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Blockchain for Cloud Computing Platform and Distributed Services Whitepaper has released the first version of its whitepaper showcasing the future of Internet. The document consists of a description of's vision, the market, development roadmap and the upcoming crowd sale of its tokens which is scheduled for January 17, 2017. Standing for "I Execute", is a French/Chinese...
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Chain of Shipping Conference Held in Hong Kong

Last week in Wanchai, Hong Kong, blockchain advisory firm Chain of Things held its first Chain of Shipping conference. Designed to give professionals from the shipping industry and blockchain developers a view into the needs and possibilities that they respectively held, the day was a busy event with plethora of...
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Synereo Completes Funding Campaign

Synereo, the company developing a decentralized tech stack to allow web applications to exist without centralized servers, concluded a successful funding campaign last week, raising more than $4.7 million USD, selling both equity and AMPs - the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Synereo initially started with an attempt to create a decentralized...
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