Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Buoyant as Most Crypto Climbs

Brief: Ethereum is bouyant and in the fourth day of an across-the-board crypto uptrend. Ethereum is up 10.40% in 24 hours, up 33.00% on the week and down -27.25% on the month on a last price of $506.70. The Ethereum marketcap is $50,061,566,294 with a circulating supply of 98,799,223 $ETH....
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Built to Scale — Blockchains and the Scalability Concern

The issue of blockchain scalability is probably the one that raises its head most often, alongside regulation. Depending on the method of consensus, block size (if applicable) and underlying technologies being used, blockchain speeds — transactions per second or ‘tps’ — have been reported from anywhere between 2tps and theorised millions of tps. Scalability...
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Proof of Evidence Blockchain Service for Compliance, Provenance and Data Verification

Evident Proof has launched an Ethereum blockchain and token-based service that turns data into immutable proof chains, transforming the way data is stored and providing indelible evidence that can be used to meet compliance, provenance and other data verification requirements. It will enable organisations and individuals to use immutable certificates...

Narrative Planned ICO Changes from Ethereum to NEO

Narrative, a blockchain-powered content economy where creators, moderators and influencers contribute content, monitor the community and receive the revenue they help create, has announced that it will be switching from Ethereum to the NEO blockchain for its planned token sale which is set to take place between the 13th of...

Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Soars on OKEx

Brief: Ethereum soars to a large daily, weekly and monthly increase on OKEx - the world's leading ETH/USDT exchange. Ethereum is up 10.74% in 24 hours, up 17.93% on the week and up 76.24% on the month on a last price of $1,238.45. The Ethereum marketcap is $120,462,810,388 with a...

Blockchain Logistics Company Accepts Cryptocurrencies as Payment

Smart Containers Group, a Swiss-based high-tech logistics company and manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers for the food and pharmaceutical industries, has announced that one of its divisions, SkyCell AG, will accept cryptocurrency payments for its services, from the 19th of January, 2018. This innovation aims to expedite transaction times for clients,...

Ethereum Classic Market Report: $ETC Partial Rebound

Brief: Ethereum Classic has partially rebounded today in the aftermath of the crypto crash of January 16. Ethereum Classic is up 0.92% in 24 hours, up 6.91% on the week and up 30.47% on the month on a last price of 0.00263545 BTC or about $29.78. The Ethereum Classic marketcap...

Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Tops $1400

Brief: Ether has reached a new all time high of $1424.30 on Ethereum is up 12.92% in 24 hours, up 47.31% on the week and up 123.69% on the month on a last price of $1418.20. The Ethereum marketcap is $137,508,477,707 with a circulating supply of 96,959,863 $ETH. $ETH/USD...
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