Atonomi Pilot Program with Swytch to Build a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future

Atonomi, the blockchain-based arm of IoT security provider CENTRI Technology, has announced that Swytch, a renewable energy incentive platform built on the blockchain, will be the first organization to pilot the Atonomi Network, a crypto-security protocol that will enable advanced trust and identity validation for IoT devices. By integrating the...

Bitcoin Crashes 12.73%, Alts Down by Double Digits

Bitcoin is down over twelve percent in 24 hours - and most of the top crypto has followed it down except $NEO. CoinMarketCap Top Ten by Market Capitalization No major token was spared a double digit loss, except $NEO. Ether, Ripple, LiteCoin, Stellar - the list goes on - all...

Shopin Partners with iExec for Highly Scalable Shopping Solution

Shopin, a universal shopper profile that provides a personal shopping experience on retailers’ websites using blockchain and A.I. technology, has announced a strategic partnership with iExec, a blockchain-powered, cloud computing platform. Through collaboration with iExec, Shopin will run as a decentralized application on a private blockchain that interfaces with the...

Bitcoin Market Report: $BTC Anemic After Christmas Crash

Brief: Bitcoin price is anemic after the December 17 2017 crash. Bitcoin is down -6.29% in 24 hours, down -19.43% on the week and down -16.51% on the month on a last price of $13,281. The Bitcoin marketcap is $223,160,643,000 with a circulating supply of 16,803,000 $BTC. $BTC/USDT is trading...

Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Tops $1400

Brief: Ether has reached a new all time high of $1424.30 on Ethereum is up 12.92% in 24 hours, up 47.31% on the week and up 123.69% on the month on a last price of $1418.20. The Ethereum marketcap is $137,508,477,707 with a circulating supply of 96,959,863 $ETH. $ETH/USD...

aelf Market Report: $ELF Sinks Double Digits

Brief: $ELF has upside latency after dropping double digits overnight. aelf is down -12.05% in 24 hours and up 18.55% on the week on a last price of 0.00013544 BTC or about $1.93. The aelf marketcap is $482,500,000 with a circulating supply of 250,000,000 $ELF. $ELF/BTC is trading between a...

Walton Market Report: $WTC Takes Binance by Storm

Brief: Walton is the 24 hour change leader on Binance after making big inroads today. Walton is up 89.94% in 24 hours, up 160.75% on the week and up 430.27% on the month on a last price of 0.00219000 BTC or about $30.98. The Walton marketcap is $771,345,554 with a...

SmartCash Market Report: $SMART Makes Huge Gains

Brief: $SMART has made huge daily, weekly and monthly gains on SmartCash is up 80.78% in 24 hours, up 292.83% on the week and up 1,211.27% on the month on a last price of 0.00009310 BTC or about $1.28. The SmartCash marketcap is $740,946,874 with a circulating supply of...
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Blockchain Sharing Economy Open Platform Under Development Through New Partnership

Sharing Economy International, Inc. has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, EC Technology & Innovation Limited, has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Shanghai Ganqu Network Technologies Limited, regarding a cooperation for the development of blockchain technologies and applications, as well as a blockchain-powered sharing economy platform allowing access to third-party...

StormX Team Appoints Digital Industry Veterans

StormX Inc., a blockchain-powered adtech and gamified micro-task solution, has announced the addition of two experts in the digital media and advertising fields, Jon Nolz and Perry Pak. Mobile adtech pioneer Nolz will join StormX as the Executive Vice President of Business Development, with multimedia industry veteran Pak brought on...
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ZenCash and IOHK Partnership Advances Private, Borderless Transactions

ZenCash, a privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has announced its collaboration with IOHK, a blockchain research and development company, in order to promote private and secure transactions for people globally. ZenCash and IOHK will collaborate on key research and development projects, including the creation of a protocol-level...

ICO Code of Conduct from Crypto Valley Association

Crypto Valley Association, the Swiss-based not-for-profit association supporting the development of blockchain and cryptographic related technologies and businesses, has announced the launch of a Code of Conduct for Initial Coin Offerings. The framework is intended to guide ICOs on proper conduct, taking into account all legal, moral, and security obligations....

Vibe Launch Report: Binance $VIBE up 78.79%

Brief: Vibe is up 475.25% in twenty-four hours, up 78.79% since launch on Binance. Vibe launched on 2018-01-09 with an opening price of 0.00009620 VIBE/BTC ($1.38). The Vibe all time high is 0.00700000 BTC ($100.99) with an all time low of 0.00005700 BTC ($00.82). Today's Binance VIBE/BTC volume is 29,646...
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