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Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong : An “Ongoing Process” of Collaboration

The second Scaling Bitcoin workshop is taking place in Hong Kong next week on the 6th and 7th of December AllCoinNews sent questions to the organizing committee about the goals of the second edition of the meeting designed to build a pathway to consensus on how bitcoin will move forward....

ItBit Use TradeBlock for Over-The-Counter Trading Operations

ItBit is now utilizing TradeBlock as the order management system and execution tool for its over-the-counter middle and back office bitcoin trade operations. TradeBlock, who supply companies with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on blockchain technology, are also currently being used by companies such as LibertyX and Coinut. Recently,...

Bitcoin Markets Data Source Challenger Deep Rebrands as Kaiko

Challenger Deep, a provider of bitcoin industry data visualization, has rebranded its service as ‘Kaiko’. The new name is to emphasize the Kaiko's effort to dive deep into the data of the bitcoin ecosystem. ‘Kaiko’ was the name of the robot submersible that in 1995 explored Challenger Deep, the deepest...

SEC Charges Fraudulent Bitcoin Miners – GAW and ZenMiner

Homero Joshua Garza has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with committing fraud through his Connecticut-based companies, GAW Miners and ZenMiner, by undertaking a Ponzi scheme to pay returns to investors from new capital from new investors. Garza offered investors shares in the company, which was supposed to...

Estonia’s Highest Court Orders Four Government Institutions to Give Opinion on Bitcoin Legality

The Supreme Court of Estonia requested in November that four government institutions answer eight questions regarding the legality of bitcoin, following a lawsuit brought by a Dutch citizen over police suppression of the bitcoin trade. In early 2014, the proprietor of bitcoin trading platform, Otto de Voogd, was ordered by the Financial Intelligence...

Cyberattacks Target Greek Banks reported yesterday that threats had been made by hackers against a number of Greek banks, demanding ransom payments to the tune of 50 bitcoins – currently worth close to $19,000. The group, called Armada Collective apparently sent the message on the 26th November that it would overload the bank...

Bittimaatti and Lamassu Celebrate Latest Bitcoin ATM Launch

Finnish company Bittimaatti and American-based bitcoin ATM manufacturers Lamassu have recently celebrated the launch of their latest ATM installation in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Finland was the first European country to install a permanent bitcoin ATM, also in Helsinki, in December 2013. With the first prototype made in 2013, there are...

Hacker Demanding Bitcoin Payments to Stop UAE Bank Attack

The spate of bitcoin-ransoming cyber-attacks on businesses is continuing with a hacking of a UAE bank. According to a report by Dubai's XPRESS, a hacker called Hacker Buba is demanding payments to stop the release of UAE’s Bank of Sharjah members’ confidential data. If the bank does not pay the...

DDoS Extortion on the Rise for Cryptocurrency Businesses

Over the past month there have been a number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on cryptocurrency-related businesses around the world, in particular exchanges, who have received extortion letters demanding bitcoin payment to stop the attacks. In the past 24 hours there have been DDoS attacks on the bitcoin...

BitPay’s Chrome app Copay Now Works with TREZOR Devices

BitPay's Chrome app, Copay version 1.5.0, now works directly with TREZOR devices. TREZOR permits bitcoin users to store their private keys on an external offline hardware device. The capability protects funds from accidental and malicious vulnerabilities the might affect devices connected to the Internet. When TREZOR users send money, they...
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