Interledger Looks to Develop and Grow as Protocol

Adrian Hope-Bailie of Interledger, the protocol for connecting blockchains, payments networks, wallets and all other aspects of distributed ledger technology, has written his thoughts on bootstrapping the Interledger with an aim of getting real money moving through it. To achieve this, Hope-Bailie had three main areas of focus: firstly, to...
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Global Risk Technologies CIO Appraises Blockchain Technology for Consumers and Merchants

Recently, the World Economic Forum predicted blockchain technology will “fundamentally alter the way financial institutions do business around the world” and will soon become “the beating heart” of the finance industry. Monica Eaton-Cardone, an IT executive with payment industry and financial technology expertise, agrees that blockchain will renovate the global financial...

Cross Borders Payments Proof of Concept from D+H and Rabobank

DH Corporation, technological solutions provider to financial institutions, and international financial service provider Rabobank have announced the execution of a proof of concept that has shown that D+H's payments services hub, together with Coin Sciences' multichain blockchain solution, is able to execute cross-border payments in near real-time for banks, using...
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China Continues Blockchain Development

An article by China Daily has revealed the news that China's social security system will be utilising blockchain technology in reducing the cost of transactions and enabling trade. The National Council for Social Security Fund controls finances worth billions of US dollars and leveraging blockchain technology will result in huge...

BlockPay Begins ICO in Association With OpenLedger

Munich based FinTech company BlockPay, which uses blockchain technology to help businesses with fast and simple payment processing services, has announced its pre-ICO, hosted by OpenLedger, which began today, at 04:00 PM GMT. It has already proved successful with over 300 BTC raised within a few hours of the campaign...

Bitcoin Payments Coming to Twitter

Users of twitter are now exposed to the benefits of cryptocurrency as iPayYou's Pay-by-Twitter feature launches. The app will provide the 310 million monthly active tweeters with the ability to make peer-to-peer payments via the social media site. The bitcoin software wallet, which launched in May 2016, will be the...
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