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France’s Dassault Systèmes Emphasizes Blockchain, Regulation for 3rd FinTech Accelerator

French software firm Dassault Systemes is holding the third edition of its financial technology accelerator. Dubbed the 3D FinTech Challenge, its seven-week program will address the impact of increased regulatory oversight across the industry. Blockchain technology startups will be among the disruptive technology candidates that Dassault will select for its...
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Hollywood Cloud Firm Developing Blockchain-Based IP Protection System for Entertainment Content

ilibrium, a Beverly Hills provider of cloud-based entertainment delivery systems, announced yesterday that it is developing a blockchain-based distributed platform for managing encrypted intellectual properties (IP) over the Internet. The company reports that its LC3 technology will permit producers and distributors of content a means of protecting their work against...

BitPay Increases Latin American Transactions 500%, Gains PSP Partnerships in US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Austria, Australia

BitPay has formed several new partnerships with payment service providers (PSPs) in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia, helping the company to extend its global reach. James Walpole,  Marketing Associate at BitPay, posted: Our partnerships in the payments industry have been an important part of the growth of bitcoin...

Bitcoin Shop Officially Completes Name Change to BTCS

Bitcoin Shop has formally completed its name change to BTCS, which is also its OTCQB Venture Marketplace ticker symbol. The name change should be reflected in the coming weeks once it is processed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Charles Allen, BTCS CEO, commented: While our Company was initially focused...

Blockchain Offers Sneak Peak, Alpha Testing of New Wallet

Popular bitcoin wallet provider, Blockchain, is calling for alpha testers of its new wallet. Alyson Margaret, Blockchain's Head of Communications, announced the following: We’ve reviewed feedback from community members around the world, and have been hard at work behind the scenes to dramatically improve your Blockchain Wallet experience. We aren’t...
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Counterparty Highlights Range of New Products, Addresses Bitcoin Spam Transaction Volume

Following the news regarding project related startup Symbiont last week, the development team behind prominent blockchain protocol Counterparty provided an update on its community developments. A Counterparty mobile wallet developed by IndieSqare was highlighted. The IndieSqare team recently updated the wallet and open sourced its client side source code. More information on the wallet and...
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Seattle Internet Security Firm Deja Vu Provided Ethereum 1st Release Assessment

Internet security consultancy Deja vu Security provided security assessment of Ethereum before its "Frontier" release. Ethereum apparently awarded Deja vu Security a contract as the Seattle-based company specializes in custom-made products that provide an end-to-end security assessment and has expertise in blockchain technology. The security assessment consisted of various reviews,...
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Synereo, Ethereum Collaborating to Formalize Proof-of-Stake Protocol “Casper”

Ethereum and Synereo have discovered some synergies and are collaborating on the development of Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol, Casper. We are thrilled to help @ethereumproject develop their Proof-of-Stake using @Synereo tech. #bitcoin #fintech — Synereo (@Synereo) July 23, 2015 Early in July, Synereo's CSO Greg Meredith revealed that the...
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Smart Securities Startup Symbiont Gets Capital from Atlantic Merchant, Celeridium

New York City-based fintech startup Symbiont has received investment from Atlantic Merchant Capital Investors, LLC and Celeridem Capital Management, LLC. The company develops blockchain technology to automate decentralized peer-to-peer trading of smart securities. Symbiont was established earlier this year by entrepreneur Mark Smith and three founders of the Counterparty protocol,...

Coinbase Exchange Now Offers Market Orders

Market orders are now available on Coinbase's bitcoin exchange, according to the company. "Market orders" provide instruction to rapidly execuite a transaction at the present or market price. In distinction, "limit orders" provide instruction to execute at or under a specific purchase price or at or above a specific sales...
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