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ConsenSys Debuts Blockchain KYC Oracle “Proof-of-Physical-Address”

ConsenSys, the Ethereum development studio, has debuted a “Know Your Customer” (KYC) smart oracle called Proof-of-Physical-Address (PoPA). An oracle is a particular entity, such as a known API, machine or alternative blockchain, trusted by the participants in a blockchain to execute specific code. Igor Lilic, Full Stack Software Engineer at ConsenSys, introduced PoPA:...

Ethereum, Wanxiang Announce Combined Devcon Blockchain Week for Sep 2016

The Ethereum Foundation and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs announced today dates for their joint International Blockchain Week in Shanghai, September 19–24, 2016. Both Ethereum’s Devcon and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs’ Global Blockchain Summit were sold out in 2015 so the two organizations expect significant demand for their joint event this year. The combined event...
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Microsoft Visual Studio Supports Ethereum Solidity

ConsenSys has announced the support for Ethereum's programming language Solidity into Visual Studio as a Decentralized Application project type. ConsenSys and Microsoft collaborated on this integration to enable developers to rapidly build smart contract-based applications for the public Ethereum blockchain, as well as private and consortium blockchain deployments based on...
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Chain-Finance Conference Discusses Blockchain in Credit Markets, Bonds

On Wednesday night, at Tower Hill in London, Chain-Finance held its first Blockchain Finance workshop, designed to inform and educate listeners on the potential benefits of using blockchain technology in various financial situations. The focus of the discussion for this first event was using blockchain technology to improve credit markets. Adam...

BTCS to Launch Pilot Program Securing Ethereum Blockchain

BTCS Inc., a company which secures blockchains through its transaction verification services business, has announced it will be launching a pilot program to begin securing Ethereum's blockchain. Ethereum has grown since its launch in 2014, especially over the past six months. Recently it launched its first production release, Homestead, which...

Genesis Mining Reports High ROI for Users Mining Ether

Genesis Mining, who began its first Ether Cloud Mining contracts last December, has announced a successful ROI for customers who have chosen this new option. The prominent Cloud Mining provider, which boasts over 130,000 active customers, has stated that customers have benefited from the increase in Ether price over the...

Ethereum Market Report: Bitfinex Breakout

Vancouver Island 09:00 UTC ETH all time high 0.03353300 Price Brief Ether breaks out to an all-time high of 0.03353300 and one billion dollars market capitalization. Chart courtesy Poloniex @Bitfinex announcement The price of ether defied market pundits and price analysts today as the market reacted to the Bitfinex...

Krypton – Ethereum-Based Coin for Smart Contracts, DApps

Vancouver Island, Canada 15:00 UTC-8 Image courtesy Leverage Krypton coin, smart contracts & DAPPS @KittyBitcoin recently connected with @Covertress - also known as the 'Princess of Crypto'- who hails from Florida USA. Born in Hollywood, California, she is launching a new Ethereum-based coin of her own: Krypton, symbol $KR....

Ethereum Releases Serenity PoC2 – First Python Proof of Concept Version

The Ethereum developers have made available the first python based proof of concept release of Serenity, the version of the Ethereum protocol designed to move from consensus through proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. Called Serenity PoC2 is now available on Github and continues to be not a testnet-ready or production-ready client, according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butterin. With...

Ethereum Market Report: 60% Plunge on the Week

Vancouver Island, Canada 18:00 UTC ETH daily support at 0.023 Price brief Ether is down -4.5% on the day and down -60% on the week. Price change Day -4.5% Week -60.54% Month +302.01% * data courtesy @Gatecoin All currency pair prices data courtesy EthereumWisdom Support & Resistance Data courtesy @Poloniex...
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Thomson Reuters Hiring Ethereum Blockchain Specialists

Global provider of intelligence, technology and expertise, Thomson Reuters are advertising for web software engineer with expertise in blockchain technology, signalling that it is going to be exploring the potential of distributed ledgers for its services. The Applied Innovation unit is responsible for the exploration of emerging technologies, including FinTech capabilities and blockchain technology....
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Microsoft Azure Certifies Ethereum Developer Sandbox, Adds Alphapoint and IOTA

Microsoft's Azure cloud service has unveiled the first "certified offering" for its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. The certified software is STRATO, a developer sandbox for testing Ethereum blockchain applications built by Blockapps. The offering includes an API for connecting applications to private, semi-private (or consortium) and public Ethereum blockchains. Combined with the Bloc web application software development kit, developers can...
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