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Synero Issues Lead to Separate RChain Development and Token Swap

Over the course of December, news came out of a split between Synero’s CEO, Dor Konforty, and CTO, Lucius Gregory Meredith. According to media and comments made by the company, Meredith said that the project was at risk because Konforty did not appreciate or allocate the resources required to develop...

Blockchain and Coinify Partner for Bitcoin Wallet Funding

Blockchain, provider of digital currency and distributed ledger software, has announced a partnership with Coinify, a blockchain payment & trading service provider, that will allow individuals to fund their wallets simply and quickly. The partnership aims to provide almost instantaneous wallet funding without compromising user security or control and is...
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Synereo Completes Funding Campaign

Synereo, the company developing a decentralized tech stack to allow web applications to exist without centralized servers, concluded a successful funding campaign last week, raising more than $4.7 million USD, selling both equity and AMPs - the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Synereo initially started with an attempt to create a decentralized...

Factom, Inc. Raises Series A Funding

Factom, Inc., the blockchain technology company that secures data via decentralization, has announced that it has raised a Series A round of equity funding led by Tim Draper of Draper Associates. Peter Kirby, CEO and Co-founder of Factom, Inc., said: “We are delighted to have venture capitalists of such calibre...

Unocoin Raises $1.5M in Funding to Bring Bitcoin to India

Unocoin, a Bangalore based Bitcoin startup, has raised $1.5 million in a Pre Series-A round, the highest total raised for a digital currency venture in Indian history. Funding was sourced from well-known Indian entities such as Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels and ah! Ventures along with prominent international investors such as...
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ICONOMI Blockchain Fund Management ICO Raises $5.8 Million

Fund management platform for blockchains and cryptocurrencies, ICONOMI has announced that approximately $5.8 million in equity and operational capital had been raised through an Initial Coin Offering. Developed by Cashila, Ethereum-based ICONOMI is creating a disintermediated alternative to the multi-billion dollar fund management industry, decentralising traditional Wall Street. The ICO...
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Blocksafe Hits Targets in Trigger Sale

Blocksafe, the company using the blockchain technology to create the infrastructure for smart gun technologies, has announced it is on target for its ongoing trigger sale.. The Blocksafe Foundation believes that an anonymous, secure, and decentralized infrastructure is essential for smart gun technologies to reach their full potential. The network...

MaidSafe Develops With Further Funding Round

UK-based MaidSafe, developers of a decentralised internet platform, has announced plans for its next steps and the future of the SAFE Network with news of an upcoming fund-raiser and app development. The company will launch an equity fund-raising round on September 12th in conjunction with global online investment platform BnkToTheFuture...

MineCoin Cryptocurrency Subscription Opens

Ukrainian-based Minex, a platform which aims to solve issues faced by the investment sector, has opened subscription of its MineCoin cryptocurrency. The Minex platform uses blockchain technology to protect investments by eliminating the risk of outside influence and data loss. Minex contains a system of investments, payments, distributed trade registries...
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Synereo to Launch Second Fundraising Campaign

Decentralised platform Synereo, which aims to decentralise the internet, has announced preparations for an additional fundraising campaign in the run-up to its upcoming alpha release, and to enable the steady progress of the Synereo project. According to the team, the development of Synereo’s scalable, decentralized computation platform has achieved major...
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Maidsafe Launch Community Engagement Program

MaidSafe, the UK company developing a decentralized internet platform, has announced its Community Engagement Program (CEP). The purpose of this process is to match developers with immediate and fundamental SAFE Network requirements in the form of a community funded ‘Kickstarter’ like process, desgned to encourage teams to bid for projects....
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Bitmain Seed Investment in ChainLab’s Wings to Accelerate Blockchain Innovation

ChainLab, developer of Wings, has announced a strategic undisclosed seed investment from bitcoin hardware mining producer Bitmain Technology. Wings is a decentralized network for creation, participation and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. The funds will be used to advance the development of Wings platform prior to the Wings DAO launching,...
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