Blockchain Testing Gives Positive Results for Consumer Payments

Over the past week SETL, Deloitte and Metro Bank have completed a series of tests around consumer payment opportunities. SETL has provided a contactless smartcard-enabled blockchain to process digitised payments, Deloitte has exercised its blockchain ID system ‘Smart Identity’ and Metro Bank hosted a connected client account. The system aims...

Bitfinex Rolls Out New Trading Interface

Today Bitfinex rolled out a new multi feature upgrade of trading enhancements: Tap or click image to enlarge According to their blog, the major changes include Interface – Chart Tools, Tickers & Navigation & Sidebar, plus miscellaneous trading, price alert, notification, funding and other miscellaneous improvements. Upgrades were made to...

Using Blockchain for IoT in Facilities Management

One of the areas that could have significant potential for blockchain-enhanced IoT tech is facilities management. The advent of smart cities and intelligent buildings is transforming the facilities management and maintenance industry, applying new technologies to enhance operations, safety, security, and customer experience. This will require usage of a multitude...

Bitfinex Customers to Face 36.067% Haircut

Bitfinex has announced their interim plan to recover from the recent theft of thousands of bitcoin. The official statement posted to their website home page announced intent to impose a 36.067% haircut on their customer accounts in order to bring about renewed and solvent operations. Today's statement followed social media...

Steem Set to Expand Services

Blogging website Steem, where users are rewarded for interesting or popular posts with cryptocurrency, seems set to extend its services beyond simple posting. Now that it is up and running with its currency – the steem dollar – Steem has, in the works, a plan to include a marketplace, along...

Fluent Bags $1.65M Seed Round for Blockchain Financed Supply Chain Effort

Financial services blockchain network Fluent has raised $1.65 million in a series seed funding round led by ff Venture Capital and joined by Digital Currency Group, Crosscut Ventures, Draper Associates, Fenbushi Capital, Lindbergh Tech Fund, and the St. Louis Arch Angels. T In total, Fluent has raised $2.5 million including a November financing round...

TABB Group Research Warns Blockchain Tech Calls for New Adoption Blueprint

The promise of change in financial services through blockchain technology is palpable. The ability to decentralize trust, develop consensus-driven ledgers, and re-engineer core infrastructure away from old and legacy technologies has the potential to drastically transform the economics of the industry and conceivably the economics of financial transactions globally. Now...

Bitcoin : Will the Wright Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up?

Here we go again. Bitcoin is the only technology that can generate such drama. The latest revelations regarding the identity of Bitcoin’s highly revered inventor have sent tremors through the Bitcoin ecosystem. And, again it involves Australian entrepreneur and computer scientist Craig Steven Wright. This time, some Bitcoin luminaries have supported...

Bitcoin Market Report: OKCoin Tops in BTC

Vancouver Island, Canada Data as of 11:00 PDT April 13 2016 except as noted. OKCoin trades 50.62% of BTC $BTCUSD price brief Bitcoin is DOWN -0.29% on the day, UP +0.47% on the week, and DOWN -2.78% on the month*: Market capitalization Market cap US$ 6,550,389,503 Price $424.57 Supply 15,428,400...

Ethereum Market Report: Ether Falls to Monthly Low

Vancouver Island, Canada Data as of 18:00 PDT April 11 2016 except as noted. Monthly low 0.0176 Price brief Ether is DOWN -1.63% on the day, DOWN -2.68% on the week and DOWN -36.75% on the month*: Price change Day -1.63% Week -2.68% Month -36.75% *price reference: 0.02004 as of...

Quelupa Plans Bringing Blockchain-Based Insurance to Latin America

Luiz Enriquez is the Head of Transformation at XBitV, and the Managing Partner for Latin America at Blackcombconsultants, a consulting group focusing on digital HR, finance and insurance transformation. Recently, he founded Quelupa, which aims to bring services like blockchain-based insurance to Latin America. First, let`s talk about Quelupa. What...

Bitcoin Classic Clone Claims Network Stable with 2 MB Block Size

C-bit, a clone of Bitcoin Classic, has launched with a 2 MB block size already built into the source code, according to its founder William Martens. C-bit is a crypto-currency like bitcoin but follows the framework of Bitcoin Classic, an alternative to the Bitcoin Core protocol. Martens explains: However, 2 parameters are different: the...
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