain technology to fight counterfeiting, has been selected by the European Commission to co-create a blockchain-based anti-counterfeiting platform for Europe during the blockathon in Brussels from the 22nd to 25th of June 2018. The team will be aided by Deloitte's global trade partners who...

Blockchain-Based Payment Network Under Development

Akamai Technologies, Inc., the cloud delivery platform, and financial group MUFG have announced plans to offer a new blockchain-based online payment network enabling next-generation payment transaction scale and responsiveness. This hyper-scale payment network, powered by a newly-developed blockchain architecture, is designed to be capable of processing more than one million...

Ethereum Market Report: UK $ETH Futures Buoy Price

Brief: Good news from the United Kingdom about ether futures helps bouy the price. Ethereum is down -0.25% in 24 hours, down -8.02% on the week and up 47.23% on the month on a last price of $730.16. The Ethereum marketcap is $72,601,508,612 with a circulating supply of 99,432,328 $ETH....

Bitcoin Market Report: $BTC Noses Upwards

Brief: Bitcoin noses upward in a start and stop market. Bitcoin is up 4.01% in 24 hours, down -9.21% on the week and down -4.90% on the month on a last price of $8634.24. The Bitcoin marketcap is $147,057,080,544 with a circulating supply of 17,031,850 $BTC. $BTC/USDT is trading between...

Upcoming Blockpass Token Distribution Event

Blockpass has built a user-centric, self-sovereign identity solution for regulated industries and the Internet of Everything, with its KYC product is already available for iPhone and Android phones. The company is starting the initial distribution of the Blockpass token (PASS) from the 31st of May to the 30th of November...
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