Phishing Attempts and Accessibility Plague Users of Cryptsy While Owner in Divorce Battle

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy has been experiencing problems recently, the apparent result of a series of unfortunate events which has culminated in freeze on withdrawals and markets, the removal of Cryptsy from some cryptocurrency pricing websites and rumours of an imminent closure of the site: could Cryptsy become crypt-sy? Issues have...

XBT LivePrice Provides Unique Bitcoin Price Tickers from Major Exchanges in “Single” or “Multipaks”

Website owners can now add singular bitcoin price tickers from any bitcoin exchange in packages of single, five or ten plus exchanges.  The PHP scripts service, called XBT Live Price, is supplied by bitcoin market intelligence provider XBT LivePrice, downloadable from, is distinct from other tickers because it displays prices of single bitcoin exchanges –...

Magnr Offers New API for Traders

Magnr this week launched its new Trading API, a service frequently requested by the platform's trading customers. The company announced: For Magnr Traders, one feature regularly requested has been for us to provide API connectivity; allowing automated systems trading through our platform. We understand that consistency in placing orders when indicators...

ItBit Use TradeBlock for Over-The-Counter Trading Operations

ItBit is now utilizing TradeBlock as the order management system and execution tool for its over-the-counter middle and back office bitcoin trade operations. TradeBlock, who supply companies with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on blockchain technology, are also currently being used by companies such as LibertyX and Coinut. Recently,...

New Cryptocurrency Rules Discussed by Japan’s Financial Services Agency

On Monday, the Japanese Financial Services Agency panel decided that Japan needed to improve its oversight mechanism for cryptocurrencies. Back in June, the Japanese government started to consider new regulations to combat the threat of virtual currencies being used for terrorist funding, money laundering and other illegal activities. Cryptocurrency exchange...

BitShares-Based OpenLedger Launches Token Representing Exchange Network Profits

OpenLedger, a decentralized exchange network based on the BitShares 2.0, plans to launch a cryptocurrency representing earnings from projects and holdings on its network. The token, called Obit, will be offiicialy launched on 1 December 2015. However, OpenLedger is offering users of the BitShares 2.0 platform and Bitsharestalk forum an opportunity to purchase Obits early. Set...
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