Ethereum Market Report: $ETH Down -25.45% on the Month

Brief: Bitcoin $BTC is down 5.18% on the week and up 6.23% on the month. $ETH has a better weekly performance but is down substantially on the month. Ethereum is down -2.59% in 24 hours, up 0.89% on the week and down -25.45% on the month on a last price...

Bitcoin $BTC Forecast

Monday Edition: 2018-07-16 This edition features popular bitcoin technical analyses from NewsBTC, Bitcoin Exchange Guide and FXStreet. Or jump right to today's Bitcoin $BTC Forecast. NewsBTC Analysis View: bullish Aayush Jindal of NewsBTC discerns "BTC/USD’s Bullish Break Underway Should, bitcoin buyers succeed in clearing the $6,450 resistance, there could be...

Ark Market Report: $ARK Up 30.35% in 24 Hours

Brief: $ARK has seen surprising performance with a healthy daily and monthly gain. Ark is up 30.35% in 24 hours, up 27.03% on the week and up 165.26% on the month on a last price of 0.00067350 BTC or about $9.97. The Ark marketcap is $976,873,401 with a circulating supply...
LiteCoin has set a new all time high of $144.75 on GDAX. LiteCoin is up 27.69% in 24 hours, up 24.63% on the week and up 99.97% on the month on a last price of $124.84.

LiteCoin Market Report: $LTC Tops All Time High

Brief: LiteCoin has set a new all time high of $144.75 on GDAX. LiteCoin is up 27.69% in 24 hours, up 24.63% on the week and up 99.97% on the month on a last price of $124.84. The LiteCoin marketcap is $6,766,734,729 with a circulating supply of 54,203,258 $LTC. $LTC/USD...

Civic Market Report: $CVC Biggest Daily Gainer

Brief: Civic is the biggest daily gainer on Bittrex. Civic is up 67.66% in 24 hours, up 80.00% on the week and up 22.28% on the month on a last price of 0.00011250 or about $00.38. $CVC/BTC is trading between a 24hr high of 0.00012499 and a 24hr low of...

BTC-e Sees Challenges as Allegations Swirl

One of the long running major bitcoin exchanges - - went offline on July 25 2017. On that date a tweet posted to the BTC-e twitter account @btcecom indicated "Unplanned maintenance in data center, possible problems with access to btc-e #btce 4:26 AM - Jul 25, 2017". Unplanned maintenance...

Qrator Bringing Liberated Attention Economy

Following the successful completion of the first round of user tests, Synereo, the group creating a decentralized, next-gen social networking and content delivery platform, has announced Qrator. This platform will allow users to monetize original content, be rewarded for sharing quality with others as well as discover the content on...

ICO for Augmented Reality Game Ends

The ICO for augmented reality mobile game Augmentors has ended. The crowdsale started on the 30th January 2017 and finished on the 28th February 28th at 1 pm GMT, offering a chance to buy the Databits (DTB) - cryptotokens used in the Augmentors game - at a ratio of 10000DTB...

Economy Whitepaper Released by Qtum Project

The Qtum Foundation, the organization overseeing the development of the Qtum Blockchain project, released its economy whitepaper today, titled: Qtum Blockchain Economy Whitepaper. The whitepaper outlines the Foundation’s structure, the blockchain, the team, fund allocation, token distribution, and use cases of the blockchain. In an effort to combine the potential...

Bitcoin Climbs Past $1000

Breaking Price News Major bitcoin exchanges are currently trading bitcoin at prices above $1000: The price move pushes BTC market capitalization above sixteen billion dollars. reports a live cap at $16,308,780,769. Recent elimination or reduction of leveraged trading by major exchanges had led some to believe that lessened BTC...

Report from Research and Markets on Blockchain Technology Market 2016-2025

Research and Markets has announced the addition of a new report to its portfolio. Titled "The Blockchain Technology Market: Commercial Applications (Financial Services, Media, Healthcare, Real Estate, Energy, Government and Supply Chain) and Opportunity Analysis and Forecast, 2016 - 2025", this document blockchain technology landscape analysis' is a study of...

Decentralized Global Public Welfare System Launched

M.A Blockchain, the decentralized public welfare system, has announced its formal launch following its introduction a few days ago at a press conference held in Montreal, Canada. Held by the Mind Asset Global Development Foundation, people and representatives of more than ten worldwide public-benefit organizations were present. Since its initial...

Kadena: The First Real Private Blockchain

Foreword This series of posts will cover Kadena’s Blockchain. It uses ScalableBFT to offer high-performance (8k-12k transactions per second) with full replication and distribution at previously impossible scales (the capacity for more than 500 participating nodes). This, along with the multi layered security model and incremental hashing allow for a...

Trump Could Unleash Blockchain Potential

This week USA president-elect Donald J. Trump launched the website. The website serves as a guide and summary of policies of the incoming Trump Pence 2016 American government. Two of the "GETTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK AGAIN" cornerstone platforms are Financial Services Reform and Regulatory Reform. Financial Services Reform...
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