DDoS Extortion on the Rise for Cryptocurrency Businesses

Over the past month there have been a number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on cryptocurrency-related businesses around the world, in particular exchanges, who have received extortion letters demanding bitcoin payment to stop the attacks. In the past 24 hours there have been DDoS attacks on the bitcoin...

BitPay’s Chrome app Copay Now Works with TREZOR Devices

BitPay's Chrome app, Copay version 1.5.0, now works directly with TREZOR devices. TREZOR permits bitcoin users to store their private keys on an external offline hardware device. The capability protects funds from accidental and malicious vulnerabilities the might affect devices connected to the Internet. When TREZOR users send money, they...

Blockchain Makes Major Upgrade to Receive Payments API

Blockchain announced a major upgrade to its Receive Payments API, introducing a seamless and direct way for merchants to process customer transactions and instantly receive payments. The new version of the Receive Payments API provides major improvements to transaction speed, security, scalability and merchant experience. How does it work? The...

Shift Release Bitcoin Debit Card for Coinbase Users in U.S.

Shift Card is a new, US-issued, bitcoin debit card from Shift. The VISA debit card allows Coinbase users to utilize their bitcoins to purchase items in any location that accepts VISA via Coinbase Connect, rather than being limited to merchants that support bitcoin. When making a transaction the value of...

Bitcoin Group Reissues IPO Prospectus, 3rd Time

Australian bitcoin miner, Bitcoin Group, has once again reissued its prospectus in its attempt to list on the Australian stock exchange. This is the third issuance of the company's prospectus as it attempts to respond to issues raised by the Australian stock exchange authority, ASIC. The agency insisted on an...

HSBC Says Blockchain Technology Could Assist With Economic Stimulation

HSBC, the British banking and financial services institution, has been reported as saying that central banks like the Federal Reserve and Bank of England could utilize a blockchain to distribute money directly to the public in an effort to stimulate economic growth, , according to a document obtained by Business Insider.  This is...

Miners Center Inc. Further Increases Bitcoin Purchasing Offer

Cryptocurrency trading company, Miners Centre Inc. is continuing to offer higher than market value prices, but has increased the bonus it offers from 10% to 12-13%. Until now, the target audience for the offer was individual sellers; however, Miners Centre has begun to target businesses, offering an even larger bonus...

EU Ministers Jittery over Bitcoin After Paris Attacks

European Union member states plan to "crackdown" on digital currencies, anonymous payments and pre-paid cards in effort to combat terrorism financing in the wake of the Paris attacks, according to a draft memo shown to Reuters. EU justice and interior ministers are holding a crisis meeting in Brussels today, arranged in...

Fidelity Charitable Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations via Coinbase

Fidelity Charitable is now accepting bitcoin for funds supporting charities. To add this capability, Fidelity Charitable worked with Fidelity Labs, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, and Coinbase, Inc. The charity funding management firm uses Coinbase's conversion service, enabling companies to convert to bitcoin. The proceeds of the conversion are allocated...

HempCoin Testing Completed by Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc.

Holding company Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc., a publicly traded company focused on acquisition of fast growing food, hospitality, manufacturing and retail businesses, has completed its cryptocurrency, HempCoin (HMP), testing after purchasing it from THC Farmaceuticals in June. Tim Ayre, president of RMTN, stated that the company was happy with the...
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