Tradeblock Research Finds that Bitcoin-Gold Negative Correlation Has Intensified

Back in August 2015, the research team of Tradeblock, a provider of execution and analysis tools in the cryptocurrency sector, found a significant inverse correlation between bitcoin and gold prices. They noted back then that “the historical positive correlation with gold has turned decisively negative, and currently stands at -0.58.” Tradeblock decided to...

The Mixed Results of Digital Currency-Powered Crowdfunding

Recently, I wrote an article about monetizing content production on the Internet that also examined and compared tipping and micropayment options in the cryptocurrency and fiat currency spaces. In the article, I covered two crowdfunding platforms, Patreon and Beacon Reader, as they both were recurring fundraising models and specifically focused...
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Where’s China in Global Blockchain Movement? Starting a Digital Currency

One question at a Hong Kong blockchain conference yesterday shook up perspectives of R3's ambitious plan with 42 major banks to develop blockchain technology for the global financial sector. The questions was simply "Where is China?". The conference was Fintech Worldwide's "Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong", co-produced with international law firm Simmons &...

BrightTALK Summit Includes Blockchain Discussion

On the 21st - 22nd January 2016, BrightTALK Digital Banking Summit will bring together financial technology thought leaders to discuss recent trends and insights in the industry. BrightTALK, the online education platform for professionals to research, discuss, and share ideas is bringing together individuals from Oracle, Dell Services, Gartner, Secco...

NEM Project Releases Hard Fork with Domain-linked Digital Assets

Blockchain 2.0 project NEM is releasing a hard fork of its protocol that introduces domain names, called Namespaces, that are linked digital assets created on the blockchain. Users who want to create a digital asset, called a Mosaic, need to register a root domain name. A project spokesperson stated: Each...

BTCS Completes $1.45 Million Financing

On December 16th last year, BTCS Inc., a blockchain technology company who provide transaction verification services, completed a $1,450,000 financing led by Cavalry Fund I LP. Among the achievements that BTCS completed last year were: expanding the capacity of its North Carolina facility to 3mw; signing a definitive merger with...

Garzik, Andresen Warn that Maxwell Bitcoin Roadmap Ignores Hard Questions on Block Size & Higher Fees

Two key Bitcoin Core committers, Jeff Garzik and Gavin Andresen, have together responded to the bitcoin scalability roadmap written by fellow committer Gregory Maxwell with some dire forecasts. There are of course many other contributors to bitcoin development, but the Bitcoin Core committers, Garzik, Andresen, Maxwell, Pieter Wiuelle and Wladimir J. van der Laan,...

Keynote at Block Chain Conference Announced as IBM Speaker

The Block Chain Conference, which will take place at the Mission Bay Conference Centre in the UCSF Mission Bay Campus, San Francisco, has revealed that the keynote presentation will be delivered by IBM. The conference, which is themed as “Doing Business with Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts”, the discussion...

Future Cities Catapult and Guardtime Partnership to Protect UK Critical Infrastructure Using Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity

Future Cities Catapult, the London-based innovative ideas accelerator, and Guardtime, inventors of the Keyless Signature Infrastructure, have announced that they will enter a partnership in order to develop blockchain cybersecurity solutions for UK critical infrastructure. This will involve building prototype applications to enhance resiliency, security and reliability of critical infrastructure,...

Infosys to Create Blockchain Technology Jobs in Ireland

Global IT giants Infosys Limited, providers of business consulting, IT, software engineering and outsourcing services, has revealed that it is aiming to create 250 new jobs in Ireland over the next three years in areas including blockchain technology and analytics. Enda Kenny TD, the Irish Prime Minister, said: "I am...
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