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Dash Releases Deterministic iPhone Wallet Rejected by Apple

The team behind privacy-centric cryptocurrency Dash has released a iPhone wallet app for Dash based on the popular Breadwallet for Bitcoin. The deterministic wallet also integrates with Shapeshift.io, an instant cryptocurrency exchange, permitting users to scan a bitcoin address from their Dash Wallet and pay straight with Dash, at any...

Blockchain Makes Major Upgrade to Receive Payments API

Blockchain announced a major upgrade to its Receive Payments API, introducing a seamless and direct way for merchants to process customer transactions and instantly receive payments. The new version of the Receive Payments API provides major improvements to transaction speed, security, scalability and merchant experience. How does it work? The...

New Way to Add Wallets From BitGo

BitGo have introduced a new way for users to create and set up wallets within organizations. After creating an account, users can manage all of their wallets and access features such as loss protection, audit log and monthly report statements, and API access with guaranteed uptimes based on BitGo’s Service...

ConsenSys Developing Identity-Linked Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum blockchain production studio ConsenSys is developing a personalized web-based wallet and identity management system, known as  uPort . Although the project is in its early stages, the developer has started to integrate identification and persona construct across all of its decentralized applications (decentralized application or DApp), and sees the uPort persona enabling access to any DApp that ConsenSys or...

BitGo Reaches $1B Bitcoin Transactions in First Quarter 2015

Bitcoin security platform BitGo today revealed it has transacted $1 billion in the first quarter of 2015. According to the provider of multisig and P2SH Bitcoin wallet technology, BitGo’s wallet and API products have not experienced a single security breach or theft of funds since the company’s launch in 2013. BitGo also claimed that its various...
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OpenLedger Taking Off Oct 13th with BitShares 2.0 Engine

OpenLedger, the network of cryptocurrency exchanges, was introduced by Denmark's CCEDK during last week's Global Money Transfer Summit at Level 39 in London's Canary Wharf. Scheduled to launch on October 13th, OpenLedger is a decentralized exchange gateway to multiple currencies of fiat and cryptocurrencies set up on the BitShares Exchange Network....
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Ethereum Labs Introduces EtherX Multi-Currency Platform

Ethereum Labs, a developer of distributed applications on the Ethereum protocol, has launched its EtherX multi-currency wallet with an integrated exchange. The blockchain apps developer indicated that EtherX will serve as a multi-currency wallet that includes multi-signature technology, integrated vertical marketplaces, an integrated exchange and Ethereum's scalability. The exchange will permit the trading...

Blocktrail Debuts Bitcoin HD Wallet with iOS, Android Apps

Blockchain API provider Blocktrail has launched its first bitcoin wallet, which is multiplatform and enabled with HD wallet technology and multi-signature security. Like Airbitz, Blocktrail offers security in that their platform does not have access to users' currency as the transactions are completed on the client side. Blocktrail states: If Blocktrail is...

BitGo Releases iOS App for BIP32 Wallet Backup Keys

Bitcoin wallet security firm BitGo just released a mobile phone application that generates backup keys for customers using BIP32 wallet. The app, called KeyTool, is available for iOS phone users on iTunes. BitGo Director of Marketing Regina Scolaro explained: Currently, when setting up a BitGo wallet, our users have the...

Blockchain Offers Sneak Peak, Alpha Testing of New Wallet

Popular bitcoin wallet provider, Blockchain, is calling for alpha testers of its new wallet. Alyson Margaret, Blockchain's Head of Communications, announced the following: We’ve reviewed feedback from community members around the world, and have been hard at work behind the scenes to dramatically improve your Blockchain Wallet experience. We aren’t...
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Counterparty Highlights Range of New Products, Addresses Bitcoin Spam Transaction Volume

Following the news regarding project related startup Symbiont last week, the development team behind prominent blockchain protocol Counterparty provided an update on its community developments. A Counterparty mobile wallet developed by IndieSqare was highlighted. The IndieSqare team recently updated the wallet and open sourced its client side source code. More information on the wallet and...
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